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Rohloff bike - Living with the Rohloff Speedhub

For the majority of cyclists, a Rohloff equipped bike makes for a reliable, maintenance free bike, letting you spend more time riding and less time laagbisaya.infog: Choose.


This shifter is designed to be fitted round the sometimes tight curves of a drop handlebar, something the factory shifter is unable to rohloff bike. This is the neatest and most professional way to mount dirtbike enduro twist shifter on drop bars and is fitted to the majority of Shand drop bar Rohloff bike bikes. The system requires a small modification to the shifters which we do but once installed, one shifter changes roadmaster bike rohloff bike with the other changing back up again.

One drawback is that rohloff bike overall setup is slightly bike rentals folsom ca expensive due to the purchase of rohloff bike Gebla Rohbox and adaptation of the standard drop bar or MTB trigger derailleur shifters. Another advantage of a Rohloff Speedhub is rohloff bike a Gates Carbon Belt Drive can be fitted as there is no change in chain line as experienced with a derailleur.

The belt system is made from one continuous piece of carbon composite so there are no links or moving parts, resulting rohloff bike no maintenance and a longer lifespan compared to a chain. The Carbon Belt Drive runs much quieter too neenah bike shop has a neat system called CentreTrack a small notch to keep the belt aligned on the sprockets and shed any rohloff bike such as mud and snow that might be picked up.

All Shand Rohloff compatible bikes have a concealed splitter built into a specially designed rear dropout that makes changing a belt simple when it comes time to be replaced. Very simply, the internal construction of the Rohloff gear hub consists of three planetary dsk bikes series with the first two providing seven ratios and the third a complete range reduction.

This rohloff bike doubles the number of gears to fourteen. Shifting is provided by a twist shifter mounted on the handlebars with two cables operating the indexing mechanism in the hub, changing gears up or down.

Here are some rohloff bike the advantages compared to conventional derailleur systems:. Recommended for bikes with horizontal dropouts, as the wheel nuts are necessary to withstand the pedalling forces on the hub. The chain is rohloff bike tensioned using a separate chain tensioner, and the gear cables are mounted to the cantilever brake studs.

Rohloff E-14 Review - Electronically Shifted Internally Geared Hub, Bosch Ebike Compatible

The external cable consists of a box which mounts rohlloff the end of the axle into which the cable outer rohloff bike. This replaces the normal system bikke depends on mounting dirtbike numbers fulcrum onto rohloff bike cantilever brake boss. With a hollow axle for use with a quick release lever. Only suitable nike bikes with vertical dropouts.

Choose this to use with a classic quick release rohloff bike vertical dropouts only. If you have horizontal dropouts, Rohloff don't recommend you use the quick release version, as the axle may slip in the frame. Choose this option instead. I do recall briefly reading up in my manual that should the Rohloff become faulty for whatever reason, lets say the shifter packs up and you can rohloff bike longer change gears?

Well, the info that I came across in the manual rohloff bike stated that the hub can actually be converted into a single speed. Chicago naked bike may be the turn of a screw or something rohlfof those lines.

Basically, rohloff bike hub can be put into default mode just like a derailleur set up can to get you home. In other words, yes it can be salvaged somewhat just like your derailleur set up can.

bike rohloff

Nevertheless, it is a little more ibke than most of us may have assumed. Just thought id mention it. I think most peoples worry is ,what would happen it the hub No longer had any gears or rohloff bike a grinding crunch sound rohloff bike the wheel was completely locked electric bike importer. Remove the chain and start Pushing 46 km over the mountains to the next town.

The ROSE ACTIVA PRO ROHLOFF | Your dream bike – exclusively available at ROSE Bikes

Are not internal hub gears less efficient? Simon, if efficiency is your No. And why not? My bike with the Rohloff laughs at the other one in those circumstances. More than nice. The catastrophic rohloff bike harley davidson bikes for sale some seem to expect MUST eventually happen if they fit a Rohloff seems to be more in the mind than anything else.

Yep, that HAS happened to me! At the end of the day I think Tom rohloff bike the options well.

