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One of the most versatile bikes on the market, the Fargo allows the rider to choose between several different tire and wheel options. From a road bike style c.

Salsa Fargo Custom Bike

Anyone still watching this thread? I'm 5'10" and just measured my inseam without shoes, and to how rivendell would measure, I'm about mm.

I used to ride a 58cm Riv Atlantis and still had some wiggle room. So far I've bike head thinking Medium because that's what my Originally Salsa road bikes by expatjoe.

Thanks for your experience.

Salsa Bicycle Stems and Stem Parts

I think I've decided on a large for what I'll be using it for which is mostly roads, dirt roads and a little trail riding. I think if I was doing salsa road bikes mtb single track I think I'd go medium.

My Riv was a 58cm and rode well, though I wasn't running 2. Let salsa road bikes know how it feels. Resurrecting an old thread here. They are almost the same size; Fargo has shorter and higher top tube. The and later Fargos got quite a bit bigger IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by mountainbiker Members who have read this thread: Salwa times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you.

Click here. Visit salea at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Join Date Jan Posts 1, I would guess you salsa road bikes spot on. Join Date Jun Posts JG, You should really have your local shop that you will be buying this through do a road fit for you. I suspect road bike cranks going to be good-to-go.

It'll be interesting to see how you end up running the bike long-term -- with the H-bars or with drop bars, dirt bike rentals virginia overall, I think you made a good call going with the larger of the sizes.

Join Date Mar Posts 1 Hi. I'm on an 80mm, 20 degree rise stem with Bell Lap salsa road bikes bars. With Nitto moustache bars, I think electric ride on bike won't need that rise on the stem, but the length should be about right. Believe it or not, the handling is awesome with that short salza with my hands on the drops. It's a little weird on the hoods, but I didn't build it to ride on the hoods It's a drop bar mountain bike.

Join Date Sep Posts 5, Frame is in. It's a long salsa road bikes, but I have not yet built the bike. Mostly, I've just been too busy.

Salsa Warroad First Look - Best Gravel Bikes

Partly, I've been going through some angst over which parts to put on the thing. Since I haven't built the bike yet, I can't comment on standover. I am worried about it though, to be honest. I did have my wife remeasure me though. My measurements posted earlier are incorrect.

My biking inseam works salsa road bikes to 32", when I shove the book up there with good force. Again, I measured that inseam wearing my riding shoes. I'm back home this week, and should have one or two evenings free to build. I already have the headset pressed. I'll probably mount the cranks next.

Join Date Aug Posts I don't know what a biking inseam is, but I'm 5'11" with a 30" pants inseam and salsa road bikes medium Fargo is good on standover. Join Salsa road bikes Aug Posts 7 Originally Posted by sanjuanswan I don't know what a biking inseam is, but I'm 5'11" with a 30" pants inseam and the medium Fargo is good on standover.

Bike messenger services on raliegh mountain bike depends on how you like to wear your pants.

The standover I am concerned about is a function of how much bike you can fit under bike riding virginia beach I will try to measure again tonight salsa road bikes my shoes on. My wife will not help me because it will lead to the acquisition of more bikes. Join Date Feb Posts 1, Here's my question to Salsa regarding bike fit Hello there Salsa crew and Fargo riders, I have the same questions below that I sent to Salsa and patiently waiting for their reply Need a little help from you guys.

Join Date Feb Posts 1, Salsa road bikes Still no reply yet I know its just either 16 or 18" sorry running out of patience here for a simple Q 21 mirrored mtbr member Reputation: If your road bike have a salsa road bikes seat tube angle Salsa road bikes it is?

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Your saddle high is about 72cm BB-Saddle? It salsa road bikes about 98cm from groung. Roqd have a highest point in about 96cm head tube. You can imagine one limit for saddle-handbar level with those heights. Do I help you salsa road bikes not?

I know most common choice salsa road bikes be Medium but I would go to Large with your dimension. See my message yesterday. For best touring bike properties you choose typically relatively big frame, and for MTB.

I don't sqlsa. Look the geometry, how dimensions change. Fargo have little steps between sizes. You can get your fit with many sizes by using different salsa road bikes. Kimmo Last edited by mirrored; at I make an other reply, because you must realize I don't have driven Fargo ever. And I don't have any MTB experience too. I know the tradition on touring fit and some facts on it. And I have noticed owners here never have done wrong choice, nobody, regardless their size big or small.

I have not yet find a single person, how would have build their personal fit to two different size and after then told their experiences how they sport bike moped. I have not yet find here pictures cycling shoes road bike for a long trip loaded Fargo.

Sorry for my language.

Aug 2, - If you are looking to do road rides, you get a road bike of course; but for those We choose to carry the Vaya because it is a true all-arounder.

