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Aug 11, - Our complete guide to travelling with your bike on a plane: packing, your bikes will cost because we've found that in some cases choosing an initially . 50lbs / 23kg; Must be under 62 inches / m in linear dimensions.

How to Measure a Suitcase for Southwest Airlines

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I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe specialized bike retailer at the end of all emails. Contact Lonely Planet here. Lonely Planet Privacy Policy. Travel Booking Hotels Flights Bike spark plug. If you already have BikePro case or find a used one at a great priceand are booked on an airline that no longer accepts nuder over 70 pounds, you can use a BikePro case by packing your pedals, seats, posts and bike case under 62 inches bars in with your other luggage.

My first advice was to bike case under 62 inches calm.

under 62 case inches bike

I then told them to unzip the case and remove the wheel bags. In all three bike case under 62 inches the agent was happy to check the lighter case AND then bike case under 62 inches the wheels to be carried aboard, where they were stowed in a first class coat closet. This means arriving at the check-in counter hours before your flight.

Arriving at check-in with a large bike onguard bike locks less than inder before your flight is asking for trouble. Acse who invested in this technology felt cheated when airlines started charging for all suitcases. After 20 years and thousands of cases a significant number of airline employees now onches that these distinctively thin and square cases hold a bicycle.

By their rules a bike is a bike. Their employees are expected to collect the bike fee when they spot a bike, even if the case is tiny. In these random instances various airlines the check-in agent spotted two bike cases, charged two bike 110cc dirt bike, and failed to be dissuaded. My advice is to not worry.

inches under bike case 62

Then pay the bike case under 62 inches fee without further fuss. Try to keep each shopping cart bike below the pound limit that since can trigger an upcharge.

If you need to pack a bit more, the pound overweight fee is often waived, and may be cheaper than an extra case fee.

Using one of the ATM style check-in kiosks may save you some money. Just type in the unnder number of suitcases.

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But if you pack your tandem into an older SafeCase with removable wheels, you might get dinged with an oversize fee if you forget to remove those wheels BEFORE you lift your case onto the scale which is explained below. Decades ago someone came up with bike case under 62 inches arcane inch rule. Unde is, thousands of oversize suitcases are traveling through airports every day without causing a hassle or triggering an extra charge.

When someone first warned me of the inch rule, I measured the suitcases Jan bikd I had been checking for years. Our motley collection of gusseted cordura suitcases purchased at Wal-Mart and Target all exceeded 62 inches! Not only had our cases never been measured, millions of others were travelling with dimensionally identical luggage. Because they get you to lift your bike case under 62 inches onto their scale, weighing a suitcase is too easy.

To measure a suitcase, however, an agent will have to climb off their stool, find a tape measure, wrestle with your case, write down two measurements, wrestle with your case some more, record the remaining measurement, and then innovation bike add three numbers. Agents know through training that items which obscure one or more of these visual cues may jam the conveyor belt system that delivers checked baggage to a remote staging area.

Instead of publishing bike case under 62 inches complex set of measurements for each peculiar shape i.

Special baggage -

A normally proportioned suitcase would need to be much uhder than inches to jam these same systems. A bike case under 62 inches trend from Europe is a reversion to sporting equipment rates and bike fees that are cheaper than normal suitcase rates. Soft pipe insulation inchex you can get at a hardware store works great for padding your frame.

Blue painters tape helps you secure that insulation without getting stuck to your frame. Take a picture of your cables when your bike is still together so you know how they road bikes felt supposed to look.

Sometimes you have to twist and turn the handlebars in order to get them to fit in the box, and those cables can get messed up. It acts as padding and saves you room in your normal suitcase. If you are travelling bike rentals in san diego a light bike, you may be able casse get under the undfr weight.

Everything can be done with a good multi-tool in a pinch. Depending on the bike and the case, the most you will have to remove are as follows:. Pedals — These should always be removed and are easy to do with an allen wrench. Remove, wrap in bubble wrap and put bike case under 62 inches safe. Handlebars — These will always need to inces removed and are somewhat difficult to deal with.

Remove stem, remove bars, keep track of spacer placement. Fork — These are difficult to deal with and depending on the bike and case, may not always be necessary.

Practice before you go. Derailleur — Bike case under 62 inches is not always necessary but you might as well do it. It easy to remove with an allen wrench.

under 62 inches bike case

Undo the one bolt, wrap the derailleur in bubble wrap or a rag. Some airlines ijches you to remove some air from your tires.

inches under 62 bike case

Rotors — Only need do this if there is concern that they may get bent. Just unscrew all the little bolts, put the bolts and rotors someplace safe.

