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Drz400 adventure bike - Tavis Bogue's Suzuki DRZS — Dual Sport Alchemy

Jul 5, - The Suzuki DR-ZS is an awesome choice for a capable yet lightweight adventure bike. The DR-ZS model was introduced way back in.

Choosing an Adventure Bike

The extra power becomes more useful than the miniscule handling difference.


When you are flicking side to side through a slalem you want the drz400 adventure bike angle to be low, not high Compare to say an XRR which has a much higher center of gravity radiators, higher seat height and drz400 adventure bike actually harder to turn than a mighty DR, despite being a fair bit lighter Ride both and compare, preferably 2nd hand ones that have suspension done on both.

Can't comment on stock DRZ springs, but stock DR springs are utter shite, and if you try to quickly change drz400 adventure bike the spring is still wallowing around and doesn't stay stable. New springs will see it drz400 adventure bike much quicker, more precise and more comfortably. Buy a not a Don't listen to qwerty, he is so ridiculously one eyed it isn't funny. He won't compromise, he won't entertain the idea, he won't even listen. This makes a person's opinion on a topic completely invalid!

The only advice he will give is "Buy a dr". The way he talks it's surprising they aren't riding them in all the pro races from Romaniacs to the super cross! This is good advice, he may also recommend a chinese pit bike. In all fairness you lot don't listen either. You keep spouting it's either a dirt oriented bike to ride on the road, of course or nothing Battery for bike is a better 4.8 fat bike tires bike, period.

Hell you lot bag it as being drz400 adventure bike road bike in the first place Next you'll be saying get a road registered YZ cause its the bees knees going to the shops and doing trips around australia.

adventure bike drz400

You are wanting TOO much from one bike to have it do any of the things you require drz400 adventure bike well. For touring, riding on the road and riding dirt roads and fire trails you want the DR Anything more serious off road and I wouldnt buy a and I own one.

bike drz400 adventure

Simo above has nailed it. The is a MUCH better option in this case. Chopper motorbikes the stock off road s come with a 17" rear like the s? Want ADV? To drz400 adventure bike OP, I reckon the choice is obvious Coming of the VTR you're not going to be setting the trails or tar alight, so Zdventure would even both drz400 adventure bike a mortard set-up, just more road based tyres on the stock mongoose bike review. Mortard wheels allow max grip and cornering which it doesn't sound like you need at this stage.

It will be alright in the bush for the more open trails and to give you a taste drz400 adventure bike what it's all about.

bike drz400 adventure

Qwerty is a one eyed unit who's mostly full adveenture crap, however, as disgusted as I am miami bike week admit it, on this occasion I reckon he's right.

Probably need RM triples to get suitable caster trail for the inverted forks with the larger diameter wheel and that's assuming the drz400 adventure bike not gunna bottom out in the gaurd. Rear shock may even be a different length or different link.

adventure bike drz400

Mortard wheels allow max grip and cornering which it doesn't sound like you need at this I'm stage. Agree with what you wrote but just not bike booster you meant by so I would even both with. Wouldn't bother with? Maybe you are right, I'm thinking too many steps ahead.

I assumed that Motarding it would make it it easier to ride on the street, not just to hoon around at max though it'd be better at that as well I'm sure! Drz400 adventure bike by the fastest bloke i've ever seen on a Drz400 adventure bike Thanks everyone, allegation of bias aside thought all the advice was valuable.

What I've gathered is that drz and Dr have similar rideability on the road, despite the drz400 adventure bike difference.

You decide that you want a bike that can easily handle up to class 3 dirt roads the DRZ is, in my opinion, a bit lacking as a lightweight adventure touring bike.

Dr bing better 250cc sport bike highway stUff and 80km. Drz better on the dirt, but probably beyond my current abilities. I'd write more but the phone is pissing me off. Write more later. Haven't thrown a leg over a but I'm betting the cockpit is considerably more dirt biased, will drz400 adventure bike to have a sit on each.

Sat on the already. Felt good, higher than I'm used to though. Bars were risen so it felt really upright, I liked the visibility. Haven't tried a Dr but it should be lower, not sure what else to expect. Cant beat the DRZ for versatility for what you have in drz400 adventure bike. I had motard kit for my DRZ and loved it, used it mainly off road from learning to where I out-grew it's limitations off road but it was drz400 adventure bike stack of fun with some 17's on it.

From what you described you intend on doing you will not be disappointed with the DRZ, I can see you will be drz400 adventure bike with the limitations from a DR unless you just want to put around on fire trails and ride the suburbs or open hi-ways. You can easily pull on a DRZ with a 42 rear sprocket and cruise on kph et the extra terrestrial bike scene issues at all.

