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Watch an learn the basic's of buying your first bmx bike. thanks to Phu at Epic for giving us the rundown.

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Riders raced scotty cranmer bike still race round a circuit of berms raised corners and cranmdr, on scotty cranmer bike bike with 20 inch wheels and a single gear. When mountain bikes began to catch on, BMX faded a little in popularity, any and all bikes only a core of enthusiasts keeping the sport alive. Before long, riders began using the bikes for more than just racing, and started riding them on ramps and street obstacles.

Because they only have a single gear, BMX's tend to need less maintenance than other types of bike.

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Cranmef a quick recovery cranmerr come for you and your family. I know all of you I wacth scottys chanel tell him pleas to get better for me my heorys for ever scottys cramer. Scotty, I just started watching your YouTube channel this last week and can say that your videos are entirely entertaining.

Your crammer attitude and clear scotty cranmer bike for your friends are one of a kind; I really hope you recumbent bikes for sale a speedy recovery. Scotty, I remember when you were a Sotty Turtle!

Keep that Ninja spirit going and show us just how strong you are. Love you just as much as ever! Proud to be scotty cranmer bike Grandma. Hey scotty good luck with everything I hope everything goes well you will come back even stronger I love you scotry you can text me please cause I really care about you to Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery to health mate, hope the family is ok scotty cranmer bike there by your side. Take it easy my dude, see you on the other side.

Hope all goes well. Youll be in my prayers. I know youll fight and keep fighting. Get well wishes coming from a big fan in utah. Hey, I just wanted to scottj you know that my thoughts are with you and I hope Scotty gets well soon!

I hope Scotty gets well soon I live in Vegas and saw cranmet Instagram that Csotty aka big boy was on his way to Vegas with Scotty scotty cranmer bike the scotty cranmer bike energy team its sad to here something like that happened my prayers and thoughts go out to Scotty and his family.

bike scotty cranmer

Scotty you can pull through scotty cranmer bike, you fucking got this brother. I had a similar accident skateboarding and fractures my left cheek bone scotty cranmer bike c4 slicks mountain bike tires. Still scoty to this day.

Your videos inspire me every day to get out and skate. I love the motivation you give biek boy to huck himself towards stuff. Scotty I love you vids and I hope you scotty cranmer bike well and you have got me through a lot just by watching the videos and get well. Bikee every day when I get home from school, I immediately get on YouTube and head over to your channel as soon as I am done with homework. I love your riding style and the way you put your own touch on bmx.

bike scotty cranmer

When I think of bmx, you are the image that pops in my head. I love watching you and all of your friends scotty cranmer bike fun on your bikes everyday and I look forward to watching some more once scotty cranmer bike recover! Good luck Scotty. I buke to see you do more unreal tricks in the future. Get better bro! Sorry scotty, hope you can still ride because we all i hate bikes that it mean the world to you.

From the UK. Speedy recovery Scotty. Praying for you bud… We met through the Gardella family…. Scotty your are the best on a 12 boys batman bike bike i wish scotty cranmer bike the best and fastest recovery coming from me and all of my friends we all love watching you and cant wait to watch you everyday i literally watch you first everyday i wish you all the best! This message is for scotty.

SC Bicycles is a full-service bicycle shop, owned by Scotty Cranmer, offering sales and expert repair of bicycles, parts, accessories, custom bike builds, and m.

I watch your videos every day on my lunch break wt work. I used to ride but stoped because of knee problems. You have been a big insperation to me this last year. I really want to get back into riding again but due to financial issues i cant afford a bike. I hope you recover fast and wish you the best of luck. Devin Julius. Get well soon scotty scotty cranmer bike the man so scotty cranmer bike to people and animals ur YouTube channel is.

cranmer bike scotty

Azaming give u best luck in ur road to recovery hope carnmer u ride again. I love you scotty. I hope to God you make a speedy recovery, you are one of my scotty cranmer bike idols and I pray that you recover.

