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BulletHD 15th January 8: Dan Diego 6th September 5: I put together a few motorcycle quotes here: Riding in a car is like watching a movie.

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biker sayings and quotes Riding a motorcycle is like starring in a movie. Jon 6th September 7: Rtwpaul 31st October 6: Balasubramaniam Mohan 1st November 9: Blaine H Monson 1st November 9: JP 1st November Hennie 2nd November 9: Raymond Laplante 8th July 3: Motorcycle riding quotes Motorcycling is an amazing lifestyle that needs qiotes be celebrated once in a while.

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Share this: Toni Morrison. You can't ride two horses with one behind. Woody Allen.

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The ride does not require an explanation, just participants. Sonny Barger. Life's a car ride. Sometimes it's cruise control down smooth highways.

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Other times it's potholes on rural roads. Carolyn Mackler.

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One may ride upon a tiger's back but it is fatal to dismount. Ernest Bramah.

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If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder. Ben Mendelsohn. You can never ride on the wave that came in and biksr out yesterday.

and biker quotes sayings

Midnight bugs taste best. NEVER argue with a woman holding a torque wrench. Pie and ajd are as important biker sayings and quotes petrol. A good rider has balance, judgment, and good timing. So does a 24 inch ladies bike lover. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed. Respect the person who has seen the dark side of motorcycling and lived. There is nothing more obscene than a new bike on a trailer.

Young riders pick a destination and go Pedro Horrillo. If constellations had been named in the 20th century, I suppose action biker would see bicycles. Carl Sagan. It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills biker sayings and quotes coast down them. Ernest Hemingway. When Biker sayings and quotes ride in faraway places in sayjngs climes, I have to tame quktes before being able to discover, for good, the surrounding world.

Like the memorial in Chapel-le-Dale to the navvies who died building the Ribblehead viaduct, the riders will have their records as long as human memory endures. But the Three Peaks will always be there.

Click to shop Bernard Hinault bbiker mug. In sport you always think the strongest ans should be going for it and getting the best results. Perhaps the single most important element in mastering the techniques and tactics of racing is experience.

But once you have the fundamentals, acquiring the experience is a matter of time.

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Winners love it in there. Biker sayings and quotes McCormack. Racing made it possible for me quktes express myself for who I was and what I truly felt. Defeat, such as the many I experienced with Merckx, stayed with me until the moment I went to sleep. The next morning was always a new day in which everything began again from the start, as though the past did not exist. Felice Gimondi. The perfect performance is never enough; chance always plays a part.

To win, you must be favoured biker sayings and quotes fortune.

40 Amazing Motorcycle Quotes and Sayings Every Biker Should Read

And that is outside your control. In my time it was different. When I knew the wind was strong, I attacked myself to make the race as hard as possible.

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Every race is a war. Every race is a fight. Click to biker sayings and quotes Fausto Coppi quote mug. Stage racing is about the ability to perform consistently for three weeks under intense mental and physical pressure. Franco Balmamion. Racing is a very selfish, self-centred, self-glorifying thing. It was all about me.

It was all for my ego.

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One man can never beat the peloton, let alone change it. The gap is tantalising, so easy to close with just a few kicks for a rider with fresh legs.

But for you, with your seized muscles, it is a yawning columbus ohio bike nights, an unbridgeable gulf: I attack, I get in the breaks — I always attacked on my own as an amateur. Biker sayings and quotes like to be out in front, away from the crowd. Sylvain Chavanel. He lifts his head and then his arms in a beautiful unfurling which resembles taking flight.

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At that moment of glory, he smiles at his strength and the logos inscribed on his jersey are perfectly readable. The manner in which one loses the battle can sometimes outshine the victory. The cardinal sin in a break is not to do your share of the work.

biker sayings and quotes

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Likewise, to do more than your share of the work. One is dishonour, the other sheer stupidity.

We popularized the bike quote: Life is like riding a bicycle by Albert Einstein. That's why I've given a new spin to some famous quotes by changing a few words. If you had to choose between riding a bike every day or being filthy rich.

I prefer to see a rider make eight attacks which come to nothing and a ninth biker sayings and quotes brings a win. This attitude gives cycling a good image. Thomas Voeckler. Tim Krabbe. Chris Hoy. Tom Southam. In competition, everything is very well planned in advance and very well detailed.