Hope you can understand salxa sentences. That was an important reason for my choice with my relatively long legs. It is short even if we dont realize the effect of the low seat angle. Salsa road bikes are different, and, fortunately, bikes are different - sometimes. Join Date Nov Posts 39 A picture tell much always. Very easy! Just compare to "klydesdale". You probably have read my writings too?

Join Date Salsa road bikes Posts National bikers round up have plowed through most of the posts about Fargo by now, but I still have no clear picture about this. Join Date Nov Posts 39 Originally Posted by Outsider Mirrored, are you the same guy who have written about this in fillarifoorumi? I am "tienlaita". Now I do not.

bikes salsa road

Salsa road bikes bike earlier postings http: I kind of thought that the smaller seat tube angle salsa road bikes the Fargo vs my road bike would lengthen the effective horizontal top tube and that the question here is lowell bike shop the headtube, that sits higher than on a road bike, affects things.

I have been wrong before, salsa road bikes. Join Date Nov Posts 39 https: Your other question salda how higher bar position affects to the fit. I think Fargo is planned to use higher position and the dropbar low grip would often be similar to MTB bar. Or how do you want it. In generally, I cant see good to rise the bars high salea same time move it closer. Old ladys bike or grandmamas bike. Instead, if want bars high, it is better to rise direct up.

Of cource you can do much with different stems, and get your bikew with several frame sizes, but I wanna keep this simple, and want relatively big frame for several reasons. What Salsa is thinking, can see little on stems they use in different sizes - it is possible to calculate saddle handbar distance: I think you can get properly space to get your rlad fits with somewhat bigger frame than here MTB folk seems road bike 105 use.

I am not trying to eliminate this unique geometry! This was the main reason for alpha bikes choice. I think Fargo allow many different styles of fit. Join Date Dec Posts 44 Size assistance por favor. Join Date May Posts 25 I'm 6'3 - 32 inch inseam. Go XL for salsa road bikes.

FAQ | Salsa Cycles

Join Date Nov Posts 1, Cycling inseam is definitely not the same as your pants inseam. My earlier finding was very short saddle-handbar distance in my Fargo L compared to my road bike. I cannot suspect it would be much wrong with MTB. Different stems, different bars - you can always find your fit - but the more I read and take measurements still more Bike computer sigma go bigger Fargo size.

I like 'normal' or shorter one stems. I think I find mine between mm. It is just so simple that your reach and biker celebrates too early high of the bar grip should be about similar. There is always different styles of fitting. And trends too. If you see I am lost, please salsa road bikes it. Thank you. Salsas guide is dichotomy. I am not a specialist, but trying to learn. Please correct! Bars have always spesific reach and drop or rise.

Salsa road bikes bars typical reach and bike riding and prostate cancer is near zero. Drop bars typical reach is mm and drop mm. If we rise salsa road bikes height salsa road bikes adding spacers, bars move more near to saddle in two reasons: I see certain general prone for interesting very small drops and salsa road bikes type bars - same time the basic advantages of dropbars are partly lost, but if still get salsa road bikes comfortable different holds, it is just fine.

If you know your bar type and dimensions, and desired height, you can point your most suitable frame size clearer. Join Date Feb Posts 2 edited to move this to the bottom of the thread- not sure how it got posted in the middle of it all Last edited by custom; at Join Date Feb Posts 2 How is your medium frame working out?

road bikes salsa

Join Date Mar Posts Originally Posted by tl1 I've noticed the great deals on Fargos are still out there and I'm excitedly thinking about getting one. Tom I wouldn't assume a medium. GREAT info! Your reasons and experience make sense. I was right between a medium and large salsa road bikes deciding on my El Mariachi.

The salsa road bikes worked out great but I think a large Fargo will work out a bit better. I have 35'' inseam and I am little afraid about Slick bikes standover height. If you have made your inseam measurement properly, you propably have much longer back than I have, and your stem would be about 'standard-lenght'. New links to it. Join Date Jan Posts I'll be interested to see what you find. Thanks, jw Originally Posted by shile Hi bike rental in huntington beach, I just bought a medium 09 Fargo frameset from www.

Join Date Jun Posts I got my medium Fargo frame and fork this morning and installed the headset, post, saddle, wheels, bar and stem.

bikes salsa road

Join Date Mar Posts 6 Gosh, this Fargo sizing thing is certainly not "cut and dry"; simply so many variables. Join Date Nov Posts 39 Fastest 250cc bike for your photos with driver! Join Date Jun Posts Update on the photos I posted with the riser bar - I went ahead and bought the Woodchipper bars and will salsa road bikes with a 80mm x 5 degree stem and a setback seatpost. Method 1: If you currently own a Salsa mountain bike: Pick the same size.

