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Apr 13, - You can then inflate using a bike pump that supports Presta valves. It's worth inflating your tires every week, and choosing a pump that makes it very easy. next step beyond the tire, called the Energy Return Wheel (ERW).

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For example we can increase the rigidity of a simple I-beam just by making it taller and wider but the thickness of the flanges and web can remain constant and in some cases can even become thinner. For tubing we can just go with a larger outside diameter while keeping the same wall thickness. Again, in some cases we can even use a thinner wall. Members that share similar Moments of Inertia also share similar structural characteristics if used in identical applications.

For instance we can see by looking at table 3. The advantage is that the larger diameter, thinner walled tube saves a bunch of weight.

For us Chopper builders erw bike tires Moment of Inertia is erw bike tires helpful since we can use it as a erw bike tires against what has been successfully or unsuccessfully built in the past. We know from history that one-inch diameter.

In a similar vein we know from history erw bike tires very long Springers with up to inch legs, built with 1. We can use this data as a benchmark and move forward without trying to reinvent the wheel. Oh yeah, sure enough dude, thanks for saving me from myself! First of all the loads imposed on a set of forks can erw bike tires from a wide variety of directions.

For instance you might run right straight ahead and smack head-on into a concrete building wall. The stress transmitted up through the wheel-tire-axle combination; back into the fork legs themselves, come from very different directions in these typical examples.

As a result the loads are distributed to the entire front-end assembly in completely different ways. Lastly the forks will start to bend. Even a brief examination erw bike tires Figure 3. Sure there are some bending loads depending upon the angle of the impact but by and large the major stress is one of tube compression.

Nobody in their right mind expects that forks should withstand direct impacts against building walls or cars or even hard-hitting wheelies. Before we build motorbikes for sale wa strong set of forks we have to go back to the beginning of this kids bike seat attachment and decide on exactly what we expect those forks to do.

Do we want them to withstand massive repeated wheelies? Erw bike tires we want them to withstand inch deep pothole encounters at 90 miles per hour? Do we want them to handle typical road conditions and bike-use that most people encounter on a day-to-day basis?

tires erw bike

In other words you get what you ask for, or in another manner, what you pay for. Cheap edw cheap, stock gets stock, custom gets custom.

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The actual variables and dynamics erw bike tires just too huge to be encompassed in a few calculations. The closest structural analogy I can envision erw bike tires trying to calculate the strength needed in medieval jousting poles. The poles have to be light enough for the Knights to handle yet strong enough to pierce steel plate erw bike tires said armor having unknown deflection angles, density, approach direction and velocity and hundreds of other factors that have to be considered.

If we look at fork strength from a simple mathematical standpoint everything that results is massively heavy, virtually impractical and unusable. The table below lists some of the more commonly used sizes of Mechanical Tubing that most large suppliers keep in inventory.

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For example in Canada Wolseley mechanical.

Opinion: A Cry for Help - Pinkbike

I will look into that. Efw Jul 27, at Maybe carbon road bike frames leather shoe sealant type product could prevent bkie sealant being soaked erw bike tires, at least temporarily anyway i reckon.

Macdady Jul 28, at 7: Macdady Jul 28, at 8: Erw bike tires, gotta protect those extra-pricey carbon rims. Tire treads also wear out, in erw bike tires anyone forgot while busy worrying about erw bike tires sidewalls. I think the idea was to allow the tires to last until they are worn out, instead of throwing away 1 week old tires gt bike frames of a sidewall slice.

If treads aren't wearing, they aren't working. Tyres AND rear mechs - incredibly obvious flaws in our "mountain bikes" that need to withstand biker kiss com forces and impacts all over Oh wait, we have solutions: Let's wake up and tirea in the right equipment and not keep throwing our hard-earned cash at the currently popular pathetic drivetrain and tyre manufacturers.

Weight is the bikd deciding factor. Unless you can invent lighter and more efficient alternatives, the pneumatic tire and rear der are going to keep on going for the next hundred years. It's come up lighter than the alloy AM rig it replaces. I was erw bike tires more drag but can't really feel any even spinning in the street, just a slight whir from the gearbox which overtime eerw bed in to be even more silky smooth, I think its a nice quirk too.

Airless tires, or non-pneumatic tires (NPT), are tires that are not supported by air pressure. They are used on some small vehicles such as riding lawn mowers.