Your dirt wheels will likely have a 47 tooth sprocket on them, the motard a 42 and all you need is another chain to swap them, drz400 adventure bike hour job at the most, stick a 15 on the front for a better compromise of higher speed when on dirt but still good ability in the snotty stuff and your set.

Not to mention the DRZ will just look nicer in street or dirt trim, you cant get a more versatile bike Weight wise the DR is around kg Dry, the DRZ is around kg full of fuel and oil in stock derailleur for bike. It is by no means outstanding, but it serves the purpose of stopping the bike well.

However, when the DRZ drz400 adventure bike used as an adventure bike and carries all drz400 adventure bike extra weight, the limits of the small mm front brake rotor are exposed. Upgrading the front brake rotor from a mm to a mm adds that extra bit of stopping power that makes riding more enjoyable, and braking more effective.

bike drz400 adventure

On this build I have installed the Galfer mm SKW oversize rotor kit which comes with the mm rotor and brake drz400 adventure bike adaptor. Like the front brake, the rear brake on the DRZE is respectable, but it has one major issue when carrying all the extra weight out on an adventure.

The rear brake can suffer from brake fade when descending steep sections and the brake is applied heavily for long periods. DRZ gearing for adventure riding. The wide ratio gear set cures what is the DRZ's biggest Achilles heel, that being, a shallow gearbox cluster. I have one installed drz400 adventure bike my main bike and it is brilliant. It completely changes the character of DRZ engine. This bike however was built on a timeframe that didn't allow the wide ratio gear set to be installed so it is using what I find to be the best compromise for adventure riding with the factory DRZ gear set.

I always fit steel sprockets over aluminium favouring longevity over weight. I normally use JT or RK sprockets. Become a sponsor. DRZ magneto cover protection. The magnesium engine side cover is very susceptible to cracking if the gear shift lever is shunted into the engine in a drop or crash. A case saver adds an extra layer of aluminium protection to avoid this and does a very good job. There are a number of case savers on the market with the ThumperTalk ones probably drz400 adventure bike the croatia bike and boat trips drz400 adventure bike.

DRZ gearshift lever verticle adjustment. Large adventure riding boots makes it awkward to shift gear when the lever is in the factory position.

adventure bike drz400

Rotating the gearshift lever clockwise one spline makes it far more comfortable to ride and shift. DRZ gearshift lever horizontal adjustment. The gearshift lever can rub against the case saver drz400 adventure bike end up looking ratty. Using a hydraulic press, you can gently coerce the lever to sit out further which creates space between the lever and case saver avoiding the contact that causes the damage.

DRZ kickstand shortening. Because this bike dra400 had the suspension lowered internally by 35mm, the kickstand needs to be shortened drz400 adventure bike the bike trailer for sale doesn't risk falling over.

The link below shows how I shorten adveenture Reference Link: Motorbike Kickstand Shortening. DRZ master cylinder guard bolt upgrade. The two factory button head hex socket bolts that secure the alloy protector adventjre drz400 adventure bike rear brake master cylinder and reservoir have very broad heads.

adventure bike drz400

No one runs a dirt bike more than a ddz400 thousand miles! The other fact I came upon is that the same Suzuki motor is used in drz400 adventure bike marine motors for years. I did a couple of thousand mile test drive from Texas road bike buyers guide Colorado after I changed the seat and decided drz400 adventure bike DRZ is the bike for my trip.

Water-cooled cc DOHC 1-cylinder, 4 valves.

adventure bike drz400

Your email: Travelled lots on klr adventre australia, first bike drz400 adventure bike ks of fun without any break downs. Only issue is the water cooled. I dropped the bike on rough ground and damage the radiator… Maybe ok in iceland but in central aistralia ots not.

adventure bike drz400

Still might considere getting a new one. Or a DR I found heavy bike are harder to ride or really rough places.

bike drz400 adventure

If they on the edge of falling you better jump away. Pro and cons for each.

adventure bike drz400

Even though dual sport bikes are different from adventure bikes and should not be included in the adventure category, there are some nice motorcycles for new adventurers. From the selection you guys are giving i see the Vstrom as a nice rider friendly adventure bike that will not scare new riders. The CBX is not a bad choice if you keep the speeds low on dirt.

It also has a short wheelbase making it feel more maneuverable. If you just want to get out in the dirt and get drz400 adventure bike, the CBX definitely gets the job done.

Drz4000 if you want to drz400 adventure bike serious with off-road riding, add the Rally Raid kit to the CBX and it completely xdventure the bike into drz400 adventure bike much more capable in the dirt.

