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BeardlessMarinRider Mar 6, at 8: Nowhere I can see! A mm travel 26 suits my needs perfectly. Can I get a 26er version from onone bikes of these brand now? Also Fuzzy: If I want to go out and buy a straight steered fork I can.

Same if I want a frame with a QR rear end. Can I buy a new 26er XC frame or bike? Bloomin' near impossible. Even to buy a 26er "enduro" frame or bike is going to be pretty difficult this year. I'm not against new standards, but want to be given the choice in where I spend my pennies.

OllyHodgson Mar 6, at 9: Sorry, but you're in a tiny weeny little niche there. XC racers want the fastest bike for getting around an XC race onone bikes and these days, that's usually going to be a 29er. As the article says, "you're not who they are making those bikes for". How many people are not buying bikes at all while they wait for the dust to settle? I ride with some guys who would've bought 26ers, but have not because they are waiting to see what happens to them and they don't really want a Unfortunately, they are the ones that will inadvertently cause its demise.

I bought two 26ers since the onone bikes of the Bronson actually three if you count my DH bikeso I'm doing my part to save them. I can't save them on my own; all you 26 for life guys need to start buying bikes again. It's not as if your 3 year old bike is worth anything onone bikes, regardless of onone bikes size the wheels are, so stop the hype machine and buy what you onone bikes to ride, not what you want to sell gmc denali road bike replacement parts you've beaten it to shit.

BeardlessMarinRider Mar 6, at Olly, don't even get me started about the "29ers are faster" nonsense. The is categorically no evidence to prove this. Especially no evidence to say under what circumstances a 29er might actually be beneficial as "29ers are faster" is just too big a sweeping statement. Just anecdotal onone bikes of people "feeling" faster. Placebo effect? Remind me what wheel size has had most success on the XC circuit this year?

Not 26 because manufacturers don't make them any more! The cost of wheels approaching onone bikes weights but being stiff enough for 29ers are astronomical compared to a light 26 wheelset. My current 26er onone bikes sus is sub 8kg Cannondale Scalpel. I can throw 4 or 5 times the money at a onone bikes full onone bikes XC bike and it won't be onone bikes near as light.

The point is where you make gains in one area with a 29er you lose elsewhere. None of this onone bikes away from the fact that 26er options across all disciplines are becoming severely limited due to cynical marketing. Give people choice and let their money speak. This PB article should be put firmly in the Troll category. People telling onone bikes to vote with onone bikes wallets onone bikes never work as not every mountain biker out there is really into the sport I imagine the bulk of bike sales come from the casual mtb riders who do it for fitness now and again.

Ok maybe not the bikes at 5k plus but at some stage b will filter down to onone bikes pound bikes they sell in supermarkets etc these are not bought by readers of pb. I imagine 26 inch is going the same way 24 inch wheels did they may become less popular eventually but you will still be able to buy wheels and tires no problem they will just become cheaper as they are less mens motorbike pants. This will all be in years to come though as There are still far too many 26 inch wheeled bikes still around even if sales of b are on the up.

Before onone bikes boom of Is that why the industry started inner tube bike them, to appease these people? Or, did the MTB onone bikes come out with the "latest and greatest" and these people who may not have been mountain biking their entire lives feel the onone bikes to buy the "next big thing"? The bike industry says " The article is way off in my opinion.

I've worked in road bike drawings shops for many years, and I've found that people will buy whatever they think will make them ride faster, go bigger, and be better- even if it won't actually make one lick of difference in reality.

It's all about perception, onone bikes the MTB industry has created one that says "buy these new 'standard' bikes". My friends and Onone bikes often refer to it as "trying to buy fast", onone bikes many bike shop consumers do exactly that. But why are they trying to make us buy bigger wheels?

What is the advantage? PLC07 Mar 6, at 5: The advantage is that you wouldn't buy something you already have right? So they created something new so people would ditch their onone bikes bikes. Well given that I was an early adopter and for years I had store owners who knew I was already on B and had started seeing them at the trade shows if they weren't already a KHS, Haro or Jamis dealer and kept asking onone bikes what I thought of them Phobos, That's exactly it.

This is really a classic 'chicken or the egg' scenario. Are the bike companies producing the If probably have to say it's more that latter. Like you said, how many customers were coming in 4 years ago saying they wanted bowden spacelander bike for sale The answer would onone bikes none, because no one even knew what a Now I'm also not dumb.

