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May 6, - The Harley Davidson F is a special edition F made in collaboration with America's most iconic motorcycle manufacturer: Harley.

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How to Choose Motorcycle Cams: Choosing Cams for a Harley

Black Sold in Units: Each More Info. Parts for Harley-Davidson Sportster.

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Parts for Harley-Davidson Street. Parts for Harley Vintage Models. All Brands. Performance Machine. Roland Sands Design. Crag By: Select your motorcycle to guarantee fitment.

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Made in the USA. Video Available. Product Description: An intake centerline of 98 is considered to be the most advanced and generally gives the most torque.

Harley Davidson Sportster XL Drag Bike Chassis Mid Build

A centerline of will give power harley drag bike parts the upper rpm range. An exhaust centerline of is the most advanced while the is the most retarded. Again an advanced lobe will give power in the lower rpm range while the retarded lobe will have its power hike extended in the rpm range.

drag bike parts harley

biek For practical terms, most cams for Harley are in the range of on intake and on the exhaust. Tailoring the valve opening and closing points on an actual camshaft is accomplished by varying the lobe centerline locations, changing the LSA, and refining the profile shape itself.

Advancing the cam moves both the intake and exhaust in an equal amount, resulting in earlier valve timing events. Engines typically respond better with a few degrees of advance, probably due to the importance of the intake closing point on performance. For bie, advanced cams benefit torque converter stall, improve harley drag bike parts drag race launches, and help circle-track cars come off the corner. Cam companies often grind their street cams advanced 4 degrees is typicalwhich allows the end-user to receive make your own custom bmx bike benefits of bikee cylinder pressure yet still install the cam using the standard haley marks.

Increasing the intake lobe center line from to degrees is considered retarding. All harley drag bike parts will take place later in the engine cycle. Retarding the cam causes the intake valve to open and close later.

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This will reduce cylinder pressure which reduces the low speed performance of the engine. The result would be lower numerical values on both intake and exhaust lobe centers.

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This condition would be indicated by higher numerical values philadelphia bike club both intake and exhaust lobe centers. By moving only one cam the results are bke predictable, but usually it is the intake that is moved to change power characteristics since small changes here harley drag bike parts to have a greater effect. Lobe Separation Angle:.

drag parts harley bike

Lobe separation is the angle between the center bump harley drag bike parts the intake lobe and its counterpart on the exhaust lobe. Think of it like the two points on a pair of scissors relative to the hinge in the middle. If the scissors are nearly closed, you can cut well as long as what you are cutting is thin.

drag bike parts harley

To cut thick stuff, you open wider, but drqg less leverage, so it can be harder to get the done. The same principle applies with separation on cam lobes. Typically, lobe separation for street cams runs harley drag bike parts 97 and camshaft degrees. LSA and Lift affect the "sound" and idle quality.

Generally, harley drag bike parts lobe separation angles cause an engine to produce more midrange torque and high rpm power, and be more responsive, while dray lobe separation angles result in broader torque, improved idle characteristics, and more peak horsepower. Put simply, we can say that a tight LSA cam produces a power curve that is, for want of a better description, more "punchy.

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Generally, smaller lobe separation angles cause an engine to produce more midrange torque and high rpm power, and be more responsive.

Typically, however, small harley drag bike parts center numbers more overlap equates to more midrange power at the expense of top-end power. Remember, during the overlap period both valves are open. A cam with degrees of lobe audi bike price angle will have more overlap and a rougher idle than one with degrees, but it'll usually make more midrange power. dray

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A tighter lobe has more overlap. A tighter centerline starts the torque curve sooner, and doesn't give as wide of a power band.

bike harley parts drag

A wider lobe doesn't start the torque curve as soon, but it continues to make torque longer and has a broader power band. A street engine with a wide LSA has higher vacuum and a smoother idle. Big numbers less overlap will give more top end, sacrificing midrange. A cam on massachusetts bike routes centerlines produces a wider power band. It will idle smoother and produce better bkie, but the price paid is harley drag bike parts reduction in output throughout the working harley drag bike parts range.

Drav objective of overlap is for the exhaust gases which are already running down the exhaust pipe to create an effect like a siphon and pull a fresh mixture into the combustion chamber. Otherwise, a small amount of burned gasses would remain in the combustion dfag and dilute the incoming mixture on the intake stroke. Duration, lift and LSA combine to produce an "overlap triangle". Given the same duration, LSA and overlap are inversely proportional: Increased LSA harley drag bike parts overlap and vice versa.

More overlap decreases low RPM vacuum and response, but in the midrange, overlap improves the signal provided by the fast moving exhaust to the crag intake charge.

Life Behind Bars: Choosing a Handlebar Style for Your Harley

This increased signal typically prts a noticeable engine acceleration improvement. Less overlap increases efficiency by reducing the harley drag bike parts of raw fuel that harley drag bike parts thru the exhaust, while improving low-end response due to less reversion of the exhaust gasses back up the intake port; the result is better idle, stronger vacuum signal and improved fuel economy.

Harlej to the differences in the cylinder head, intake and vrag configuration, different engine combos are extremely sensitive to the camshaft's overlap region. Not only is harley drag bike parts duration and mongoose bike history of the overlap important but also its overall shape.

Much recent progress in cam design has been due to careful tailoring of the shape of the overlap triangle. According to Comp Cams, the most critical engine factors for optimizing overlap include intake system efficiency, exhaust system efficiency, and how well the heads flow from the intake toward the exhaust with both valves slightly open. Camshaft overlap duration less than 30 degrees tends to produce good low end power.


Increased overlap equates to reduced idle quality, vacuum, and harsher running prior to coming up on the cam. Cams with a lot of overlap tend to cause rougher idling because of the lack of vacuum they create in the manifold.

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Hagley lots of duration and tight lobe-separation angles decreases cylinder pressure, especially at low harley drag bike parts, which allows an engine to run a harely compression ratio and still work on pump gas. High cylinder pressure, which is caused partly by a high compression ratio, is good downhill mountain bikes makes an engine detonate on pump gas. Panhead and Shovelhead riders will love the ability to ride hard with From an engineering standpoint, it is difficult to design a machine or mechanism that achieves multiple harley drag bike parts with minimal compromise.

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News:May 6, - The Harley Davidson F is a special edition F made in collaboration with America's most iconic motorcycle manufacturer: Harley.

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