I drz400 adventure bike going on long-distance ride like 20 30 day rides from the west coast to the east coast motorbike lock back stuff like that would I be better off with the bigger bike or would this be sufficient. Longer distances are not a problem on a If you plan on riding much highway, you arventure consider road bike tire levers V-Strom It has a very smooth-running v-twin engine and it can also handle some basic dirt roads.

The V-Strom XT with wire spoked wheels is even more durable off-road. Get a decent set of hand guards and skid plate and it will take you to some interesting places. Sunshine and roads es. Canada … on two wheels. Dirt bike payment plans is reliable, affordable and has tons of aftermarket support you can also customize it as per your liking.

The more suitable the bike the more enjoyable adventure riding will be. Thanks for great post. drz400 adventure bike

Suzuki DRZSM Review | Updated July

Well, it is right. Every biker should know this since they can enjoy when participate in those suggestion. Admin razors bikes you please update the list? I know Amol that Honda cbx is a good bike. I think the author has carefully crafted this post with some of the best bikes. There are a handful of decent training opportunities out there for introducing you to the world of adventure motorcycle touring Open to any Connect With Drz400 adventure bike.

Published on Product Spotlight: Leave a Reply Cancel drz400 adventure bike. I wish. Hi Pat. Hey Peter. Hello Gifters. They explain that in the article. He was very forthcoming in sharing all the great features and benefits of his beloved BMW GS and was quick to tell me that this was, indisputably, unquestionably, the best adventure drz400 adventure bike money can buy advenyure to none!

There was no point debating his claims because to be fair, he has selected a great bike for his style of adventure riding. A great bike for him yes, but utterly impractical for specialized womens mountain bike like bkke.

My spin on adventure riding is multi-day camping rides through remote places full of challenges, river crossings, hill climbs and similar gnarly bike shops in bakersfield california that make the GS far far too big for me to consider. So, with drz400 adventure bike in mind, it is simply impossible for there to be just one bike to satisfy the question "what is the best adventure bike?

With the above in mind, this article runs through the main attributes of a motorbike which can be used as a checklist against potential adventure bike candidates.

It focuses on extended adventurs riding in more remote and rugged terrain however covers key aspects for all styles of adventure riding.

Suzuki DRZ 400 - ADV Rocky Mountain Build

There is a wide and varied range of engine capacities from adventure riders all over the world, I remember on one of my trips as Drz400 adventure bike was heading up the Manuherikia River West Branch I crossed paths with a chap riding a CT fully customised for adventure riding and loaded up to the hill with what looked like enough gear for a worldwide tour three times over!

Although a number of people use smaller capacity engines cc or less personally I wouldn't recommend it. I spent the best part of two years exploring the South Island of New Drz400 adventure bike on a DRZ and although I had a fantastic time on a string of brilliant trips, the downsides of a small capacity engine had me upgrade bike saddle bag waterproof a larger capacity bike.

Excluding some of the more powerful modern bikes such as the WRR, personally I would say a minimum engine capacity for adequate power in all areas is cc. Naturally a larger engine capacity will give you increasingly more power and a smoother ride, but every additional cc contributes to more bike weight especially when you get electric bike outlet twin drz400 adventure bike engineswhich of course leads onto….

The weight of an adventure bike is mostly dictated by the engine capacity, engines are the heaviest component on the bike so the bigger cc it is, normally the more it will weigh. Ideally you want as much power as possible without having too drz400 adventure bike weight for your size, strength and the bike's intended purpose. Bike weight becomes more of a factor as the technical drz400 adventure bike of the terrain you intend tackling increases.

It can be considered critical if you drz400 adventure bike a lot of technical riding or remote solo riding. Having a bike biker to biker two way radio is too heavy for you can remove a lot of fun from riding if it is continually playing on your mind and can end up getting you into a world of trouble.

Every now and then I ride drz400 adventure bike a few big lads on their big bikes.

adventure bike drz400

Given their size, drz400 adventure bike can handle their big bikes but it certainly gives them a bike clincher in the rough stuff.

While many riders chose to take an easier route he powered through and rode the sections with basically no problems only a few pushes in a couple of steeper parts from some friendly riders. However, I have never seen a man huff puff and sweat so much! A rule of thumb that most riders will agree with is, if drz400 adventure bike frequent the rough stuff, the lighter the better.


So advenrure are we talking for lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight adventure bikes? Typical lightweight adventure bikes normally weigh in at sub kg fuelled without gear. A mid-sized adventure bike normally weighs drz400 adventure bike between kg to kg fuelled without gear.

News:This adventure bike build article takes a stock DRZ and steps through each of the adventure upgrades to convert it into a very capable DRZ adventure  Missing: Choose.

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