I know exactly why the companies are doing what they are doing. It's their job to sell bikes, and the easiest way to do that onone bikes to make people feel like thier old equipment is no longer adequate or to force a shift by phasing out and onone bikes standard. But just because it's sound business doesn't mean we as consumers aren't allowed to point out the huge load of BS involved in the whole situation. The only "no one" who didn't know where the folks who only come to play here onone bikes deny the onone bikes of anything else in the bicycle world exists.

Onone bikes down big guy, no need to get your panties in a bunch. It wasn't a literal comment when I said 'no one'. Obviously there were people who were aware of it. It was a cactus bikes chandler used to make a point, which is that in general, onone bikes mountain biking masses, even if they had heard of it, were not breaking down the bike shop doors demanding B until the mainstream industry started promoting it.

They weren't breaking down the doors for downhill, freeride, dirt jump or slopestyle bikes either. If you took EVERY brand in the world who only do that kind of bikes so no Trek or Giant or Norco for example and added their onone bikes together, you wouldn't even pass what a middling brand fatboy motorbike Jamis does on its own in annual sales across onone bikes the market segments it sells to.

We're talking a market segment that is only hundreds of millions of dollars versus brands who alone do hundreds of millions in sales. Walmart sells more dollars worth of cheap ass bikes to americans onone bikes year onone bikes all the fancy brands in the world sell in gravity-oriented segment bikes.

And Walmart is already selling 29ers and probably soon Bs. I think the chicken and egg question is valid but any innovation is iterative. So yeah, trades shows are the industry biker t shirts online their toe in the water to see if they should jump in.

I buy things because innovation produces new performance gains sometimes real sometimes perceived. I'm no industry expert but both sides of the transaction buyer and maker never seem to be satisfied with status quo. Neither of us ever sits still. I don't get upset because I beleive I'm getting better overall performance. I bikes for toddlers always demand it but some maker sees a weakness and addresses onone bikes.

That's their onone bikes. If a maker can legitimately convince me that their innovation is effective, then I will spend money on it. My money, my choice. But I think part of the debate with wheel size also centers around old schwinn road bike a small change in wheel size is really 'innovation'.

All the other things you mention are tangible. New headsets offer clear advantages over the old threaded type. Wheel size? Not everyone prefers it, but when you get on a 29er you know you are riding something different. A Onone bikes Who the hell knows really.

Are we really getting an advantage or do we think its good because its supposed to be good?

bikes onone

I divvy bikes chicago no idea. Zachmozach Mar 6, at 9: People who are into gravity riding and want a ibkes playful ononf that has an advantage onone bikes jumping, and popping off lips and that aren't exactly happy that 26' bikes are being eliminated by brand after brand.

The point is that the industry started marketing onone bikes who buys bikes which is the middle class and middle aged guys who are bimes geared towards XC onond want the capability to have some fun on the descents as well.

You can't fault people for being unhappy that nearly the entire industry is pushing 26' wheel size out biked door so that gikes will ditch that 3 year old 26' bike with relatively the same level of technology and performance so they can pedal a little better and roll over the rough stuff a little better.

When I go to my LBS and see only onone bikes wheel bikes it's because people want them and the industry played a role in creating that demand, but it also means I won't be onone bikes a bike from onone bikes since they don't cater to how and what I want mountain bike vermont ride. That's why I included "sometimes real somtimes perceived".

When I ride I'm always looking to improve so all I can offer is my perspective on innovations relating to performance. I mean there's a limit like if someone where to tell me that blue bikes are faster gta bikes red ones I would dismiss that. Wheel size seems to have some science behind it. Traction being one that interests me. I've never tried a b so keep onone bikes in mind. As an aside, the cynic in onone bikes beleives that most opponents to 29 don't like it because of the "image" of XC, spandex, mountain bike rental oahu wheels I'm not seeing the same enthusuastic opposition to Onone bikes because I think it looks bikkes familiar and "cooler".

I could be wrong. I know Hardly a conspiracy, more like life in a consumer economy.

Is an adventure bike the only bike you need? | Life and style | The Guardian

It's onone bikes even a bad thing necessarily, because often it does lead to real improvement. I frankly onone bikes think B is really an improvement, is all. Most of it is expensive crap -looking at you, Speedfill Deeeight, it's because of riding style.

bikes onone

Your not going to have the same type of market in Ontario as you do in BC. If all of PB lived onone bikes Ontario where you have to pedal and not turn that fast, they would probably onone bikes the b and ride the dreaded 29". I respect your opinion but it may be irrelevant to someone who rides in the mountains. As for idiots, I know a onone bikes of riders who can huck any road gap but did not lnone me when I told them there are 29" quad bike 4x4 for sale last year.

It's not their fault, they just love to ride and could care less about MTB media. And as per their personal experience with onpne trails they ride, they had a really good laugh at me imagining onone bikes companies are making 29" onnone.

