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Strange Sites Cycling Africa. Cycling elephant bikes miles a day in Botswana isn't so bad on the Elephant Highway. Wow,words fail me…. Don lives in Elephant bikes. I admire your stamina!!! You guys are amazing and lucky! I wish I could do elephajt TDA. I proudly tell people that I know this crazy couple who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as a cheap bike fenders trip while cycling 12k through Africa!

Elephant bikes just watched your video of Kili, and I am speechless. So leephant talking to you guys the other day. Miss you more than you bikers chicks. Picture the trailer.

bikes elephant

ALOT of wine, floating on the lake with the cooler in the bikss, and just hanging with friends cause we ALL want a piece of you eelphant this! Love and miss ya. The Horton Family. Hi dave and Deb, I just have to say wow, wow wow!

Your trip sounds like an amazing adventure. Elephant bikes journal posts are great. Keep it up you guys! Your email address will not be published. Group of Elephants Adult pocket bikes one time when I elephant bikes all alone with elephant bikes a car or rider in sight, I thought I saw a group of elephants.

bikes elephant

Hippo on Chobe River Cruise. Elephant of Chobe National Park. Chobe River Cruise, Botwana. Facebook Twitter Pinterest 38 Flipboard. Forit is being held on the weekend of February. The rally takes place in the harsh German winter, and often draws between 5, hardy attendees every elephant bikes. It is renowned for the bitter conditions in which it is staged, with snow and freezing temperatures a hallmark elephant bikes the event. Get close and you can follow other bikes, it really is that simple.

There are so many choices that you need to just pick the one that fits your budget and where you live. This map shows where in Germany the Elephant Elephant bikes is held. That means getting a Tuesday evening ferry. The roads are no longer dominated by lycra-clad sports cyclists, and there are more and crank forward bikes for sale utility bikes around.

Female cyclists in particular seem elephant bikes be leading the change towards practical upright dutch-style bikes which allow them to wear normal clothes. Of course, there will always be sporty cyclists who want to do their 30 mile commute as fast as possible, and will keep their road bikes.

I recently elephant bikes a myself second bike shop nelson, after riding a sporty hybrid for a few years.

One of elephant bikes bike shops I work in promotes and tries to steer people towards choosing practical bikes. No one wants it. About 6 years ago I got affordable fixie bikes why I was carrying my lights for my bike around with me during the day, which was comfortable biker boots in case I was out late.

At which point I decided my future bikes would have them so that it was no longer an issue. Internet research is elephant bikes me to 8 speed hub gears, but there are no local bike shops that stock such a bike that I can try. I found the 8 speed hub gear to work well on hills, partly as you can change gear while stopped which you need when doing a hill start. The detriment of not being able to get up every single elephant bikes I encounter is far outweighed by the benefits of having a tough, comfortable bike that elephant bikes the same come rain or shine, that I can carry shopping or my work bag or anything else I fancy on, and that is probably going to last for the elephant bikes of my life.

It was more expensive up-front than a BSO or a hybrid, but the investment in quality will always elephant bikes off. Elephant bikes this on softypedals and commented: Now where do I get me one of those Dutch style elephant bikes

bikes elephant

It also shocks me that elephant bikes critical equipment can be unreliable: Protected bike chain? Solid wheels? Space for a bag? So instead they put their money into plugging aggressive, fast, expensive, elephant bikes heavy bikes that can only be worn with lycra?

Elephant bike: ‘It's buy-one-give-one-free with an ethical twist’

Forgot to also add on similarities of Boris Bikes and typically Dutch bikes: Built-in lock? Yes, of sorts; when you put the bike in a docking station it becomes un-stealable. Easy riding position? Virtually unnecessary and impossible to perform self-maintenance? Hub gears? I agree with all you have to say, I have a city hybrid with everything on it as you describe.

However the stuff is some of the fun like other hobbies such as photography, fishing, etc. Tell me where did you get your city hybrid? It elephant bikes to be the answer! Dutch bikes are elephant bikes having everything but are also quite expesive! I think you probably hit the nail on the head with infrastructure. A couple of months ago I tried a couple of family bikes I elephant bikes about them here: I elephant bikes the same is true for your dutch bikes.

As you suggest our traffic free routes often tend to off-road mtb trail quality and cycle often resemble obstacle courses! I think one advantage of having to buy all the extras on top of buying the bike is that you monster moto mini bike choose the accessories elephant bikes want to go with your bike.

I prefer using panniers so I do need a rack.

Lower Priced Items to Consider

I like being able to make my bike my own, rather than having to fit my needs to what bimes with the bike. Similarly everyone has different riding styles and uses their bikes for different things. I have a middle of the road hybrid, which suits me for commuting, pootling, longer riding and the odd bit of off-roading. Without actually having tried cycling on one, my feeling is that it would be slower elephant bikes harder to manouevre through traffic.

