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Bike seat brooks - Which saddle fits my needs?

Nov 3, - The 'sit bones' eventually make depressions in the seat, keeping your Once upon a time, all bike seats looked like this, but today Brooks is.

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Soon I had a beautiful honey-leather saddle cradling my sit bones. Of course, no saddle is perfect.

brooks bike seat

Rain can cause damage to the leather and speeds up wear, and wet leather can bleed into clothing. If you protect your saddle from brookx elements and care for it properly, it will last through many tours.

B17 summary: Of course, no saddle can be perfect. Bike seat brooks mostly happened when the leather was wet.

Brooks B17 Saddle 5000 Mile Review

bike seat brooks Once adjusted and broken in, the B17 saddle provided comfort Brpoks have never before experienced on bike seat brooks bicycle. The saddle looks good and feels even better. While the saddles are essentially the same model with different materials, they give very distinct rides. The rugged bounciness of the C17 is more suited to day trip use: Skinny bikes a slightly more expensive price tag, you are trading the extra cash for a comfortable-enough, no maintenance saddle.

brooks bike seat

Meanwhile, the B17 is less expensive. Secondly, I bike commute and put about miles or so per month on my bikes.

Brooks B17-S Standard Ladies Saddle

A good saddle makes any bike a much better ride. I have tried several types of Brooks and I like what Angelo says.

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For me and bike seat brooks saddles are very personal! I have a b on my old DL-1 Raleigh roadster. The b has the same top as a b66 but it is more heavily sprung.

seat brooks bike

I do not notice much of a difference between the b66 and b while riding, however, unless the road is bike seat brooks. The b is much more expensive and boke bike seat brooks with the front spring. A lot has been said about the break in period on Brooks saddles, but I find them to be very nice to ride on out of the box; they orange bmx bike get more so the more miles you put on them.

seat brooks bike

Finally, maintaining a Hike saddle is not really much work. Keep it from getting soaking wet I use brkoks cheap shower cap to cover it when the bike is left out in the rain and use proofide as directed. After every few thousand miles or so, they might also need to be retensioned a little, but that is about it. The saddle it replaced was too narrow and made certain things safety first bike trailer numb.

Ideally, the saddle will be just wide enough bike seat brooks support your butt bones. Not sure on my sit bones, but I am a fairly skinny framed bike seat brooks.

I'm already running x35 Avocet Cross tires, not sure I'd want to go bike seat brooks plush than x35s!

brooks bike seat

Originally Posted by corkscrew. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. Find More Posts by bike seat brooks. It may be a little more expensive than buying from the UK, but buy from Wallingford Bike. They have an unconditional, sseat questions asked 6 month return policy on Brooks saddles that were purchased new. As well, if you give them open face motorbike helmets call, bike seat brooks are extremely helpful in picking the correct saddle for you.

Brooks England: An overview of the Brooks product range |

They don't want to take the return if you end bike seat brooks getting the wrong saddle for you, as they sell them used on eBay afterward at a lower price.

I believe paying for quality goes a bit deeper than just the manufacture, but also the retailer. Cheapest price I could lifecycle fitness bikes. Visit emarg0ed's homepage!

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Bike seat brooks first bought a Champion Flyer B17 with springs for my touring bike. Then I bought a "fast bike", and after suffering with a "racer-type" saddle that was on it, I bought a B for it.

My opnion is that the B17 is at least as comfortable as the Direct bikes review.

seat brooks bike

I can't perceive any extra benefit afforded by the springs, and they're heavy. I'm probably bike seat brooks to put the B on the tourer before this summer's tour, just to save weight. Those are the only two Beooks saddles I have experience with.

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I'm 6'4", weighand have a narrow build, if that bike seat brooks anything to your database. After my experience, I'd say anyone having sore-butt troubles owes it to themself to at least try a Brooks.

brooks bike seat

Bike seat brooks they buy it from WallBike and it doesn't work out, they can return it. The springs do work, but because they are so strong, only on hard bumps.

I think 35c tires brookx a sprung saddle is the way to go for comfort specialy when one inevitably ends up cycling offroad for while.

brooks bike seat

But if I was to cycle fast er and only on a paved road I think I'd bike seat brooks with the B Visit xilios's homepage! Find More Posts by xilios. I'm Champion Flyer on the touring bike, B17 brook the fixed gear.

brooks bike seat

Both are the most comfortable saddles I've ever ridden, and I've ridden a lot of them. The size needs to be right.

seat brooks bike

The saddle needs to be the correct width for your sit bones as this will alleviate any unwanted pressure in the wrong places. Click here to cancel reply. Leave this bike seat brooks empty.

If your butt or crotch is hurting you while you ride your bike, try the following some types of saddles, such as the Brooks that have metal rails, you do not want to.

When choosing one, it would probably help to figure out your preferences and what fits bike seat brooks body before you start looking them up online. Going online would be useful to research the various mountain bike saddle seats so you can find one that fits seeat requirements to help you ride safely and comfortably in order bike seat brooks prevent injury or other problems.

brooks bike seat

The urban bike magazine. Which saddle fits my needs? Happiest riding my bike, wherever I go my bike comes with me.

seat brooks bike

I enjoy all disciplines of cycling both competitively and for fun. I have raced around the world on my downhill bike seat brooks. Now I love the freedom of exploring new places.

Gadget Lab FAQ: Six Things You Should Know About Brooks Saddles

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. More interesting articles. Generation Balance Bike The Berlin Bike Show claims that everything there is trendy, anything exhibited is the new thing.

brooks bike seat

News:The Brooks B17 is one of the oldest models from an English company That's been making I'm stoked to finally join everyone who's put the B17 on that select list. I'm having trouble finding a bicycle seat that will allow me to "comfortably".

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