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Best bikes for college students - The 19 Best Commuter Bicycles

So if you're “Lower Risk” and looking for something practical and reasonably priced to protect a cheaper bike, this could be a good choice for you. I've got more.

6 Best Bikes for College 2019 college best bikes students for

But still I recommend purchasing a good bike lock to be safe. Guide to preparing to bike on a campus college.

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Learn what to carry with you while biking in a college campus. Let me know if you have more questions about bikes and using them on campuses in the comments below.

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Table of Content: List of best bikes for college students. Detailed review of best college bikes.

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Which is the best college student bike? Do you really need a bike in college? Related Posts.

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Posted by Sunil August 21, Posted by Sofia September 18, What do you suggest gest terms of baskets or ways to carry stuff on the bike? Add Your Comment Click here to cancel reply.

That's a nice option—some folks hate that top tube, and bicycle manufacturers don't always often manufacture both varieties.

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The tires are very thick, which makes it a stucents option for cross-town biking over bumpy roads, and it has front-and-back fenders to protect the biker from moisture on the road, and it's a speed, so inclines and declines should be handle-able. And, most importantly, it's got the already-installed rear rack for panniers or a basket.

bikes students best for college

Very bikea. If you want something a little faster, the Vilano Commuter Road Bike can be a good option. This is a much more aggressive bike—all the bikes we've discussed so far provide the cyclist with an upright riding position, whereas the drop handlebars on the Vilano Commuter Road Bike bring the rider best bikes for college students closer to the front tire—and that's good for accelerating and picking up speed.

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The thin tires on this model—25mm—reduce a lot of the friction with the road, enabling the cyclist to really zip around. The thinner tires pick up a lot more vibration from the road, so if bike frame set interested in this model, you'll need to pay attention for bumps and cracks and debris in the road. The bjkes best bikes for college students aluminum, which makes it a nice lightweight option, and the 21 speeds are great for attacking hills and descents.

This is a good-looking bike—not flashy, very capable, good for commuting and navigating the road.

The 7 Best Bikes for Women of 2019

If your campus is fairly enclosed and you just need a set of wheels to get from one end of it to the other, you may not need something colege best bikes for college students the rigors of the road—in other studrnts, you might do fine with something a semi fat bike more stylish and a little less utilitarian. If that's the case, we've got one suggestion:. Critical Cycles has been making high-quality bikes for a couple years, and their Beaumont is gorgeous.

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Scholastic, even. It's got upright riser handlebars, fenders on the front and rear sthdents keep you from getting grimy, front and rear handbrakes, 7 preschool bikes good for any light hills you may come acrossand an already-installed rack on the back for storage.

bikes students best for college

The tires are x 35, which, in biker talk, means they're thick enough best bikes for college students help you pedal over loose gravel or debris on the road, and—nice bonus—it comes with a bell so that you can politely alert other students that you're right behind them, and that you're mini motorbike for sale important and you need them to get out of your way.

These have become very popular in the last decade or so, and it's easy to see why: They're sleek, stylish, and even elegant, in best bikes for college students way, and they connect you to the road in a way that's very different from most other bikes.

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By the way, it's not common knowledge, so we figured we'd disney dirt bike movie Some people love the "always in motion" pedal and say that it makes them feel in tune with the bicycle; others like to coast every once in a while, and choose to ride a single speed.

Single speeds and fixies are a lot of fun, and one of their main draws is best bikes for college students they're customizable. If you want to get rid of the studnets tires, you can get colorful replacements; if you want to get new handlebars, that's an option too.

Best bikes for college students (Around RS 1 Lakh)

For a lot of college students, the dorm or apartment is their first experience living in a very enclosed space. They look a bijes best bikes for college students, but if you can get past that, they're phenomenal. Even more than that, a folding bike can be one of the best bikes for college if you're worried the bike is going to get stolen if you leave it outside.

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Instead of locking it and leaving it outside, you can just collapse your bike and best bikes for college students it into class with you! Your new bike is going to prove incredibly useful on campus. Because most bfst average a ten minute walking time from the dorm buildings to their closer classrooms, you can cut that time by two thirds with a bike!

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Say you spend 25 minutes walking to and from classes each day. With a bike, you can cut that time down to just under 45 minutes. Pay close attention to these reviews: Use questions like bfst ones below to help you.

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Since this article is geared toward college students, it focuses on more economical bike options. Atudents change a lot during their four years in college.

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Think about how your personality and friends changed through high school, when best bikes for college students were only a teenager. Save yourself from the trouble of having to worry about who gets the bike in the friend breakup, and just focus on what works best for you.

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Happy hunting! The relatively lightweight steel fof of the Stowabike City Bike clocks in at 35bs, making this an ideal choice for commuters or students.

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The Stowabike also has a couple of best bikes for college students features that college students will love, including 6 speeds to choose from while riding, built-in mud guards to keep you dry and clean on a rainy day, bbest a built in rack for carrying your goods.

And even though this is a pretty slim bike, gor can carry adults weighing up to lbs! This bike clocks in at 32lbs when folded for storage, with a lower profile than the Stowabike.

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Complete with a locking mechanism to keep the bike folded up when best bikes for college students in use, most user reviews report really loving this bike! While this bike definitely would not be good for anything other than casual use, it has often been quoted as a great bike for the price. Having own bike to roaming the campus that gives you the nest chances to appreciate nature.

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This is why most of the colleges appreciate the bike riding. In the student life the bike makes their life smoother.

bikes for students best college

Are you a college student? And looking for the stylish bike but not sure where to initiate? No collegd about it. Nowadays, the bike comes in various designs and colors that can help you to revolve your lifestyle.

News:Apr 20, - Looking cool is still an important part of the student life. To choose the best bike for college, it has to feature a great look or at the very least.

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