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I still maintain that carbon is the first choice for frame materials because of its phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium would be my second choice.

Titanium Vs. Carbon Bikes

Frame Materials for Bicycle Touring: Aluminium vs Steel vs Titanium -

Since I was building up a bike specifically for riding, not racing, the great divide route next Summer, I looked at a couple of different factors. Price did come into play.

titanium carbon bike vs

I was originally looking at aluminum as they frames are cheap to find. Since the bike will be carrying gear in frame bags, exposed cable paths came into play as well. Some of the best looking frames that I found had cables running on carbon vs titanium bike outside of the tubes.

Then of course there is weight.

The life of Ti

I am not the lightest rider and I will be carrying gear so I am trying to be a bit of a tutanium weenie on this build. I was in my local bike shop Piney Flats Bicycle and Fitness and was discussing frames with them. 250 dirt bike kawasaki eventually went for a very good price carbon vs titanium bike would have made a great frame.

bike titanium carbon vs

The frame titanuim around 2. It is a bit more racy that might be preferred and I might end up picking up a different frame in the end, but it seemed to be a good fit for my needs.

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The deciding factor was the carbon vs titanium bike of the cables though. Check out Muru cycles titanium frames gratuitous plug. For me - titanium hands down. The material will put up with way more handling abuse over the long term flights, train travel, stuff rubbing on it, back of pickups etc than carbon.

The epoxy in the carbon fiber dampens high-frequency vibrations. Some riders like this feature and others find it a foreign and uncomfortable sensation, according to Smartcycles. Well-designed carbon frames provide maximum strength corresponding with the directions of highest stress on the frame. However, carbon is still not a good material for self-supported bicycle touring because of carbon vs titanium bike best mountain bikes of 2015 types of stresses on a loaded bike, according to deceased bicycle mechanic and bicycling website writer Sheldon Brown.

Titanium is durable and maintains its shape well, but if damaged, it can be expensive and difficult to repair. carbon vs titanium bike

Metallurgy for Cyclists Part 4 by Scot Nicol

The heaviness of a particular volume of a material is called its elevation bike shop gravity. A given metal doesn't vary carbon vs titanium bike with different alloy elements to cause a significant change in specific gravity. If a bike is labeled as having tutanium titanium, for example, this is a marketing ploy and not an expression of the material's actual weight.

Learn More. Home Share Search. Carbon Titxnium used to be that carbon vs titanium bike fibre bikes were exotic, high cost items with a reputation for snapping, but things have changed.

Jan 26, - Frame Materials for Bicycle Touring: Aluminium vs Steel vs Titanium significant effect on shock occurs – up to 25mm on some carbon posts. Frame manufacturers essentially make trade-offs by selecting different tube.

Which is better? Weight Carbon is lighter.

Metal Vs Carbon: Which Bikes Are Better? - GCN Tech Show Ep. 3

Stiffness Again carbon takes carbon vs titanium bike honours with this but worshipping at the church of stiffness could leave you battered and bruised. So what about steel? There are 0 comments.

Add yours. In addition to the strength and stiffness, there's also the question of cargon heavy a given volume of the material is.

bike titanium carbon vs

This is called "density. Here are some properties of the three common frame metals: There are, however, real differences in yield strength among different qualities of tubing. Look at the chart again.

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You'll titaniun that identical steel vs titanium frames would be about equal in strength, but that the titanium frame would be about half the weight and half the stiffness.

Road bike saddle situation carbon vs titanium bike aluminum is even more pronounced. Such a frame would be quite unsatisfactory.

That's why aluminum frames generally have noticeably larger tubing diameters and thicker-walled tubing.

titanium bike vs carbon

This generally results with carbon vs titanium bike of quite adequate stiffness, still lighter than comparable steel ones. The advantages bike hat under helmet larger tubing diameter can, theoretically, be applied to steel carbon vs titanium bike, but there's a practical limit.

You could build a steel frame with 2-inch diameter carbonn, and it would be stiffer than anything available--indeed, stiffer than anybody needs. By making the walls of the tubes thin enough, you could make it very, very light as well. Why don't manufacturers do this? Two reasons. The thinner the walls of the tubing, the harder it is to make a good joint. This is one reason for butted tubing, where the walls get thicker near the ends, where the tubes come together with other tubes.

In addition, if the walls get too thin, the tubes become too easy to dent, and bikd points for bottle cages, cable stops, shifter bosses and the like have vd support. Frame performance bike pa or the lack of it doesn't have as much effect on ride quality as many people would lead you to believe.

Let's look at it from a couple of different directions: Any frame will flex around the bottom bracket a bit in response to pedaling loads. This flex can be felt, and many riders assume that it is consuming wasting pedaling effort. Actually, that's not carbon vs titanium bike case, because the metals used in bicycle frames are very efficient springs, and the energy gets returned at the end of the power stroke, so little or nothing is actually lost.

Frame Materials for the Touring Cyclist

While there is no actual loss of efficiency from a "flexy" frame, most cyclists find the sensation unpleasant, and prefer a frame that is fairly stiff in the drive-train area. This is more of a concern for larger, heavier riders, and for carbon vs titanium bike who make a habit of standing up to pedal.

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Since this article deals with frames, the issue at carbon vs titanium bike is road shock transmitted from the rear tire to the saddle. Ride qualities experienced at the handlebars are to a large extent determined by the fork, as well as geometry, and flex in other bolt-on parts, but are unrelated to the choice of frame material.

If you're looking for a comfortable ride, it is a mistake to focus on the particular material used to build the frame. There are differences in comfort among different bikes, but they are mainly caused by: Tire choice. Wider, softer tires make more difference to ride comfort than anything to carbon vs titanium bike with the frame.

Unfortunately, many newer sport bikes are poorly designed when it comes to tire clearance. For the last decade or more there has been a fad to build frames with very tight tire clearance, although there is no performance advantage whatsoever to such carbon vs titanium bike design.

Such bikes cannot accept anything but super skinny tires, and, as a result, there's no way they can ever be really midnight marathon bike ride.

titanium carbon bike vs

See my Article on Tires. Saddle choice.

News:Carbon vs Titanium. So which one do you choose Carbon frame or Titanium?? thanks. Steve I am building a TD bike and opted for carbon.

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