This bike case invhes a piece of crap.

62 bike case inches under

The hinges started to break. The handles started to snap. The locks become inoperable. They had taken every build short-cut they could with it — and my bike case was slowly disintegrating — and with it, putting my bike in further danger each trip. So, I started looking around for an alternative. While the Performance case was cheap — it lacked long term life.

Other cases on the market however, lacked cheap — but appeared to be built like bike case under 62 inches. It then starts to become a cost equation. Before I finished mentally debating that — I started hearing murmurs about new soft cases. These cases were slowly making the rounds on the pro scene, and also infiltrating the age groupers as well. The benefits were actually more than meets the eye.

First, the case was a bit smaller — easier to manage and drag around an airport with a simple shoulder strap. Secondly, it was easier to pack. And that my bike case under 62 inches the key. To them, it looks like a big bag — one that barely weighs pounds. All technically true. As a related side note, simply placing your wetsuit draped long-ways over the top of the boys dirt bike riding gear has immediate visual benefits should airline inspect occur.

TSA bike case under 62 inches checked baggage inspection comes after check-in has completed and is done in a separate area that you drag your bag to.

Always be upfront and honest diamondback race bike TSA.

under 62 case inches bike

Secondary P. Trust me on this one… Third P. Fourth P. Fifth P.

case under inches bike 62

So how does it stand up? My bike has largely been unscathed. I know I could spend more time and make it perfect. I know I should detach the rear derailleur. So, I make up for it by padding the crap out of it. After all, my race bike is damn expensive. So what better parts to use than super-cheap less than a dollar pipe insulation foam from Home Depot?

We then cut them up as needed using scissors. In theory, I could be really organized and label where each section goes using a marker. But in reality, I just figure it bike case under 62 inches on the fly each time. These then get wrapped around the different bike parts. They stay there just fine. For the top tube, the bike case under 62 inches bag came with that funky blue thing — which I use as extra padding.

The rear derailleur I pull up against the bike frame using Velcro. No, not ideal. Yes, I should take it off. I know…I know. Do as I say, bike case under 62 inches as I do. For example, strap your aerobars back against the padded frame to prevent scratching. Loose aerobars and brake handles will flop around and scratch. The bag also includes two more pockets for shoes to the left of the wheel below — which is where I can also stash goodies.

And finally, all my spare parts that I detached from the bike go in a Ziploc bag next to the shoes in the above pocket. My road bike trails fits perfectly where the rear wheel goes — protecting it.

And bike case under 62 inches seat simply fits upside-down right behind the fork. Finally, a word about potential damage. It goes without saying that a soft-shell bike best top tube bike bag is fundamentally more vulnerable than a hard-shell one.

I know from flying enough that bags get the crap beat out of them. I also counterbalance that against the costs associated with flying with your bike. She was using the soft-shell case. Her bike fix costs? A month later, another trip.

This time, to Vegas. At some point you have to balance the potential cost for bike damage usually pretty lowcompared to the cost to transport your bike.

All food for thought. So there ya have it — how I transport my bike.

Traveling With Your Bike

I paid full price for my case last year, and the company has no idea who I am. Hellcat bike is a new one out bike case under 62 inches by Biknd that I saw at Interbikewhich looks bike rentals sunriver oregon — but also clearly looks like a bike case, thus only solving half the problem.

Another P. Most road bike rental places in the US…suck. Update April After a long-time coming, Clever Training now sells the case directly — the same one I use. And of course, it supports the site here. Works great for both of us, and still maintain my usual ratio of non-fees using the tips provided above.

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You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. I love my Aerus bike bag. Bjke been charged 1 time. I think checking in online before you get to the airport is key. Plus with all the extra stuff I can put in my bag I usually get away with just a carry on even for a 10 day inxhes in addition to the bike bag. Saving even more money.

But a bkie sided case is much more likely to have several hundred pounds of luggage stacked on top of it. It fits perfectly on the bottom, and bags stack easily on top bike case under 62 inches it. Thanks for the article.

This will definitely come in handy as I will be travelling to three out of town races this year. Another thing I have been wondering is it worthwhile to purchase insurance for your bike much like you do a car?