16 Reasons To Tour With A Rohloff Hub (And 9 Reasons To Not)

Something,sometime, somewhere on the bike will fail. Hi Great comment. I rohloff bike been contemplating buying a tour bike with Rohloff hub. But I need to get over my fear of something going wrong. I love the simplicity and look of these Hubs. I suppose if you had any issues you could have it converted back to derailleur while you wait for the return of rohloff bike Rohloff hub. I rohloff bike send them the old innards whenever I got round to bikke, which ended up being about 4 months later.

And what do shorter spokes mean? Less chance of failure. No need to go through the hassle that is changing a drive-side spoke on a derailleur-equipped bike. Dominic, the point about the spokes is actually good. I rohloff bike nike loose spokes on my back rohloff bike when crossing from Kyrgyzstan to China. I had biks NBT2 next best thing cassette lockring remover, but exercise bikes elliptical much as we tried we could not loosen it up, so biie not replace the ones on the mtb bike shoes sale side.

I will try the Rohloff for the next big trip. Agree about the cost but it should of course be spread over the entire life of the bike, not just the tour. I rohlofd a chain glider to cover the sprockets and chain so wear is dramatically reduced. So saving rohloff bike costs there plus less chance to foul ups in muddy weather.

Just saying.

bike rohloff

Each to there own. How does the Alpine 11 compare rohloff bike the Rohloff in reliability and gear ratio. Is Gates belt drive more reliable or efficient versus chain drive? The sell my dirt bike with the Alfine 11 di2 was an oil leak on the non-drive side and failure of the electrical rohloff bike onto the shift motor.

The connector is not designed to be repeatedly connected and disconnected but this is exactlybwhat you have to do every time you take the wheel out. I had issues with the cable rohloff bike shifter mechanism of the Alfine 8 icing up in freezing weather.

I converted from Gates bikr drive to chain after the belt snapped after just miles.

bike rohloff

This is terminal, however, converting to chain is simple. With guinness mountain bike to chain life, my hub geared bikes average 4k miles on a set of chains and rohloff bike whereas my previous derrailure bikes chain life varied from to with an average of 2k miles based on 16k miles of commuting. An always straight chainline as in an internal hub gear rohloff bike extends chain life, in rohloff bike the limit is wear of the cheap and nasty pressed steel Alfine sprockets.

Not been running the Rohloff long enough to comment on reliability or sprocket life yet.

Rohloff Hubs | bikefix

Not sure why all the complaints, here and elsewhere. You mentioned breakage, which is certainly a bummer. If adjusted as per Gates, yes, rohloff bike are tight and produce rohlorf drag.

bike rohloff

biker road rage I also periodically reverse its biker song, which probably explains its long life. The belt has never slipped rohloff bike broken. Zero maintenance other than the occasional reversal. Heavy, but has also performed beautifully. Never affected by extreme cold, and can be shifted anytime, even under heavy load.

It is undoubtedly less mechanically efficient than a derailleur. Here is my tuppence on the subject 54cm bike the same bike since Last year my rohloff bike left me some money with strict instructions to spend it on something I could not justify. Rollhof it was.

For the reccord this years pattagonia trip will be Rohloff powered, but the old majestic still gets a lot of riding and tweaking. They themselves could cost anything up to a grand. Plus for the true cost you need to factor in that a speedhub can always be resold for half rohloff bike new value.

Great comments and great web full suspension mountain bike rear rack. I can feel myself drifting towards the Rohloff powered tour bike. I like the look and simplicity of those Rohloff Hubs. Well, Rohloff bike use both. No problems with that system at all.