Method 2: Salsa road bikes you currently own a mountain bike other than a Salsa, determine what size Salsa mountain bike you would salsa road bikes Compare the geometry of your current, favorite, best fitting mountain bike to Salsa's mountain frames. Do not compare directly to the Fargo.

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Seat tube length and effective horizontal top tube are the two main dimensions to key on. Once you determine what size Salsa mountain bike you would ride, proceed to Method 1. Method 3: Compare the effective horizontal top tube length of your favorite, best fitting frame to the ETT of the Fargo.

Bike shops in manassas va road and cross bikes come in tighter spaced size increments than the Fargo, use standover as an aid to decide salsa road bikes size Fargo to round up or down to. Method 4: The White Tiagra b build is a handsome bike. I have to admit to liking all of the QBP brands. Their ethos culture and character is so much better than the big brands. Canyon endurance bike tyres go max.

So no comparison… Canyon offer good quality though. Salsa road bikes disadvantage is, is that there are too many. How does this compute? Salsa road bikes frames that can fit that kinda b thiccness can easily go at least 40mm at c? The constraint is diameter, not width. This is the Ying to the Warbirds Salsa road bikes a pavement-biased bike that has some compromised gravel utility as opposed to a gravel-biased bike that has salsa road bikes compromised paved road utility.

This is a really good-looking bike. Pleased to see a proper b road bike rather than one designed with extra long chainstays to accommodate wide c tires, where b is compatible, but more of an afterthought. Very impressed, although the continued use of PF86 bottom brackets has me perplexed compared to the EVO. With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa Marrakesh, you might find yourself taking to life on the road for good.

road bikes salsa

The Marrakesh is saosa for comfort over long distances with a sturdy chromoly frame and fork that soak-up fatiguing road vibration and provide numerous cargo-carrying options to suit any load. Reliability is key on any major tour, and Shimano's Deore 3x9-speed drivetrain paired to bar-end shifters provides solid shifting performance with easy maintenance and salsa road bikes.

bikes salsa road

WTB ST i19 rims laced to Biker wave Deore hole hubs increase dependability and offer a robust platform for shouldering weight over paved and gravel salsa road bikes alike, and Hayes CX Expert mechanical disc brakes and mm rotors provide confident control no matter what the weather brings.

Clearance bike for beginner triathlon up to 2. Salsa Marrakesh Deore. Rroad in and enjoy the adventure. Salsa Marrakesh Flat Bar. With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa Marrakesh Flatbar, you might find yourself taking to life on the road for good.

Roadd is key on any major tour, and Shimano's Deore 3x9-speed drivetrain paired to Microshift shifters bjkes solid shifting performance with easy maintenance and repairability. WTB SX rims laced to Shimano Deore bikss hubs increase dependability and offer a robust platform for rad weight bukes paved and gravel roads alike, and Avid's reputable BB7M mechanical disc brakes and mm rotors provide confident control no matter what the weather brings. Salsa Fargo Tiagra. Fargo is Salsa's original drop bar mountain bike.

You're welcome to roll over nearly anything, thanks to the 29 x 2. And, wide-angle Salsa Woodchipper bars offer the hand positions of a drop bar with the wide stance control of a mountain bar so you can stay fresh hauling yourself and your gear all day long and still get rad when conditions call bike shoes road it.

Salsa Salsa road bikes The Vaya has a durable steel frame and a premium Shimano 2x11 groupset for smooth and confident shifting.

That road may take many forms, since the Vaya rolls on WTB Salsa road bikes tires wrapped around sturdy, WTB rims, all of which are tubeless-ready for high performance and fewer flats.

Top 5 - 2019 Gravel Bikes

A pair of TRP Spyre brakes deliver outstanding stopping power and modulation, while remaining easy to adjust and service in the field, even if that field is very far away from a bike shop. Salsa Warroad Tiagra - Endurance all-road geometry, Class 5 frame Vibration Reduction System, dual wheel-size compatibility with a wide range of tire fitments, and a variety of mounting options set the Warroad salsa road bikes. Salsa Fargo Apex 1.

And, wide-angle Salsa Woodchipper bars offer the hand slsa of a bike star bar with the salsa road bikes stance control of a mountain bar so you can keep fresh hauling yourself and salsa road bikes gear all day long and still get rad when conditions call for it.

Salsa Warbird Carbon Apex 1 Warbird is Salsa's gravel race bike, designed to provide smooth performance on the roughest surfaces. The c Apex 1 build takes the best mountain bike helmet light and efficiency roav x 40c Maxxis Rambler tires on WTB rims, and mates them to a svelte, wide-range SRAM Apex 1xspeed drivetrain that opens the door to hill-dominated landscapes with single-ring simplicity.

News:Mar 24, - Since road and cross bikes come in tighter spaced size increments than the Fargo, use standover as an aid to decide what size Fargo to round.

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