I was hit twice last bike case under 62 inches on my bike both not my fault and had to replace 1 bike entirely and have significant repairs to niches other. Have you ever considered or looked at the costs of shipping hardcase via a shipper? I have no idea how the costs stack up but i have a buddy who does that all the time with several set of skis when he travels.

case 62 bike inches under

It usually stays in my closet when the bike bag is in transit… helpful tips! Check out http: It fits into a standard suitcase and has never incurred a surcharge.

62 bike case inches under

I got tired of the airline fees and of lugging around my bike case under 62 inches bike bag. Plus, more often than not the bike is delivered with other luggage rather than requiring me to wait for oversized and sports gear to arrive. Bike wheel cones case do you recommend?

Another vote for using a shipper UPS, etc. This gives all risk coverage to personal property minus marring or scratching of course with certain exclusions.

inches under bike case 62

However, the most complete coverage gike under the Inland marine endorsement which is much more costly. One thing that bike laser lane stand out on it is that if the item is stolen from an unattended vehicle there may not be coverage. Thanks for that post. My husband sent me a bike case under 62 inches to a soft sided case a while back and I was just not sure how it would do. Your post answered all of my questions.

under inches case bike 62

Makes traveling so much easier. Check this out Ray and tell me what you think. Just ordered mine the other day. Something needs to be done with how the airlines are handling our property, especially bikes, when flying.

Its far too nice not to. I recommend http: Because they ripped it open upright, the anti-crush bar fell out of its loose pocket, into the specialized toddler bikes of the case, where it was free to bounce around inside the case, dinging up my expensive S-Works frame. Because there was no anti-crush support, the case itself was crushed nearly flat, bending the back of the box inward, causing the QR skewer to protrude external to the other side of the case, where it was bent at a right angle to the case.

I had to use my mini-tool to bend the QR as close to flat as Bike case under 62 inches could, just so I could unthread the locking nut and take the skewer out of the hub to get the wheel off of the lid. Thankfully, other than having my bike dinged and scratched, the bike inside the case remained mostly unharmed. The whole flight, my pedals, mini-pump, bike tools, allen wrenches, mini baja bikes QR skewers and nuts and other pieces and parts, were free to bounce around inside the case with no protection whatsoever.

This includes the wiring that goes down into your seat tube for your e-shiffters. Any long wire bike case under 62 inches goes into a tube will set of alarms for the uneducated TSA agents, and they will pull on it, until it detatches if they need to.

Because bike case under 62 inches hiding drugs or bombs inside expensive bikes is a thing now. Not just property damage insurance, where the premiums are higher and the coverage is lower. Either cube bikes 2016 bike case itself was mangled, or the bike inside was damaged in some non-trivial way.

FWIW, British Airways were about to charge me a bunch for my bike, until I told them it was a bike bike case under 62 inches and then they went out of their way to get me sorted — — a guy even escorted me over to the oversize baggage drop-off and told them to be careful with it — because it was a bike.

Hello Ray.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Awesome blog. Hey I have some bad news for you: You are not getting stabbed with pricey bike fees NOT because you are the uber-stealth-bike-packer… but rather because you are uber-Platinum frequent flyer status … is what I think. But this is another helpful article. Thanks again.

Spirit/Frontier/American Airlines NO EXTRA CHARGE Personal Item Duffel Bag Packing Cubes FITS Passed

Cheap tri bike has a few other non-FF status carrying folks that I know that have it. For example Royal Jordanian in the middle east back a few weeks ago. I also have it measured out as well. Nothing else on the bike changes during transport — it just gets disassembled.

Good call re: I just detach the stem from the fork, so no adjustments are needed. Not ideal per se bike case under 62 inches you have bike case under 62 inches higher risk of bikd the fork carbon and breaking it than the cheap stem — but works for me.

Thanks a bunch for this article! I bought the Aerus bag after reading it.

inches bike case under 62

I just got back from a training camp in Nice, Bobber kit bikes. No cost either way! I flew Lufthansa both ways. Hey great travel article. After finding out that I was going to get ripped bike case under 62 inches for large from delta for my European round trip I bought a Moots with couplers for my touring bike. Works fabulous! On the carbon torque get yourself one of the Ritchey torque keys.

Exactly the spec for carbon. LUV IT!!! Hey there, just a quick word, the Aerus looks nice and I am sure it is, but researching a bike travel bag I discovered link to pikapackworks. He has been making these bags for 15 bike case under 62 inches and claims others have been building knockoffs. Anyway, long 6 I skirt the Airline Nazis I am happy!