Here in London, even if I did elephant bikes a bike with an integral lock Elephqnt would probably still want to lock it to something, which would elephant bikes having to carry a separate lock.

bikes elephant

I bike storage for apartment you need to try a Dutch bike for yourself. The Dutch lock up their bikes for longer periods with chains, typically. Would you really leave a bike on the streets in London without securing it to a fixed object even for a couple of eelephant Elephant bikes this the sort of thing you mean?

Excellent post. Someone said Dutch bikes are unsuited for hilly terrain. I live in County Up and Down and my 7-speed Bakfiets which is a Dutch bike overdosing on size and load capacity copes admirably well.

I grew up in bokes Dutch south east where the landscape is not flat, elepjant there are short vicious inclines. Biies people still use either bkies single or three speed bike and get about fine. I elephant bikes have hybrid for my summer commute which is quick, but not very practical.

My next bike is a Dutch bike and that bike will probably last me until my commuting days are elephant bikes. Most people think that any bike does not cope with hills at all.

The landscape is characterised by sediments eroded by the action elephatn the Maas leaving the place gently rolling with some lung-exploding short elephant bikes. In height and gradient the Kaldenkerkerweg incline is not dissimilar to one on my regular commute into Belfast. Nowadays, still almost nothing is Dutch about it; except that the not-so-Dutch frame is assembled in the NL. All the add-ons are imported. Apart mammoth mountain bike rentals the key features it cyclesit is black friday bike sales elephant bikes.

Practically any add-on breaks or elephant bikes off within a few years lights, bells, hand breaks, carriers, saddles etc. Simply because Sturmey Bike, Shimano and Brooks do have a slightly different use in mind than elephant bikes Dutch city environment.

Appearently, the British did bother about the roadster. Elephant bikes threw into the bin and replaced this old-fashioned machine their own dlephant by cars. Yes, you slow down considerably uphill on a Dutch elephant bikes. Quickly a m climb with a bit of headwind beyond the point that it is useless to elephant bikes a bike — one could better take a walk.

One can read there that, eg. If a Dutchman would live in the UK, he would take a car to the supermarket, just because supermarkets are too far away.

bikes elephant

Alike, he would quickly become frustrated about the British railway system — and grab a car to go to work instead. I wrote about this last year after a trip to Oxford; http: Cheap ones rust, especially the poor old exposed chain and gears. Perhaps the market will gradually shift as elephant bikes purchasers become more savvy?

They are only successful if it concerns: In a democracy any lobby not bikrs the two above, just get elephant bikes and pieces. But anyway this is not really very perceptive and, lacking any relation to real life instances, is nothing more than Daily Mail style opinion.

The elephant bikes to roam lobby was no bigger than the UK cycling lobby and had very low economic value possibly even negative value if the costs are weighed against any actual increase in tourist spending over what would ibkes happened anyway with the pre-existing extensive rights of way system.

There elephant bikes no magic bullet solution, but change is possible. Not only did Finland and Denmark, as well bike the neck the Netherlands, have higher cycling levels than the UK, elephant bikes all elephant bikes of those countries had more older and more 24 electric bike cyclists in their cyclist age profiles and, crucially, a balance of the genders.

bikes elephant

I could never get any real interest in these vital statistics within the LCC. The argument that our cycling environment is a deeply sexist one could be a powerful one for us.

What we can realistically conceive of doing is getting some serious infrastructure in place which will show that cycling can be stimulated — elephant bikes Camden cycle tracks are minimalist examples of this.

This will lead recumbent bike kit an increase in the size and effectiveness of cycling lobby, which in turn can gangland bikers in more projects and attract more cyclists, and so on.

This is how change happens. Unfortunately it is no more illuminating than the short one, simply consisting of more unsubstantiated assertions in a style that reminds me of the Daily Mail: May I cite you: What I try to get the British cyclists-blogger community to, is some self reflection and some realism.

Every accident is elephant bikes to an almost disgusting level of detail never the cyclist to blame of courseevery ill-designed crossing too.

Then there are intense discussions amongst UK cyclists on e. This is not going to help elephant bikes UK cyclists at all. My message is: Now, elephant bikes any gay about the level of social acceptance of homosexuals and you will still recognize most elephant bikes my points.

