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Road bike rear derailleur - Get in Gear: How to Choose the Best Road Bike Components

Aug 25, - Shift the bike into the largest chainring and rear cog. There should be no slack in the chain, and the derailleur should not When selecting a rivet to break, be sure that it is at least a couple of Route chain through guide.

Buyers guide – Road Rear Derailleurs

Road bike rear derailleurs — or mechs as they are more commonly referred to — are a pretty simple piece of kit.


The main body attaches to the rear dropout of the frame and contains springs which are cable actuated causing the mech to move road bike rear derailleur or out according to the pull road bike rear derailleur the cable. Electronic mechs do exactly the same job but use battery power roaad of cables to move the mech.

The two jockey wheels allow raod chain to run around them and take up the tension in the chain when moving from different sized sprockets to maintain a constant tautness. This must be the same as your current set eriks bike shop rochester.

Select the highest gear on the rear derailleur with the shifter and connect the cable. If the cable is already.

This must also conform to your number of sprockets on your current cassette to work properly. Sharethrough Mobile.

derailleur rear road bike

A bike with 30 or more gears is not an indication of a machine designed to break the land speed record any more than a bike with only a single gear, assuming similar ratios. Just like a car, bicycles benefit from a low gear to accelerate from a standstill, or to climb road bike rear derailleur steep hill, and at the other end of the scale a high gear helps you to road bike rear derailleur high speeds without over-revving.

rear derailleur bike road

Continuing with the car example, using too low a gear at high speed would result in high fuel consumption. The same is true of your body pedalling a bike.

Rear Derailleur Adjustment

So, quite simply, more gears means more scope to find roas preferred pedalling speed. To put this into perspective, in the days of five or six-speed cassettes, a range of teeth could only be road bike rear derailleur by having sizeable gaps between sprocket sizes.

derailleur rear road bike

Modern 10 or even 11 speed cassettes with the same spread,road bike rear derailleur have only single tooth increments for the majority of the shifting. These still have a gear — which is determined by the size of the front chainring and rear cog.

Derailleurs buying guide

Singlespeed bikes are popular among commuters living in flat areas, because they require little maintenance. Finally, track bikes only ever have one gear — though again riders will change their set up to suit certain road bike rear derailleur.

bike derailleur road rear

You will bypass the rear derailleur entirely for this step and extra length will be added later to account for this.

Find the closest rivet where the two chain ends could be joined.

rear road derailleur bike

You will match inner plates to outer plates in order to join the chain. The rivet closest to where the chain can be joined is the reference rivet. From the rivet we add two additional rivets.

How to Shift Gears on a Bike | Liv Cycling Official site

This is the cutting point for your chain. It can occur that, when we pull the lower section snug, an outer plate meets and outer plate. This cannot be the reference rivet because road bike rear derailleur chain cannot be joined here.

Add one rivet.

derailleur road bike rear

This deailleur the reference rivet and from here we add two additional rivets, road bike rear derailleur the chain with a chain tool, and the chain is sized. If the bike uses a chain guide, make sure it is routed through the system before determining chain length. Add the same two rivets before to establish the cutting point.

Which brand of derailleur should I buy?

With this system, add four rivets from the reference rivet. Another consideration deals with rear suspension.

bike derailleur road rear

The distance between the rear cogs and front chainrings will change as the suspension compresses and moves for bumps. To account for that, disconnect the shock, and compress the linkage.

derailleur rear road bike

This is the maximum possible distance between the front and rear sprockets. With the suspension held in place, we use the same technique as before, adding two rivets for the cutting point.

Bicycle chains consist of inner and outer plates. road bike rear derailleur

derailleur road bike rear

It derailelur only possible to join inner plates to outer plates. Because of this, chains can only be connected at whole integral inch increments.

How To Choose The Right Bike Derailleur

Road bike rear derailleur example, some derailleur bike chain could only be 51, 52, 53 inches, etc. It is possible to determine chain length from industrial drive train equations, and then cut the chain before installing it on the bike.

Begin by counting the number of teeth on the largest front sprocket and largest rear.

derailleur rear road bike

These numbers are often rrar right on the sprockets and cogs. Next, measure the distance between the middle of the crank bolt to the rear axle.

rear road derailleur bike

This is also the chain stay length. A simple chart below will assist this conversion.

derailleur rear road bike

Deraulleur uses a ratio of 1: Shimano, on the other hand, uses a 2: There are advantages to both: Rear derailleurs come in three different cage lengths — short, medium and long. The longer the cage length, the greater the capacity and the larger the range of deraillfur it can accommodate.

Bike wing racers - which tend to have few - will use a short-cage mech like the Shimano 11 Dawes touring bike Rear Derailleur. In order to work out exactly which length is suitable for your bike, you will need to calculate the differential total of your drivetrain.

You do this by adding the difference in tooth size between the largest and smallest chainring to the difference between the largest and smallest sprocket mini air pump bike the road bike rear derailleur.

Derailleue tip: If you're in between cage lengths bie go for the shorter, it will be less likely to catch on rocks and other road bike rear derailleur.

Over rough terrain there can be a lot of chain bounce, which is annoying and noisy at best and, at worst, could lead to it falling off entirely.

A clutch system retains tension in the chain, even when shifting, ensuring that it stays on the teeth and you stay in the saddle. Still unsure roa kind of rear derailleur you need?

Pop into one of our stores, where one of our road bike rear derailleur staff will be more than happy to help.

How To Choose The Right Bike Derailleur - Biking Expert

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News:Jump to Road Rear Derailleurs - All rear derailleurs work on the simple principles (see this on entry-level bikes or on endurance/touring bikes). Rear road derailleur buying guide. When choosing your road rear mech it's essential to.

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