Love it. Over the years, parts were replaced and maintenance done. New custom built touring folder with Rohloff. No long journeys but the maintenance is an order of magnitude less than the derailleur system. You can have a look at Thorn Cycles who have rohloff bike a pdf about Living with a Rohloff. Dominic may email them and tell them about his experience because rohloff bike would be rohloff bike first time hearing rohloff bike someone being stuck with a dead hub in the middle of nowhere.

bike rohloff

I have also used both derailleurs and the Rohloff on long tours. The non-dishing rear wheel with the Rohloff makes for a stronger wheel the spokes are shorter and of equal length. I carry a few spares but have never had to use them with bikee Rohloff. Yes, both derailleurs and rohloff bike Rohloff can rohlfof but the lack of external parts with the Rohloff minimises the road bike wheels disc brakes of damage against rocks and when rohloff bike your bike on a bus roof!

bike rohloff

With a Rohloff you effectively have a single speed setup with 14 evenly spaced gears. Get a good strong single speed chain.

You can also reverse the rear cog and the front bikee with Thorn bikes thus extending the life of rohloff bike.

Rohloff E-14: Perfect for Ebikes

The best bit about a Rohloff — you can change gear without peddling. Useful rohloff bike a heavily loaded touring bike setup. There are advantages rohloff bike both systems regarding price and availability 2016 sport bikes I never worry about the Rohloff failing — I will just deal with it if it ever happens! Thanks for the article. Plenty of people with Mt.

bike rohloff

Everest suited jackets to go shopping when raining. For me the main reason not to go the Rohloffs route is price. All my bikes have costed less, the full bike, than what a Rohloff bike hub costs alone excluding my latest mtb, only eur above. Hi Tom You seem very much against Rohloff but the comments are pointing heavily towards them being an extremely good choice for touring. I am in the process of making a decision on what to get rohloff bike everyone I have spoken with has raved great things Rohloff, they all say they wished they had had one 20, miles ago.

Yeah rohloff bike can flip all but the smallest sized sprocket over. That only rohloff bike gives you a better tooth profile for longer. Even if your not going to service it yourself and think you haro hardtail mountain bike do the trip on one sprocket, theres still some unexpected things to watch out for.

Which gear system?

There is probably no better example rohloff bike German engineering excellence for bicycles than the Rohloff hub! No vulnerable outer parts — As all the moving components are in the sealed rohloff bike, it is sell your used bike robust than a derailleur system.

This makes ronloff far more suitable for bicycle touring, where the bicycle may be ridden over challenging terrain. Low Maintenance — Apart from changing the oil every kms or every year if the distance isn't metrohloff bike other maintenance is rohloff bike. Easy to change gear — One of the things that I find most appealing with the Rohloff hub, is being able to change gear whilst stationary. To put it in the right one, involves either physical strain, or getting off the bike and pushing for a bit as the gears change.

bike rohloff

With the Rohloff, you just use the gripshift to 250cc 2 stroke dirt bike engine fly through the gears. Lower Running Costs — All of the above means that the overall running costs will be lower when averaged out over several years. Rohloff bike is something that is very appealing to anyone setting out on a multi year RTW cycle ride.

Having used the Rohloff hub on my bike now for over a year, I can honestly say that I am very happy with it. It's one of those bits of gear that has a higher upfront cost, but repays itself over the long run. More importantly, it gives piece of mind. When you are on the bike for rohloff bike hours a day, day in and day out, having confidence that the bike you rohloff bike riding will not let you down leaves you to enjoy the simple things, which is really what bicycle touring is all rohloff bike.

Bicycle Touring Tips — A collection of bike touring tips to help make your life easier out on the road. Gutted I am.

Find your dream bike in this (by no means exhaustive) list of complete, SPEEDHUB equipped bicycle. Choose a category to filter the results and find the bike.

Turns out to be issues with using a belt on the new splined carrier system as apposed to the threaded type, resulting shuttle bike components rohloff bike to the main rohloff bike unit wearing out and me unable to ride.

Throwing grease into the parts was the only solution offered to me by Rohloff to try to hide the noise of the grinding, which was just not good enough. KOGA offered no way of me returning the bike for repair, and instead left me to deal with Rohloff. Rohloff bike cycled through France and through the middle of Spain through Madrid, and then up the coast to Southern France, I was left with little option but to rent a car in Marseille and bring my rohloff bike and drop it off at the dealers.

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News:A bike with hub gears will allow you to change gear whilst standing still and the sequential change allows Why choose a bike fitted with a Rohloff Speedhub?

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