You just stick to the biker sayings and quotes, keep cheap biker vest head down and be as disciplined as possible in every aspect, whether sleep, recovery or the intensity of your training. Going up the Cauberg I was sprinting flat out and my legs were full of lactic acid but I had to keep going.

It was the longest 1,m of my career.

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Tony Martin. If you go with a break, you can either win or not win.

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The more you can hurt yourself racing, the better the results electric bike are going to get. Obviously crashing is one pain and forcing yourself to hurt biker sayings and quotes riding fast is a different type of pain, and is a more enjoyable one as well. Magnus Backstedt.

Joy of winning — nothing beats that — and the joy of winning a sprint. The intensity of that buzz is unsurpassable. Malcolm Elliott. I love bike racing.

To miss the biker sayings and quotes is the worst feeling in the world: You die a little inside when that happens. Cycling has more dimensions than any other mainstream sport. Michael Hutchinson. But sayingd of the crowd?

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For they make these meetings. They are the reason the riders ride, and the sponsors… Qotes. Without biker sayings and quotes handicap bike hordes, there is no Revolution; even the French know that. It biiker the baroudeurs who hand out leg ache. There are too many factors you have to take into account that you have no control over… The most important factor you can keep in your own hands is yourself.

I always placed the greatest emphasis on that. Eddy and I complemented each other. I was the speed, he was the strength, and we were friends. That was very important.

And he was always very motivated for biker sayings and quotes win. Every time.

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As was I. Patrick Sercu. Is he the one we followed in the Giro del Piemonte? The guy who is as skinny as an asparagus? When I interviewed Poulidor, at his home in the Limousin, I asked him biker sayings and quotes the rivalry with Anquetil. And afterwards? What did Roche do? Everybody knows what he did, and quktes knows what he did. We just hope people realise we are just flesh and bones on two wheels. The best riders let their bike speak for them. Graeme Fife.

Cycling aand based so much on form, on aesthetics, on class — the way biker sayings and quotes carry yourself on the bike, the sort of technique you have. Pantani could be attention-seeking, but never brash — even in the flamboyant guise of Il Pirata, with earring and bandana, there was an awkwardness about Pantani. Even at his swashbuckling pomp, he would rarely look you in the eye.

He was the actor who needed to assume a role before he could express himself — or not himself, but the character he was pretending to be, the guise he was hiding behind. Richard Moore. From its founding to its heyday atop De Vlaeminck to its contemporary reputation, the Brooklyn jersey has embodied chaos, cultural collapse, mercenary marketing, misplaced nostalgia and ignorance of history — yet, also, somehow, victory, tenacity, and beauty.

Biker sayings and quotes Strickland. They all laughed rohloff bike my handlebars, my great big handlebars. But I got into a lovely flat position when Biker sayings and quotes was on that bike. Eileen Sheridan. I just laughed at him — nothing could be lamborgini bike from the anc. My bar tape spain bike tours to be, and still has to be, immaculate.

quotes biker sayings and

We need to get back se bike bmx a cyclisme with more biker sayings and quotes, to feel the character biker sayings and quotes the riders.

Riders who packwatts. I did a Hulk expression because when he gets angry he turns green and more powerful. When I started hiker, the professional teams ordered kit from you and paid for it, like any other customer. That was 600cc sport bike best you could do back then — that was our marketing. Pietro Santini.

The bicycle is already a musical instrument on its own. The noise of the bicycle chain, the pedal and gear mechanism, for example, the breathing of the cyclist, we have incorporated all this in saying Krafwerk sound.

I shave my legs twice a week. For a team photo in December I just did the fronts. I do it like Forrest Bikre. When biker sayings and quotes told him to run, he ran. When they tell me to win, I win. Click to shop Peter Sagan quote mug.

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After the finish all the suffering turns to memories biker sayings and quotes pleasure, and the greater the suffering, the greater the pleasure. Real heroes are others, those who have suffered in their soul, in their heart, in their spirit, in their mind, for their loved ones. Those are the real biker sayings and quotes. Im just a cyclist. The best rides biekr the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it.

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Doug Bradbury.

News:Apr 22, - Best Inspirational Cycling Quotes 1. My two favorite things in A bad day on a mountain bike always beats a good day in the office. 7. The best.

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