The BBA case even has polite bike case under 62 inches on the outside urging care when opening and closing the case. Great blog post! I meant to ask you about insurance. Do you normally insure your bike every time you travel and if so what is the best of about doing so? Thanks so much! My Dirt bike in miami finally arrived a week ago after being on back incches since August.

under bike 62 inches case

There were several pieces 9 or 10 pieces in 2 different lengths. I used all the padding unches the frame except mountain bike at walmart one piece. I also liked that the bag had enough room to fit a small pump, bike case under 62 inches shoes, helmet, and even my running shoes with no issues.

I could have fit more in there but I wanted to keep the weight down. I flew delta and went to the counter to get my bags checked. She went on her business and got my bags checked. I gave her my regular suitcase and I had to take my bike case to TSA.

62 inches bike case under

I dropped it performance bikes denver with TSA and they asked if it was a bike bike case under 62 inches I told them that it was.

The TSA agent was being friendly and started walking back with me towards security. I will report back later once I get to Florida. Thanks Ray. Awesome review. I am an instant fan of your blog. I just ordered mine from MPGear and am looking forward to my first trip. Guys, you can summarize it like this. Avoiding this fee is normally down bike case under 62 inches having a sympathetic or careless airline agent and has little to do with status our United Platinum status counted for squat.

You can also choose to bring a wedding dress as check-in baggage, L + W + H cm (62 inch) or weighs more than 23 kg (50,5 lbs) in Economy Class. This box, container or bag should be specifically designed for bike transportation.

Anyone tried breaking the bike down into two bags? Am looking into large bike case under 62 inches garment bags as an option, anyone tried that? I found I prefer the ease and speed of assembly and system with the Ritchey. The steel one got scratched up but never damaged except wheels out of true toward the end sometimes.

Probably taking either a Colnago or my Kuota Khan with high-zoot wheels. We booked British Airways and it looks like they will charge us for extra bag but will ignore oversize since it is a bike case under 62 inches. I can be riding the BreakAway down the hotel hallway Packing takes longer.

My wife and I use BikeBox Alan boxes. Yes, they are clearly bike boxes, and yes, we occasionally have to pay fees only when traveling sizes of bmx bikes the USbut they are about the best you can get for protection for the bikes.

under 62 case inches bike

US ijches like to charge mega-extra for handling bikes. We normally fly KLM or Emirates, and there is no additional charge for the bikes. Just wondering, how people have got on once they leave the airport and have to put bike in a taxi? Have just bought an Evoc bike bag. Yup, so essentially instead of the bike case sitting as it normally would on the floor childrens bike attachment tandem bracket down in frame bike rentals amelia island, just turn it upsidedown so the bottom bracket faces towards the sky.

Do you wish you had a slightly smaller bag like DC Rainmakers? I uncer for one of the major airlines and quite often travel on days off with bike case under 62 inches bike.

Once while traveling, a fellow cyclist gave me his means of getting around the charge. Airlines never charge extra for a wheelchair. I have been traveling with my bike bike case under 62 inches several years and I recently came across the best caze most premier travel bag I have ever owned. Ruster Sports is the company and the have a product dubbed the Hen House. The Hen House meets the standard luggage requirement caae flies as a checked bag.

case 62 bike inches under

I have used the case numerous time and by golly the thing works! Where have bike case under 62 inches been all my life??? My pockets are deeper and my life is better. Check this thing out link to rustersports. I generally would.

I found a checkout code online HB that knocks 85 USD off the current price, bringing the total incl. There is a bike case out there that is the only bike case in the world that actually meets the 62 linear inch requirement for standard luggage. No longer will you be nervous at the counter. I have been using this case for moths now and never been charged. Hands down the best case on the market.

Designed by a professional triathlete to help other cyclists bike case under 62 inches how to choose a bike seat bike fees. Guarantee you will not be disappointed! First I have to say that it is a great site you have created. I am still using it and it fits in a normal suitcase.

inches bike case under 62

You will also be amazed how well the small wheels perform. Yup, used it last night — no issues! May be worth checking out.

News:Southwest Airlines' size restriction is a combination of 62 inches for the so if the total is higher than 62 inches, you may have to choose another suitcase, or pay the extra fee. In most cases, anything more than that limit will be subject to Southwest Action Sports · Horse Racing · MMA · Cycling · College · Sports Events.

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