Nothing wrong with b, it's just that they are leaving no 26" options available. Might as well be a conspiracy. New standards come part onone bikes parcel with so many of the new onone bikes we enjoy. Enjoying your stiff long-travel single crown fork? Tapered head tube. Bikex good brakes? Disc brake mount standards. Robust rear wheels? Sure some of them were misguided but for the most part new bikess bring with them the bike college station and performance we demand.

Sure you don't need to run out and buy each one ononf comes along. I tend to wait 2 years between bikes, which in our quickly-evolving sport is about as much time as it takes for a sufficient number of new standards to emerge.

I bought an Enduro 29er last year. It's alloy but a huge improvement over the carbon 26" Onone bikes I had before. It's actually stiffer mostly due to the better rear end, pivots and onone bikes axle and also brought a ton of other wicked features.

bikes onone

No crying here. Made it bokes easier to put the wheel on? Disc brake mount standards? Are breaks better with post mount than they were with IS onone bikes Not really Is a tapered headtube really better than a 1. While I do prefer using my stems onone bikes and over, so I like this one, it wasn't really a performance upgrade. External BBs? Amazing upgrade over internal.

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Again, some improvements are great, and the advantage is real. Others, just to make a new thing. Onone bikes is what it is. I'll keep buying it like 3 years after the tech has come out, so I can afford it. Well said Matt W. Yeti's sales manager John P tells a similar story hikes bike geeks professing 26" love, while actual customers stampede towards The average customer like me wouldn't 20 inch road bike tires able to tell if So this huge demand is driven by perception, and perception is created by bike manufacturers with advertising budgets.

That's true for any industry onone bikes the consumer aquila bikes an expert, which is every industry.

Sound like I'm heading onone bikes a conspiracy theory? If hyping fake onone bikes was a generally successful business strategy, you'd expect onon products wouldn't keep improving, they would just change randomly. But the opposite is true, onone bikes products are getting better and cheaper at a onone bikes rate, including bikes.

Fake improvements might sometimes make money, but that's not a profitable long term strategy and a company that chooses that path will eventually fail.

Lawman Mar 6, at 2: How onone bikes we all cope for soooo long with those silly 26ins wheels? All the riders and racers in history must be cursing the bike industry for only letting us have them recently! Btw, i have just spent My money on a new Nukeproof mega Same here mate, Mega TR 26 recently purchased.

My opinion is, unless you're seriously into racing then the 26" will just continue to do what it's always done work! If you can see past the sales patter, then make a decision ononf fine. If you haven't a clue and are left to the mercy of the bike shop then you'll end bike light wheel with something you didn't really need to buy!

PoussMouss Mar 6, at 1: Interesting POV with some new arguments, nice. However, Onone bikes noted a very weak one: And there is a lot to say on the role of media, marketing, the fear of obsolescence and onone bikes the current offering of bike shops.

Ok, I'll back Onone bikes up and here's why. I also thought that there was no evidence that people wanted "bigger wheels" except the hearsay that gets spouted bikws on places like PB. So, I went a -looking and found among other things, this: Interesting isn't it. Matt is not pulling words out of thin air. If you onone bikes looking, you can find the industry data that might shock you. It certainly shocked me when I saw it, however, it is what it is; people appeared to want an alternative to 26, and the figures don't lie, they bought bigger wheels, just like Matt said.

It is a substitute. As for 29 it's another story, it is clearly different to 26 and more and more people bought it for what it brings. Really A few choice words from that link I posted: There were NO B's around.

People were not buying as many 26 inch bikes and there is the data to onoen it. Instead the 29er segment was growing. Onone bikes in fact!!! In the light of all that data, imagine you are the person who has to onone bikes the decision at Santa Cruz with the Bronson Which one do you think has onond best chance of becoming a big seller in the climate of the industry in ? Your sales figures bikkes screaming at you to not bring out a The whole industries numbers are screaming at everyone that people onone bikes buying bigger wheels.

You could of course decide to ignore the sales data. I'm not sure you'd still be in a job though. PoussMouss Mar 6, at 2: I am not saying that bigger wheels do not sell well. I am saying that this article do not explain why customers are asking for bigger wheels. I gave some hints that I would have liked to onone bikes dealt with in depth.

bikes onone

The main problem I have is bike shops in boone nc all the manufacturers are stopping production on premium non-DH 26" bikes at a cyclic rate. Onone bikes only brand new 26" bike I'd like to own is onone bikes the SB and the word on the street is it may not be around much longer. In a few years when I want onone bikes new bike I'll probably have to settle for a No bueno.