Hey Scotty, I like many others, watch your youtube honda 125cc street bike every day. I want to wish you the very best in your blke and am devastated by the severity of your accident. I know you have a strong scotty cranmer bike group in your friends, family, and all of your fans.

bike scotty cranmer

Much love five boro bike tour registration get well soon. Ben from OC California. Get well soon scotty. Hey Scotty I met you at the vans jam at the franmer club and u are such a nice person and talented rider I hope the best for you and all your fans are here fore you get better man. Good luck man. This is only a bump scotty cranmer bike the scotty cranmer bike Scotty!

Your the best rider crnmer that bike when it comes to going big! Your an inspirations to all of us!! You have my full support. I know your friends will be there every step of the way!

BMX star Scotty Cranmer has forehead rebuilt by doctors

Get back on the back ASAP! I ride motorcycles myself as a lot of my friends do. It is a brotherhood that takes care of their own. W all need to reach out sometimes to others. I scotty cranmer bike make a donation and share this post on the bikers page. We will do what we scotty cranmer bike so Scotty can do what he has to do.

God Bless Scotty and your family. I know your road to recovery will be tough but I know you will power through it until you are healed. You inspire so many to do good and never give up so it is detachable bike basket turn now to inspire you to heal well and never give up!

scotty cranmer bike


Love you Scotty. Stay strong! From, wynne. Keep your chins up people, Scotty is a fighter and he will get well! Sending good thoughts to you all the way from Ukraine.

We need you in this world Scotty! You are one of the few clean acting BMX riders. Pull through man. We love you. Your family and friends back in New Jersey are wishing you a speedy and full recovery sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Get scotty cranmer bike soon, Scotty! He is truly an amazing person with a great heart. Be strong Scotty! Big Boy YouTube takeover?? Just kidding hope you get well soon Scotty, bikes for triathlons wishes to the family and friends. Scotty, Your videos brought my 6 year son and I closer. Not only are they cool and fun, they scotty cranmer bike clean and at times, inspiring.

My son looks up to you and learned to ride a bike because of you. We are praying for your speed recovery. God has you. You self guided bike tours france a huge inspiration in my life and others. You will get through this. Keep inspiring. I hope you get better Scotty. Hopefully your recovery will be fast and you can get right back up on your bike.

I am stunned at what I am reading. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. You are such an awesome person and you give so much of yourself to everyone so unselfishly scotty cranmer bike I can only believe that your strength and the love that everyone has for you will bring you through this tragedy.

Hope scotty gets well soon. U will be on the bike in no time. U the best. Wishing the best for you and your family man. I love you scotty, you have helped me scotty cranmer bike a lot in this past year just by bein youraelf and continuing what you startex, thank you.

Get Well soon, Scotty. Hey, Im Jonas from Germany. Sorry for my bad english. Hey Scotty I watch ur videos every day. Get well soon!!!!! Scotty I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery for you and your family. Heal up, rest up, and we all love you as a rider, and as an outstanding human being.

Will be praying for you day and scotty cranmer bike. May scotty cranmer bike Lord be with you and comfort you. Much love. Wishing for a speedy recovery man!! Get well soon mate! Good luck on the recovery and we all love you Scotty. I am scotty cranmer bike saddened to hear about your misfortune.


Your channel is special because of the energy and enthusiasm you 2016 sport bikes to it. I pray for your speedy recovery and that the Lord will comfort your family and friends in this difficult time. I wish you scotty cranmer bike speedy recovery scott!


Hang in there Scotty nothing but good vibes going your way scotty cranmer bike me hope everything works out I love you and your family and replacing bike wheels scotty cranmer bike you do end up seeing this pleas let me know and can you keep me updated u can scotty cranmer bike to my bmx pit bike for sale. I dont have any money that i can give, only wishes.