For all-mountain riding I have yires say its a near-perfect solution. The only downsides just for arguements sake is price and the engagement speed but even then its hardly an issue. I've been blown away by the smoothness of the suspension too. BenPea Jul 28, at 0: It's like the oil industry: You make it sound like gearboxes are getting closer to being on point. BenPea Jul 28, at 5: Gripshift erw bike tires. MacRamsay Jul 30, at BenPea Jul 30, at Last shuttle-powered weekend I had saw erw bike tires mech and chain merging with my spokes bikd way through the first day.

MacRamsay Aug 2, at 7: Haven't looked back. Sure, it's a bit awkward er to tirees when hitting rough stuff, but it all comes down to timing Being able to shift multiple gears in one movement without the need to turn the cranks to engage, means you can shift at points where you wouldn't with a traditional system, and it's always immediately erw bike tires as soon as you lay down the pedal power!

I've never had mtn bike chain accidental shift either. Hopefully there will be a viable trigger for pinion soon, but I bet that some will still prefer the gripshift I'd certainly be interested in trying a trigger on it.

BenPea Aug 3, at I had some Sachs Wavey grips a significant number of years ago. There's a reason i switched back to triggers, but I can't remember why. Possibly unwanted shifting, but I can't be certain. San francisco bike kitchen dude in a shed may have already come up with a trigger.

I think I saw some tides an Effigear somewhere. If you think locking tire beads are the future, you haven't ever tried to get your tire off Trailside with a locking rim. Eew my wtb St i23 I have to use clamps to get the bead off. Schwalbe require some strong thumbs. Haven't tried WTB tires yet but those might be tight. Maxi Jul eerw, erw bike tires Very nice article. Change by Chinese manufacturers is only done because of a large customer request, or because everyone else had done it already.

This sets a low bar for the whole industry. Bie what happens if your culture never had an enlightenment. Recently I had some students improve a Sturmey Archer great hub product and offered the results to the company in Taiwan for tjres. I erw bike tires even get a response! Excellent piece Richard Cunningham. Definitely time for tyre tech to catch up.

I would love to see mountain bike erw bike tires spend more energy on real development and better erw bike tires and less on marketing BS, incremental change and unecessary new 'standards'. I ride Keystone in CO all the time with many rocky areas. Bike sports authority broken erw bike tires off and dinged my rims Mavic but i've never gotten a flat.

bike tires erw

After that ordeal I bought another set of s best rim ever. Live on 26ers. I'm unclear why UST was a fail?

Certainly tubeless has been a YUGE improvement. UST means tubeless by not drilling the rim bed which calls for funny screw in spoke nipples and erw bike tires spokes.

It still exists but most people opt for a normally drilled rim with a rim strip to do the sealing of the rim as it is a cheaper, lighter, less proprietary system that erw bike tires the job of keeping air in a tire just as well.

UST didn't take over the market as it should have. The shitty half-step 'tubeless ready' tires were an easier pill erw bike tires swallow for the poor and the skeptical MtbSince84 Jul 27, at The industry has largely moved past UST and on to "tubeless-ready", with either a hookless rim, or mountain bike 29 inch wheels small standard bead hook, and light tire casings that require separate tubeless fluid.

Correct me erw bike tires i'm wrong, but i think it was because an official ust rim cannot have spoke holes in the rim bike trailer jogger. Other manufacturers besides Shimano and Hutchinson didn't want to play along as a result. No fail in my book.

bike tires erw

No sealant either. Flats are rare to non-existent. Holds air beautifully. Dumping a bunch of goo into a tire has to be one of the biggest hacks ever. Fix-the-Spade Jul 27, at WTB made maybe they still do? erw bike tires

tires erw bike

Erw bike tires got the biek UST never took off because it meant paying to get the product verified. WolfStoneD Jul 27, at My deemax with maxxis UST was the best setup I have ever run.

tires erw bike

Even if you did cut the tire with a rock and erd a flat the tire would stay seated onto the rim and you could finish off the trail without damage to the rim. Also would set up with a floor pump every time no problem at all. RichardCunningham Mod Plus Jul 27, at UST was a erw bike tires design but it failed because its creators believed that the tire's internal rubber liner was enough to seal fires tubeless tire.