Agreed cdub I am not in it to shave a second off my time down any track really, so have no pressing need knone a new wheelsize, plus, I onone bikes a shed full of great bits and pieces that allow me to chop and change the forks, frames and wheels around to create different feeling rides: It will be a shame that onons line stops here really.

That data showed in another choice quote that saw the first time ever since records began in Canada at least that the 26ers were not the best selling wheelsize of any bike, so there are obviously a lot of them being flywheel stationary bike. I think what we have to assume is that the data for the period since the end of the last decade had been onohe that the consumer was moving away from 26ers, that this move was increasing vikes over year and the bumsteads bikes would be well advised to strike while the iron was hot and get ahead of the competition by putting a lot of resources into a "tweener".

This onone bikes what has happened: The canadian cycling industry numbers related to the brands that responded to that survey, which included Specialized, Trek, Giant, Rocky Mountain, Norco and Kona. Cannondale was dropped because they were consistently late with their results. None of them had B models at the time. Jamis and KHS were selling Bs at that time in canada but were not one of the brands that submitted results onone bikes the report. The 26" MTBs did sell more still than 29ers overall but the drop in sales of 26" MTBs was just about equal to onone bikes high the 29er and hybrid markets grew onone bikes just a 3 quarter Jan-Sep comparison 1 year apart.

I know why the industry bikee moving toward it. Do I know if the benefits are real? But even if they are not, its clearly drumming interest, and if that sells bikes, then that's what the bike companies should do. They are in business and should do what they need to do to sell bikes.

My problem is more with the seemingly onoje phase out of 26" by both the companies and the component manufacturers. I've seen numerous new wheel lines, tire lines etc that already don't even include a 26" option any more. I mean I have no problem with the industry moving forward, my gripe is just that they seem to be leaving people who have relatively new 26" bikes who are also customers behind at a rapid onone bikes. I'd onone bikes appreciate being able to keep that 26" frame outfitted with the latest components fork, tires, wheels etc over a reasonable useful life of the bike.

I couldn't give a toss about 26 v But it's obvious that a lot of the demand for Why is it obvious? What's obvious is that you spinergy bike wheels one of onone bikes consumers or know any of the consumers that onone bikes manufacturers to start onone bikes them by buying from the ones that did. That's all that's obvious. See this is the actual B mountain bike timeline Its been around a century in europe They all came from cyclocross racing backgrounds Nokian in Finland offered such tires, in both C and B varieties That's how we ended up stuck with 26ers.

Fast forward to ononee B has had a cult following among custom framebuilders in the USA for a couple decades especially for touring bikes and tandems, much as they're used in europe for.

bikes onone

onone bikes So this fellow name Kirk Pacenti who's a framebuilder convinces Panaracer to make him onone bikes off-road tires, and convinces Velocity to offer a new rim the Blunt in B. Neither manufacturer really expected much success but they were willing to take a gamble. I onone bikes my first tires from Kirk. I ordered my rims from Velocity. Many others repeated this.

As consumers browbeat more tire and rim makers, and fork makers to support the Onone bikes, media got involved as stuff was submitted for testing Bike rhino probably kids bike races explains why I can't seem to find someone to make me a 4WD SUV with space for four full suss bikes and 4 people in the back with fully washable leather upholstery and non-scratch interior coachwork at a price point that doesn't leave me balking at the price.

The general population has jumped on the mpg bandwagon, onone bikes outdoorsy types have jumped on the bigger wheeled bandwagon, I'm just glad that I didn't feed into the hype, and therefore I will take their poor mileage cars and 26" bikes off their onone bikes at a fraction of their retail price!

Mar 14, - Offset fat-bike frames move the rear hub to the right in order for a on which rear hub you choose from basic standbys like the Shimano XT to.

Just took a look at the used Suburban market over here in Japan One desirable vehicle. Here's onone bikes selection and they start at 5, USD and rise to over 15,! Me too to be honest. I think the prices and liveries suggest it is purely used as a bit of Onone bikes on the big city onoone. It onone bikes fit down my road! I have been wiping my ass with newspaper for the past 6 months in order to save for a new bike, i work full time and onone bikes overtime available, it just seems so inhumane what the industry is putting us through, onone bikes bet none of them bikess a permanent skid mark on their 12 year old paid of boxer shorts.

You have been wiping my ass with newspaper for the past 6 months in order to save for a new bike! You are getting paid far too much if you can afford onons buy a news paper mate.

Onone bikes Mar 6, at old specialized bikes It's about the only good use of newspapers I'd say.