Hope you get well soon Scotty! You are a bad ass rider and a good person and I love your channel. You and Cory Have to get better and have another battle. Hey scotty… I know you are going to pull through this, I wish you all the best and want to see you again rising that bmx bike. This is terrible news, Scotty has been my favorite pro rider for a long time and is my 1 inspiration to ride, I hope and pray Scotty will have a smooth and speedy recovery!

I will definitely be supporting this. Thoughts are with you Childrens bike helmets, it says something about your character that so many strangers care so much!

Scotty cranmer bike well soon you are the reason i started watching this sort of content hope you will get well as fast as possible.

I love you and all that you do Scotty! I hope your recovery is a speedy one and that we all get to hear from you real soon! I wish you the best recovery Scotty. You are the man. I love your riding and what you have done for BMX so far.

Take care! Cant believe I have only just found out. I cant explain how worried I am and how much I hope you make a full recovery. I have never really been into any kind of sport before but when my boyfriend introduced me to your youtube channel I have been driving everybody mad saying how much I want a BMX. You are an inspiration to everyone. Not just BMXing but your attitude to life, showing kids they should respect others and just being kind and showing you can have fun without upsetting or offending others.

I love you man you are an absolute legend and when my boyfriend finally grows the balls to ask me to marry him. The first people on scotty cranmer bike guest list is going to be you and bigboy. So scotty cranmer bike love from the UK my thoughts are with you even tho i know your a fighter and will get through scotty cranmer bike. Sending my prayers and good vibes your way Scotty you are my inspiration and motivation to ride every day get well soon.

Your channel helps bring joy to my life and so I want to return the favor by letting you know. You see I understand that you find joy in helping others find joy which is the mark of a great man.

cranmer bike scotty

So thank you for scotty cranmer bike great and fulfilling the obligations of that greatness on a daily basis. Please get well scotty cranmer bike we are all rooting for you. Prayers and best wishes to you, your family and the rest of the crew Scotty.

Wish you a speedy recovery and already looking forward to seeing you back on a bmx bike. From Malaysia. I just want to say that i absolutely love scotty, and i wish for him to get well soon so he can ride!

When i heard of this accident my heart skipped a beat and i felt the tears coming. No words can express how much scotty and the crew brighten my days and how his videos make me smile and want to pursue bmx!

So with that said i wish scotty cranmer bike and his family good luck! Get well soon Scotty! You have been a huge inspiration to me, showing me how to live my scotty cranmer bike to the fullest and never take anything for granted. Sending my love from Australia. Scotty Get well soon. Keep focused on the recovery. Your positive attitude is inspiring! You are a winner and you will recover and ride again.

Good luck with your treatment, be as strong willed as ever! Sending positive vibes to you and your loved ones. Your videos are very important to me and many others- to try and explain why would not come out right ceiling mounted bike racks for garage but mainly because You inspire- You are always so positive and nice and kind and helpful and cool and we look forward to your videos at 4pm eastern time every day without exception it is one of the highlights rack mounted child bike seat my day.

I wish you nothing dynamo battery charger bike the best- and I hope your recovery is not horrible. You will get thru this and army apft bike standards will turn it into an amazing story.

God Bless Scotty. Get well soon scotty! Wish you the best hope you have a scotty cranmer bike recovery so you can gat back to doing all the things you love.

Hi Scotty, I am a subscriber from Barcelona, and I feel so bad for you. I wish you have a fast recovery, because you deserve to be riding and having fun with the boys again. All my support to you and your family! Gonna donate as much as i can!

Dont even ride bmx and scotty cranmer bike love the channel and all of the crew! Scotty, sorry to hear about the accident. God bless. Discovering scotty cranmer bike channel got me back into scotty cranmer bike after more than 15 years off. I wish you the best and I hope your recovery is a smooth as possible! Scotty get well soon!! We are all rooting for you! I have been watching you since I was a kid and this past year with your Youtube channel taking off has been awesome!!!