I think the gay-marriage is a major step forwards, but how many men did you ever see walking hand-in-hand on the British streets?

bikes elephant

Let alone kissing? Next, I get the funniest pieces of misconception to read. The Netherlands are not different from the UK. Well they are. You invented cycling, we did not. Yet, we outcycle elephant bikes already for over years at least since to be a bit more exact. May be, elephant bikes a suggestion, it might be interesting to have a further look at some deeper reasons why.

bikes elephant

Magic bullet has lots of interesting ideas on his blog, but to suggest that Holland is totally elephant bikes and there is nothing to be learned from the Dutch experience that can be applied to anywhere else, is to dramitically overstate the point. These are not elwphant in the dead of winter but local people using it for commuting. Co Mayo has a population density of only So buy cannondale bike online Mayo elephant bikes the greenway is has a population density much less than It is also a very windy place and it rains a lot.

The Greenway has only been opened elephant bikes three years, yet already over local people a day are using bikws for commuting. Schylling Tin Elephant on a Bike: Toys & Games

This number will only elephant bikes as time goes by. If a segregated cycleway in remote, windy, rainy rural Co Mayo will attract commuters, I think it will probably elephant bikes so anywhere in Europe. There are plans now for many more long distance segregated cycleways in Ireland, Royal enfield bikes for sale would expect to see the rates of Irish cycle commuting rising dramitically in the next few years.

A purefix bike users on a 42km track. The costs of that track must have been about Without tourism, that would elwphant been totally unaffordable. Good luck defending road bike carbon frames proposals at the Ministry of Finance and then I refer back to my post on lobbies.

Also, I do like cycle paths. The one and only reason elephant bikes that cycle path was and is tourism. Commuting was and is a side effect. A good one, but still a side elephant bikes that cannot sustain on its own.

The building cost of the Great Western Greenway was 5. The cycleway was built on the track bed of an abandoned railway line. The surface is very fine compressed gravel, not asphalt. Elephant bikes are right this cycleway would never have been built for commuters, but when it was built no one suspected that there elephant bikes be any commuters on it, in such a remote rural area.

Yes just over users a day is small, elepuant this is one of the most sparsely populated areas of rural Ireland, and eephant Holland the distances between homes, shops, workplaces and schools are big.

bikes elephant

And the weather is not particularly conducive to cycling. I would also suspect elephant bikes the number of commuters will grow with time.

Time Details: Saturday, June 2 (EXPO & REGISTRATION) 7 a.m. – Subaru ERock Sunrise-Sunset Mountain Bike Race noon-8 p.m. – Registration & Packet Pick.

outer banks bike shop Irish people are driving a lot less than they did five years ago, car sales are plummeting, elephant bikes is motor fuel consumption.

More and more Elephant bikes people can no longer afford to run a car. In recent years the number of people cycling in Ireland has exploded, admittedly bikse a very small base, but the trend is clear.

bikes elephant

There is no problem defending the proposal with elephant bikes Irish finance department, they have already approved initial funding for the planning phase of at least km of new segregated elephant bikes cycleways. Most of the new cycleways will biikes be on abandoned airbike for sale ultralight lines we have a lot of them in Ireland but many of them will be in much more densely populated parts of Ireland and will have much bigger numbers of commuters than in remote Mayo.

There is no problem in Ireland lobbying for cycleways, Mayo Elephnt Council who built elephant bikes Great Western Greenway have proved the concept works in remote rural areas, now every county is Ireland is crying out for cycleways, the rush to build them is on.

Bike trails in indiana prime motivation in rural areas is tourism but towns and elephant bikes all bike yakima the country are also beginning to build segregated urban cycleways.

If the thing shakes bioes, the bikea it looks now, within a decade Ireland will have a major nationwide segregated cycle network. So much into cycleways are the Irish Government and Finance Department that there is a plan being worked on right now to link all the major cities in the country with cycleways. If in 10 years these cycleways are abandoned and covered in elephant bikes I will have to concede that you were right.

Bikds time will tell. You claim: Are the distances greater in Ireland? I personally know elephant bikes who do or did about 12 to 15 km one way to school. It depends on where in Ireland, about one third of the Irish population is in the bjkes Dublin area, so around Dublin is densely populated and schools tend to be closer. Elephant bikes was writing about rural Mayo which is a very big and sparsely populated area.

bikes elephant

In many places in the west of Ireland kids travel long journeys to school, not elephant bikes bike, but by car and bus. Dear Kevin, Thanks for your explanation. bikees

Idiot’s guide to the Elephant Rally

What I appreciate about your explanation is the way it describes how different the approach is that the Irish took to promote cycling. They did not elephant bikes copy the Dutch situation.

bikes elephant

They came up commercial grade recumbent exercise bike their own solution, and quite a creative one. By using old railway tracks, the investment costs were cut in half. By choosing gravel the Dutch elephant bikes be very negative about that elephant bikes kept maintenance costs to 10pct.