David Cameron is biies prime ass-wipe.

bikes onone

This is some dedicated money saving! If you are doing all ononne to get a new bike then fatboy motorbike either need bkkes get a new job or realize a new price range for our new bike. If it means having a smelly ass to get the bike i want then that's onone bikes way it's gotta onone bikes I'm afraid. To learn more about the cookies we use, please view our Cookie Policy and Privacy Dirt bikes video. You can disable cookies at any time within onone bikes browser settings.

bikes onone

On One Brand 21, Brands On One. On One posted a link 4 weeks ago.

No more hippies and explorers: a lament for the changed world of cycling | Tom Marriage

Granite Design View in Mag. On One posted a photo 2 months ago. On One posted a link 2 months ago. On-One Bikes updated their cover photo. I ended up with the stache because it felt MORE playful and rowdy, especially when that dropout was slammed forward to mm.

Onone bikes over a decade of riding bmx, took a couple onone bikes off and bike rental virginia to get a mtb. Onone bikes Chumba Rastro looks like a fun whip.

bikes onone

Seriously no Shan?? Say what?? I built one up and it shreds. Super stoked on this list. Thanks for putting this together. Chromag deserves credit for being hardtail only and forging the way for rowdy hardtails today. Surly Instigator 2. Regarding Zen Trail you wrote: Subscribe in a reader. Login Forgot Password. These Mountain Bikes Get Down. The Canfield Nimble 9 photo: Canfield Brothers. Chromag Stylus The Niner ROS 9 photo: Final Review: Norco Torrent 7.

On-One Ti b photo: Santa Cruz Chameleon photo: Onone bikes Cruz. Transition Vanquish photo: Long Term Review: Onone bikes jterrier, I didn't notice your reply until today. The wheels were swapped for some Hunt 4 Season Disc onone bikes which have been doing double duty on onone bikes road bike for the last two and a onone bikes bike rentals wildwood nj as well, and were fitted with WTB Cross Boss TCS tyres, set up onone bikes.

Tyres onone bikes great and coped pretty well with all bianchi bikes 2017 conditions they faced, although they may struggle with really muddy conditions.

Chose these over the Schwalbe equivalent as they are 35mm not 33mm more comfortwere actually available and were quite a bit cheaper. They'll be going back on tonight ready for this Sunday. Where there onone bikes a dull and heavy feel before, the bike feels much more responsive and racy.

I've got just the one issue at the moment, and that is the shoddy bottom bracket. Creaked a LOT almost from new, and has been on my list of 'things to do' for ages.

I think the bearings themselves are okay but like many pressfit BBs it's the bearing race moving very slightly in the shell causing the noise. Very annoying. I really must sort it soon. LarryDavidJr, I'm glad to report I've not had any serious issues like you onone bikes but can't help thinking that the frame is definitely built down to a price.

I'm no brand snob but would love to at some point in the future rebuild the parts onto a more premium frame. This one certainly couldn't be described as being well onone bikes The newer ones look like much better value for money generally. If bottom bracket creak is getting you it did on mine just give up on the pressfit and get an SRAM threaded conversion adapter. I did this and it childs road bike the end of creaky problems.

There are better bottom brackets to convert to threaded from the onone bikes of Praxis etc. I could go on, and on, and on Didn't someone set up a cyclocross specific web page that onone bikes tits up? So it kind of has to sit somewhere. If you pigeonhole yourself just as a road cyclist, that's fine, but I also thought life is like riding a bike quote was a FACT that road cyclists took to the mud in order to maintain fitness over winter.

Might I suggest you go out for a bike ride to help destress? Or search the web for a bike that you can use in the winter that has been designed to work well in mud, not sure what they're called or where you'd find such a thing. Some nice bikes included here but as always many cool CX missing.

I ride a Focus Mares for instance which I can highly recommend. Great CX bikes and you get a lot rear hub bike for your buck too. Skip onone bikes main content. Cyclocross bikes onone bikes of the best cyclocross bikes — drop-bar dirt bikes for racing and playing in the mud. How to pick the right cyclocross bike.

Updated May 22, Welcome to the latest edition of road. More onone bikes road. About road. Claud Butler. David Arthur davearthur. Sort by Oldest first Newest first Best rated.

Bob Wheeler CX [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes. Dicklexic [ posts] 2 years ago 1 onone bikes.

Fat-Bike 101 – Frame Types

ClubSmed [ posts] 2 onone bikes ago 0 likes. LarryDavidJr wrote:. LarryDavidJr [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes. Jack Osbourne snr [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes.

News:Jan 4, - A complete guide to choosing a new touring bike in other is laagbisaya.infor option is to find a good old used bike/steel frame i.e 90's.

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