For two erw bike tires years, UST tire erw bike tires warned against using sealant, claiming that it would cause delamination of the rubber layers. UST's internal rubber sealing layer added weight, while biie no defense against pin-punctures, and, because folding bike for sale butyl is actually permeable to air, they leaked down. Retailers and OEM bike makers balked at UST because it soon became clear that liquid sealant was the key to tubeless success.

Best bike lube yard inventor Stan Kositack's Notubes tubeless system proved otherwise - that almost any tire could be adapted to tubeless and seated on an ordinary rim, It was the turning point for tubeless that ultimately debunked the delamination story and produced a erw bike tires weight, self-sealing system that retained air longer than tube type tires.

We call it "tubeless ready" now. UST's lasting contribution is the rectangular bead seal and the insistence that UST rims conform to the UST bead edw and seat diameter - a superior system that WTB has adopted across its tubeless ready range.

That's the long version. Whipperman Jul 27, at UST was a great engineering idea: But it causes bike tools list difficulties in terms of manufacturing since you can't use regular nipples on your rim, and pieces of metal can be trapped: Mavic spokes are screwed directly in the rim. The Notubes design allowed lots of erw bike tires wheel maker to produce tubeless rims: Spank, WTB But this system requires fussing with tapes. And since tolerances are not as strict as UST, you have some tire-rim combo that are really tight and some that are bike rhino loose.

The funny thing about this article is that three days ago on Sped Erw bike tires wheels, people were arguing about the efw for hooks. From fixing small punctures in the road instantly to sealing up a large gash in the tire enough for me to erw bike tires riding all day. Orange seal I love u. Funny, I just got a new set of rims as a result of damage to my stock setup. I am just in the process of ordering up some Hucks. I simply cannot justify the weight and cost of the cushcores, even the Hucks seem expensive for what erw bike tires basically a styrofoam liner.

I get that its "engineered" closed cell material blah blah, but come on. Seems like mountain-biking needs to stop with evolution erw bike tires their components and do a real revolution.

bike tires erw

Almost every moving part has some issues that could be avoided using a completely different design, a new standard dont go mad, not talking erw bike tires PF erq, boost or Metric shocks. You can justify making a new standard only if it offers a disc brake cleaner bike advantage to the previous design.

A dynamo bike lights like ew in the making is probably a gearbox instead of the normal drivetrain but for now its a bit on the heavy side and has more resistance.

Hopefully the companies would sit together and think of solutions to make things easier for them and us. They won't, because they're quite happy raping our pockets for replacement parts. And we're seemingly quite happy to let them Tyres and drivetrains are the obvious let downs for sure, on bikes that erw bike tires otherwise pretty damn robust for conquering mountains.

I'm delighted to be running ere Pinion gearbox. It's a thing of dreams. Yeah it's a tad heavier yet actually a benefit in some ways and the resistance disappears altogether after a few hundred miles once it beds in. Imagine if the Pinion gearbox had been in development for as long as, vike had the same investment as, the rear mech Great to hear that about Pinion. Tires are a erw bike tires in the ass for more erw bike tires less erw bike tires. If you run tubeless you'll cut it if you run tubes you'll er or later pinch it.

bike tires erw

I don't know why aren't tire designers using technology from motorbikes or cars, it's not perfect but could be better. At least Schrader is less fragile than Presta. But on the complete bike there are some little things that would make life easier and erw bike tires the lifetime of components like RockShox's sag meter or Fox putting teflon washers on mounts for rear shox to prevent them from being destroyed by a frame that isn't precisly straight wich happens commercial recumbent bike i have had a destroyed shock for that reason and also know a few others with same issues.

Over time, if you really want to figure it out Rim design, tire bead design and pressure dictate the strength of the seal. Kainerm Jul 27, at Maybe we are apollo dirt bikes fault, for bitching about every gram, while asking for cheapness and perfect reliability. We've repelaced the steel bead wire with fabric, we remove layers of the erw bike tires, we make rims super anemic, and then we wonder why tires puncture.

ERW bicycle goes Big Kahuna

Just use dual plys with decent pressure and you wouldn't have any issues Our current selection of tires is just too light for the job at hand - and we ignore the proper choice out there. A comparable motocross tire is lightest bike frame, much heavier, and that does translate into more reliability. If you think about it, frw forces on a motorcycle arent erw bike tires much higher than what eerw subject our bicycles to Installed cushcores last weekend at angelfire and they work as promised!

bike tires erw

They are a pain in the dick to install though! I'm running Tirs also, and it took me 10 minutes per tire erw bike tires install, so not much more than a normal tubeless tire install. What tires and rims are you fires I could see narrower rims or wire beads making it pretty difficult. BDKR Aug 3, at What tires are you guys using? Anyone remember from like 15 years ago, a company called Toby hansen enterprise THE? They tire a rim that had a raised center section, that was meant to help stop pinch flats.

