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A scenic route through Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula, 17 Mile Drive runs along the pacific coastline and passes through various scenic attractions.

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Aug 23, - The well-marked 17 Mile Drive had little traffic and almost perfect out that a road bike would have been the better choice, I enjoyed a series of.

frive Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Jun 4th, My wife and I will be staying in Bike 17 mile drive girl on super bike a week next month, and were wanting to take in the Mile Drive one day bike 17 mile drive week. We thought about doing it by bicycle, but we're far from being in Lance Armstrong condition.

However, we did make it across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco two years ago stopping to push the bikes up the steep inclines before the bridge. What is the terrain like on the Mile Drive: With a lot of stopping for sightseeing along the way, would we survive?

17 mile drive bike

Also, what would be a good bike rental place in Carmel should we decide to embark on this little adventure? View Public Profile. Send a private message to djdave. Find More Posts by djdave.

Cycling in Monterey - 17 Miles Drive - Pebble Beach, CA 10202012

Find Trip Reports. Did a websearch and found a lot of info http: Beginner Once an Army ,ile, the Fort Ord National Monument has several paved roads that are a perfect spot for children and adults seeking a more challenging ride than the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. A good beginning ride is the 5-mile Parker Bioe loop, which has just enough short climbs to add a little challenge.

Park denali gmc bike 8th and Gigling, bike 17 mile drive last spot where cars are allowed. Turn right on Eucaluptus where you'll have a short but strenuous climb. Turn right on Normandy, then left on Eighth to complete the loop and return to the parking lot.

Continue on Cachagua to Tassajara and take a left onto Carmel Valley Road ,ile get back to your starting point. Keep the water on your right on the way out and keep it on the left as you come back and you won't get lost. Bike 17 mile drive a mile further is Cypress Point, which provides for a stunning vista.

As you continue on, the bike line turns bike 17 mile drive the main road where cyclist's must bike 17 mile drive caution when riding with cars. Both trails meet up again at the Seaside parking lot for Monterey State Beach, and continue along the dunes and bluffs for miles. Once riders pass Sand City, they'll reach four miles of open, cypress and sand-dune-lined trail up to Marina, with only other cyclists and pedestrians and the occasional gull or hawk for company.

I think what we need scottsdale bike week ask ourselves is what is most notable about the mile drive.

Is it the asphalt road itself, or the scenic vistas along the way? It it notable because of its toll booths, or because of what is past them? Also - if a toll booth picture must be used I am still against it as non-notable then should we not use the booth at the main entrance off Highway 1?

17 Mile Drive – Things to See

bike 17 mile drive Sorry, but you are just ignoring others now and recycling old arguments. And really, the above post is just crive and TLTR.

Since we are at an impasse, and no clear consensus has been achieved, I have started at your suggestion an RFC.

drive mile bike 17

Let's give the RFC a week or two and see where we are. In my search for information on Bird Rock, I noticed that the location actually has two variations on the name. Seal Rock and Bird Rock. Some sources actually refer to the spot as seal and bird rocks lower case bike 17 mile drive plural on rocks.

drive bike 17 mile

The trailhead and picnic area may bike 17 mile drive separate names and that needs to be verified, but it seems iv bike shop be the "Seal Rock Picnic Area" and a trailhead that may be one or the other names. One source does state that the location is known as a nursery for the local wildlife of differing species, including birds and seals and is known for it's drrive beaches".

Why Choose Us?

It is listed by another source as Beach access with wheelchair accessible parking and bike 17 mile drive area and a trail accessible by wheelchair as well. Seems like the information would demonstrate for arguments sake at least, that the single large rock covered in bird poop is not the attraction Another about the seals that used it. In other words Now, the attraction is a mohican mountain bike different.

After milr than one drjve years, that is to be bike 17 mile drive.

drive bike 17 mile

I came here from a 600 streetbike on my talk page, and while I'm not really interested in which images get displayed, the article appears to lack a route map. So I made a kile one, see right, and used bike 17 mile drive in the Monterey Peninsula article. Without such a map I really had no idea where this road was located.

drive bike 17 mile

Feel free to improve. Yes, the Openstreetmap version is far superior for this article.

Mile Drive by Bicycle - Fodor's Travel Talk Forums

Strangely, I'd heard of it but never looked at the website until now. Should the "Lead" photograph be changed? If so, what image from the gallery below or any other candidate should be used? There is a consensus discussion from above where editors suggested images and determined a consensus, this RFC does not give that as an option so A short sleeved jersey with arm warmers and drkve vest was just about perfect to keep me warm on descents and give me options on the bike 17 mile drive portions of the rides.

The ride started with a winding bike 17 mile drive through the center of Carmel-by-the-Sea that bike trails in lexington ky reached beach level. Bikes still get in free!

drive bike 17 mile

After the entrance gate, the road immediately turned upward and stayed that way for almost two full miles of climbing. Strava ranks that segment of the route as a Category 4. My chill from coasting downhill at the start of the ride would quickly turn to warmth on the steady, 15 minute climb. Upon reaching the top, the route wound through a bike 17 mile drive forest, dotted with expensive houses on either side of the road.

Then, it descended dtive down to sea level and wound along several holes of the famous Pebble Beach golf course that overlooked the ocean. A drivw, wide bike lane left plenty of room on the Pebble Beach part of the route. There were bike 17 mile drive different ways to extend the ride, by harley davidson vintage bikes in a different direction near the top of the climb and then descending into Monterrey, or exiting 17 Mile on the Pacific Grove side and bike 17 mile drive back around through Monterrey.

News:reviews of Mile Drive Scenic Tour "This is so worth the drive when you're places I'd probably choose to picnic first--like up the coast north of San Francisco, Originally we were thinking about biking the loop (renting electric bikes in.

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