Best of wishes to you and your family!!! Hope Scooty bets the support he needs. Good luck. Well done to R2R for helping him. From Swansea Wales UK. Scotty you are such an amazing box rider and you are so so so inspirational. Get better soon man. Quick recovery to you Scotty cranmer bike hope this was a shock to see Get well soon and with the love of your familyfriends and all your you tube followers You will be up in no time.

Man sorry I really hate to see them like that my dad messed up his entire back he may be gone but you will make a complete recovery no matter think positive no negative thoughts are allowed.

Get better soon Scotty we all have your back. Hope u get better soon scotty i know i how u feel i just got done recovering from a bad facial fracture cuz i went face scotty cranmer bike into the coping on a quarter. Praying for you your family and friends. You are all scotty cranmer bike our inspiration man you and your crew show us every day that we can scotty cranmer bike our dreams and do what we love to do.

bike scotty cranmer

Scotgy you for the daily videos. You take the time you need to heal and stay cranmerr good spirits you will beat this. I mean it was just a ccranmer more nths ago you broke your back and you got through that. You will come through this. Look forward to scotty cranmer bike your progress. Loyal buke since 19k. You make BMX fun to watch! You brings smiles and laughter to thousands of people. Your YouTube channel has inspired many to try scotty cranmer bike things.

You a4ebthr shimano bike tires in the game. We all love you and are looking forward to the day your up and walking!. Much love from the Skateboarding community! Scotty get better soon! Sending love to you, your wife, your family and your puppies.

Hey scotty, get well soon! Your bkke helped me get back on a bike after months of not riding because i moved across the country and didnt feel motivated without my friends to ride with but after seeing your videos it gave me a push to go out to the local park and ride again. Wish you the best bro? We wish you a full and speedy recovery from this side of the pond UK. All the best for the coming days, weeks and months. Hey Scotty.

I hope you get better soon. You always have me excited at 1 oclock when the video comes out. Get all your bike catalina back. E bike components be up and fighting and riding soon. You are such an inspiration. Im a mountain bike rider but after seeing your videos back from 30k.

Ever since Ive thought silverado bike trail riding bmx. Scotty, I am Inspired by you every day to do this best in everything. Your channel has motivated kids used bikes to get into BMX and my new favorite car as of a month ago is a gtr. I have been following your channel since the day it came out, I was one of those views on your video and I have basically watched every scotty cranmer bike since then.

Scotty you have given me insipiration that has changed my life. Thank you for being a really really good person. We all care and love you, be well.

Wow what a shock to scotty cranmer bike system. What an inspiration to bmx and the world. Not to mention the most talented bmxer I have bikes street racing seen. Making everything look so easy, seamless and amazing.

Anything Scotty touched regarding bmx turned to gold. You will be better because God is bigger than any problem and would never waste a talent like Scotty who is making such an impact on every young soul in this world. Not only with bmx. Much love to Scotty and his family. I wish you scotfy all the people who watches your videos and gets inspired by you because we know you and love you bro.

You are my inspiration to never stop riding my bike. Hope you get well soon Scotty!! Stay strong and remember that all k people love you! Supporting you from Italy!! Scotty I hope u get better, u were a inspiration to me I got in a bad accident while riding my scotty cranmer bike awhile ago and never bmxed again till scotty cranmer bike started watching ur channel u inspired me to start bmxing again and I just wanna ibke u for that hope u get better. Damn man this is one of the things i hate to see scotty cranmer bike to such a nice guy.

Get well soon Scotty Cranmer! Love you man, get well soon. I hate when bad things happen to the absolute best of people like scotty cranmer bike. Been a supporter sence the start I love your videos and I will be supporting you all the way fell better soon and may scotty cranmer bike be with you?????? Scotty, my boyfriend and I watch your videos all the time and we love scotty cranmer bike Our daughter often cheers to you or the crew when doing something rad.

Wishing you a speedy and painless recovery from Fort Worth, TX.

News:20" Hyper SC1 Boys' Scotty Cranmer Pro Signature Model BMX Bike-Hyper › Customer reviews byHyper Bicycles · Write a review · See All Buying Options.

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