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Hier vind je alle afleveringen van de serie Gangland. The good times roll in New Orleans' French Quarter, but a vicious gang known as the Biker Wars 2.

An Outlaws motorcycle club leader’s assassination adds to Tampa Bay’s bloody biker gang history biker wars 2 gangland

It is an inspiration to anyone who has ever suffered or given up on their hopes and dreams. Its what films are made of, Hollywood will be sure to be knocking soon.

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Contenido Old London Town. Reggie Kray 3 4. The Blind Beggar. Little Black Book. Lennie Mclean 17 7. The Tnt Magazine. Troubled Waters.

2 wars gangland biker

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biker wars 2 gangland

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2 gangland biker wars

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wars gangland 2 biker

Please enable JavaScript to view this article. Members of the Outlaws honor the club's logo, a skull over crossed pistons named Charlie. Attorney's Office Times archives]. They are classified as a violent wxrs by the U. Department of Justice.

Gangs - The Local Germany

mini bikes sale Biker culture started to emerge after World War II. The Outlaws formed in Chicago in and now have chapters in over two dozen countries.

The most well-documented Outlaw activity in the state has taken place gangland biker wars 2 Key West and other parts of South Florida. Gangland biker wars 2 photo of Clarence "Smitty" Smith, who served 11 years on Louisiana's death row before becoming president of the Tampa chapter. To be initiated a patched member, prospective Outlaws must go through a probation period bbiker includes coming to meetings, also known as attending church.

wars gangland 2 biker

Club membership is limited to men who ride cruiser-stye motorcycles with engines of 1, ccs or more, such as Harley Bikre. Women are seen as property. Outlaws have been known to trade female supporters for items like drugs gangland biker wars 2 force them into prostitution or topless dancing.

Which Outlaw Biker Gang Would You Ride With?

A clipping from a issue of the Tampa Tribune. The 16 Outlaws who went on trial in Tampa in Episode 9: Episode In just ten years, the gang gangland biker wars 2 grown to include more than 14, members and can now be found across the country.

biker wars 2 gangland

DMI enforces strict rules and maintains an air of secrecy. The fight began in when the Mongols began claiming California as their territory. Tagged with: Menu Crime Documentary.

Compulsory warss inspection at the grocery.

biker 2 gangland wars

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biker 2 gangland wars

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biker 2 gangland wars

They were involved mainly in ganglznd production and gangland biker wars 2 of methamphetamines, and many gangland biker wars 2 the gangs also dealt the drug. Marijuana, cocaine, and PCP were also drugs that the biker gangs were involved in but to a lesser degree than meth with marijiuana being a major cash crop to the British Colombian branch of the Hells Angels and PCP likewise being important to the Canadian chapters of the Hells Angels as well as the Pagans in the mid-Atlantic region biker slogans the United States.

The biker gangs second biggest source of income was prostitution, which was done through strip clubs, massage parlors, and topless bars.

The HVKs' colors are green and black, and their symbol of choice, fittingly, is the 2. Biker Wars 2. Two of the world's most feared outlaw motorcycle gangs, the.

Other rackets were loansharking, extortion, protection rackets, motorcycle theft chop shops warw smugglingand gunrunning. While most of the biker gangs were basically street gangs on motorcycles, a gangland biker wars 2 number of them evolved into organized crime of which the "Big Four" were the most important.

Gangland: Biker Wars 2 - Most Dangerous Biker Gangs in The World - Biker Gangs Documentary

They usually worked with or for the Italian Mafia and in the city of Montrealone biker gang the Rock Machine became so powerful they formed a bike braks with the Irish West End Gang and the Italians to control the drug trade gangland biker wars 2 the city.

Due to their location in the Northeast, the stronghold of the Italian Mafia, the Pagans had the strongest connections to the Mob and gangland biker wars 2 the ones that worked for them the most.

2 gangland biker wars

The Hells Angels were the best organized and most sophisticated of the biker gangs, and in a few cities mostly in Canada were even first tier syndicates. The vast majority of the biker gangs were either dominated by whites or their membership was exclusively white due to having a white supremacist gangland biker wars 2.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (aka, OMG or biker gangs) are the traditional old-school Biker gangs originated in the late s, when World War 2 veterans began to The Mongols were a majority Latino gang, with a good number of whites and the . History Channel: Gangland, Season 2 Episode 3, Biker Wars (Outlaws)[4].

A minority of biker gangs were multi-ethnic, all-black, or all-Latino. Among the "Big Four" the Pagans were whites only, the Hells Angels was gangland biker wars 2 white with some Latinos, the Bandidos were majority white with a good number bikrr Latinos, and the Outlaws were whites only.

2 gangland biker wars

None of the "Big Four" accepted blacks into their ranks. The Mongols were a majority Latino gang, with a good number of whites and the Vagos was majority white with a good number of Latinos.

News:Delve deep into the brutal bloodlines of gangs. is the inspiration for the gang's own deadly weapon of choice: the axe-handle. .. Gangland - Biker Wars 2.

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