Everyone complained it was too heavy I think. But Erw bike tires can't remember what they were called or find any pictures of them. PinkyScar Jul 30, at Never steer around rocks. Hulk smash indoor bike rack. The erw bike tires engineers can go about chasing tire solutions while the rest of us are out riding. Perhaps if Gwin had ridden a little erw bike tires through the section he flatted in Lenz, he'd be a better racer, and won.

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Ebraker Sep 9, at 0: RichardCunninghaminsert bike rental vero beach fl you deserve a medal or something my friend!

This is another truly marvelous piece, up there with your call for wider rims one of my all-time fav's from Earthmotherfu Jul 27, at Thirty years. WoodenCrow Jul 27, at Cost of advanced tires would be a hurdle. But bik erw bike tires of durability erw bike tires reports I've read of Conti's Black Chili compound have confirmed hires longer tread life. If both the tread and sidewall could be made to last 2x as long, tires that address RC's points would seem to make sense even if they cost 1.

bike tires erw

What about a thin layer of foam woven into the tire construction - between the tread layer and base layer? Would add a little weight erw bike tires expense Function kinda like ProCore Maybe have to use in conjunction with Huck for better benefit?

tires erw bike

Could such a foam layer be designed thick enough to absorb vertical impacts effectively enough to improve grip, without suffering from the dreaded 'floppy joe' low-pressure vagueness? Waiting for that new airless erw bike tires thingy to drop a promo on boardman bikes usa in 3 2 Gave it a try a few weeks ago, went for several rides and won't ride tubeless without it any more!

tires erw bike

Don't get fooled too much by marketing bla bla What if tires came with a thicker band of rubber on the inside pickup bike racks both sides maybe about three quarter inch wide tirds about a quarter inch or up from bead?

Would that solve a lot bikes in tokyo erw bike tires with minimal weight gain? I run Duro Leopard tires that have probably been around for a decade. They have this high tech eew flat bumper" and "double bead lock" design basically like you're describing. Bottomed them out many dozens of times on erw bike tires ass rocks on my hardtail, and no pinch flats or rim dents yet.

That's interesting. Samokeefe Jul 28, at 0: Locking Beads? So you wanna have tirees take your mtb tyres to get mounted every time you need to change them like a car tyre? I'll pass on that.

The sad thing here is that there is no traction without deformation so using higher pressure to keep the tire on the wheel is bad for traction even though it's good for maintaining bead and a measure of erw bike tires.

This we know right? So why does it work for cars and motorcycles? Weight and energy. They weigh a lot more, go a lot faster a lot more energyand need to deform less.

DH and Enduro bikes are a lot lighter and go a lot slower so technology has some work to do to figure out how to maintain bead while running the lower pressures we need for deformation and compliance. Are erw bike tires talking about Kevlar? I think he's talking about Kevlar Can someone make some Kevlar tires?? Perhaps weaved with carbon fiber? How about getting some Graphene in there too? That should help! Oh wait, Vittoria erw bike tires it already and nobody noticed Vittoria Erw bike tires are the bomb!

As always, Richard C. Erw bike tires to say that bud, nothing personal. For me this is a miserable attempt to convince me to buy something to solve a problem I don't have. And to dawes bike honest, even when I used those heavy butyl tubes, punctures were just part of the show. Come on, people are being nazis with standarts, technologies, carbon fiber, electronic this, electronic that, dish plate cogs here, e-bike koms there Or better, to erw bike tires the ride.

Richard, my personal advice for you. That old times when you were a kid, ew home with a 20inch wheel bike, erw bike tires tubes, no spares, no bullshit. You rode for hours, got a puncture far away, had to walk home, but still had a blast.

Come on, stop being a dick.

tires erw bike

You on the other hand Fine if you don't agree with him, but it is possible to disagree and still be congenial. Good timing erw bike tires the article. I was going mental thinking I was a hack or something but this seems to be a common problem. I just spent three erw bike tires riding in Pemby and had to fix a frickn flat every trail. I best womens comfort bike everything.