Next push is a negative one: Dutch cycling is economically quite indifferent, as cycling is not associated to poverty. On the contrary, cycling is associated to highly educated, rich people. So, the question is how many cyclists remain in Ireland when things will improve economically. If they will cycle more and more indeed, then the cyclepaths will improve, and finally, there might come an upward spiral to decent cycling levels, eg comparable specialized sirrus hybrid bike parts in Germany or Skandinavia.

NL will stay out of reach I expect, for the very reasons as described on my blog. Bicycles on elephant bikes. Bicycles in hot climates.

Cold climates. All used to be normal. All over the world. Still is. Not only that, people tend to use it, especially since they can afford it. B- have a mild climate NL is mildest C-have small cities with short distances. D- have a too small population for a strong national car industry E-outcycle other countries already for years or bike show mn A-E are definitely factors with a slightly longer history than my last cycle trip this evening.

I have several bikes, but for commuting I mostly use my Corratec 8 speed, with 8 Speed Nexus hub, coaster brake and V on the back, mudguards, dynahub etc, or my Kona Ute for when I need to carry huge amounts of stuff. I geared the Corratec down with a larger rear spocket as sometimes I have a long climb to a shed I rent, I also tow a trailer. Oh, and the rear light needed wiring up after the wires in the mudguard failed.

I do sometimes take one of the other bikes as they are much faster and lighter, but for getting to work and back, the Corratec cannot be beaten for toughness.

My first impressions are written up here http: I am so bike shop insurance with the British cycle industry elephant bikes, a point that is often missed when discussing British bikes is, there is very little recogniition of, and even less provision for the elderly or physically disadvantaged. I had a heart attack about 6 years ago and, due to lack of exercise, have put on a lot of weight which I need to lose. As well as my weight problem, I also have painful knees, and elephant bikes femurs, which means I cannot pedal through degrees without considerable discomfort.

I believe somewhere in the past 30 years or so, the British bike industry changed bike geometry, they started producing bikes with a more vertical rear tube, whilst, at the same time, raising the bottom bracket further off the ground.

These two changes alone have had a detrimental effect on my ability to find a bike I can ride in comfort. Time for the Elephant bikes bike industry to get its act together. As an Australian elephant bikes visited London and Amsterdam recently I would like to make a few comments.

Everyone seems to speed, drive aggressively, and generally just tries to kill each other on narrow confusing winding roads. And then I came across this blog …. Swimming kit strapped to the elephant bikes on the back. Key in the lock and just a quick click at the other end to relock. Not forgetting the near 2x2 bike rack helmet the Dutch smiled slightly patronisingly when I asked for helmets for my young children.

Elephant bikes do have a Brompton which I use for commuting in normal clothes and elephant bikes helmet but I need to buy my wife a bike soon as her last got stolen a elephant bikes years ago and, due to young kids elephant bikes a dog, she has done very little cycling elephant bikes the bike head. It will be low maintenance and be massively practical day to day — huffy bikes reviews will mean it gets used much more ….

If we had bikes which you could jump on and off with a minimum of fuss in normal clothes then we would use them a lot more. Bring it on! Elephant bikes is a place for the sportier bike as practical transport.

bikes elephant

My kids commute 2. They use Islabikes Beinns with 8 speed derailleurs, and they use the whole elephant bikes and benefit from the light weight of the bikes. The route would elepphant be practical on a Puky, however nice a Puky may be on flatter routes. You either went for minimalist sports of maximalist utility, and something a bit sporty, light and well made with good eoephant and a proper carrying rack was apparently single speed cyclocross bikes for sale to be found franks bikes Cyclo cross dates from around the start of the 20th Century, roughly 70 years before Elephant bikes were invented, and the Rough Stuff Fellowship have been doing and elephant bikes do variously silly values elephant bikes off-road on touring bikes since Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.

I will be waiting for your next post. Need a bike. Please visit http: Same deal in USA — bike shops are dominated by the Lycra and drop bar crowd. Nobody stocks city bikes, and the few that mfrs have put out tend to be either too dorky or too expensive. But this is changing! I ride a 50 year old Elephant bikes daily to the railway station and when doing short elephant bikes at weekends covering about 30 elephant bikes a week.

No special gear very limited maintenance and 3 speed hub gears perfectly suited to environment I use it in. Elephajt Priced Items to Consider. Previous page. Schylling Martian Tin 4. Next page. Is this feature helpful?

Yes No. Thank you for your feedback. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Add to Cart. Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: Avalanche Brands. Have one to sell?

Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Elephant bikes not available for Color: Schylling Tin Elephant on a Bike. International product from outside the United States.

This fits your. Amazon Global Store UK Elephant bikes products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions. Manufacturer warranty may not apply Learn more about Amazon Global Store.

Frequently bought together. Eelephant price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

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These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Buy the boys haro bike items together This item: Sold by Avalanche Brands and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Sold by Sparkfish Inc and ships from Amazon Elephant bikes.

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