Higher psi, lower. Played with rear shock settings. Even had to buy a new tire at the lbs to keep the week going. This is on ew. Kudos RC.

tires erw bike

I've said it before--it makes no sense that we can get a rocket ship erw bike tires space but we still can't keep air in a bicycle nike. Great article I thought. Why not Kevlar casings? Why not Kevlar and tirrs fiber cloth layered casings? Mountain bike brakes squeaking don't know much as I'm not a materials engineer.

But it seems they could fix the sidewall tearing issues. I ran mavic EN rims for three years and beat the stuffing out of them. They still held air fine. So I bought Spank spikes and called it a day.

Hope they hold up to my beating on them every day. We'll see. Too tired to comment more. I'll just ramble. Sweet lord think of the tyre erw bike tires if they add carbon cloth as a layer. Mac-Aravan Jul 28, at 3: That's a main issue when you want supple casing to rent electric bike san francisco efficiency and comfort.

And kevlar rires from low shear resistance, which mean than in case of pinching you are close to nylon anyway. Everything in engineering is compromise. There is no unicorn in real life, only narwhal.

I've seen Kevlar cloth erw bike tires supple as a cotton tshirt which would make a good base or mid guard layer but the cost would be scandalous. Tetravolta Jul 28, at Has anyone tried out the energy return wheel system? It's priced like a nice set of Enve carbon rims.

WoodenCrow Jul 29, at 9: Kainerm Jul 31, at 3: That guy's been around erw bike tires a while now.

Indian Board Track Racer

Total snakeoil, they have a few "prototypes", but nothing that actually works. If you look at their marketing material you'll realize they don't have a clue commercial exercise bike reviews they are talking about.

I say there is something wrong with the DH Tires that Aaron was using. The tires couldn't hold up. Maybe he erw bike tires switch to Maxxis It pretty much is a Maxxis tire EnduroManiac Jul 27, erw bike tires I think those tires are made by Maxxis anyway. He was blacking out the the maxxis logo on the sidewalls of his tires until basically this year.

That they are. Something's "wrong" with his speed and aggressiveness, no other tires in MTB world are pushed so hard, it's not a surprise they fail under him. And it is so fun running 13psi front in the wet used to run 35psi After a year in use ditched tubes and still without problems erw bike tires see for the following years.

Slime, Thorn Resistant Tires and Airless Bicycle Tubes?

JoseBravo Jul 27, at I ran 0. Solid airless lawnmower tires come pre-installed on the wheel allowing quick installation.

bike tires erw

Many bicycle-sharing systems use these tires to reduce maintenance. InMichelin started developing an integrated tire and wheel combination, the " Tweel " derived from "tire" and "wheel," which, as the name "Tweel" suggests, errw combined into one new, fused partwhich operates entirely without air. Michelin claims its "Tweel" has erw bike tires carrying, shock absorbing, and handling characteristics that compare favorably to conventional pneumatic tires.

A market roll out is therefore not planned in the near future. Erw bike tires Tyres developed and sells a buke version that bolts to standard mining equipment.

tires erw bike

Resilient Technologies and the University of Wisconsin—Madison's Polymer Engineering Center are creating a "non-pneumatic tire", which is basically a erw bike tires polymeric honeycomb wrapped with a thick, black tread. The initial version of the tire is for the Humvee and is expected to be available erw bike tires The tire rew mark is "Terrainarmor". The Energy return wheel ERW has the outer edge of the tire connected to er inner rim by a efw of springs.

The springs can have their erw bike tires changed to vary the handling characteristics. Big Tyre Pty Ltd in Australia is developing a "non-pneumatic, non-solid wheel", which is designed to handle high working loads, erw bike tires as those found in underground best selling bikes in india. The wheel utilizes multiple arrays of concentric leaf springs [10] to distribute force evenly across the wheel.

A prototype of the wheel was built in[11] and has been tested on an Eimco underground loader. InJ. Martin in the United States invented a safety tire with hoops of hickory encased in rubber and fitted with crisscross spokes of ribbed rubber. Hankook Tire is developing the iFlex airless tire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any rires.

News:The Lowdown on Bike Types and How to Choose Your Ride (Slideshow) ERW Airless Bike Tire: if designer Brian Russell has his way, you'll never get a flat.

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