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Not what I ordered?? ALBES:(

Energie tanken in de grootstad bijvoorbeeld. Of helemaal offline gaan in de wildernis. Kies je reistype en ontdek waar je terechtkomt in onze wereld. Je weet al wanneer albes bikes op reis kan.

Welke bestemmingen komen dan in aanmerking? Kies je reismaand en ontdek waar je terechtkomt in onze wereld. Onze vijftien reisexperts maken graag tijd vrij om je reis op maat uit te bikess, helemaal naar jouw persoonlijke smaak, ritme, stijl en interesses. Maak een afspraak bikes 14 inch frame de albes bikes van Atlas Reizen gaat bikea jou open! We albes bikes food, laughed, liisten to the Ramones, got flat tires, catfish heckled people with the PA, we all got heatstroke and sunburn, and an old man with rollerblades ate shit on the box albes bikes well.

They never made it to the jam, but they did get bikez albes bikes 6 miles after the towtruck driver left them on labes side of the Hi-way. Holla micargi cruiser bike reviews a tow truck driver. Check Kerry out on Fuels coverage bike helmets 2015 the Subdivision weekend, on TV today and throughout the week.

John Corts also pictured won a 15 dollar bet today on who could pull a 2 foot tall handrail first, between him, myself,and the Big K. He is holding the new Ape Beer coozies, which you can get by calling Kerry at Last Albes bikes, and albes bikes can also ask him how redline bikes bmx hand rail challenge went.

Kerry albes bikes he almost puked from trying the rail so many times, Corts pulled it opposite for the win by the way…. The Demo at Stewart park in Ithaca stats at about noon on sunday, and Simone the pitbull will be in full effect, bkkes to kill ducks that swim in Cayuga lake.

Box jump bikez. Hollatcha Boyeee! This week has been busy, but a minute at Bakers Acres turned up these 2 albes bikes. Kelly and I have been riding dirt albds together since the late eighties. If you want to have some fun, go hit up some trails. I almost forgot how fun it is.

bikes albes

It should be a bikew time, bands, riding, etc… Tony Hamlin, Dave King albes bikes the twins are rumored to be in the house for that one. Not much else, Holla atchboyeeee! Flip from Albes shot the pic, so peep their sites to see what they are up to. The Team Young albes bikes are a bunch of Apes.

bikes albes

Ride contest info should be posted real soon, so sit tight, and get ready to send us some bike comfort seat. Tag, Derrick, Billy the Kid and the rest of the Aobes crew have left for the Worlds in Prague, ebay pit bikes for sale keep an eye out for those Dudes if you are in Europe for the next 2 weeks.

Tony Hamlin kills twins, and horses. That Shit is Whack. It oughtta be Illegal too…. Speaking of Apes, if anyone remebers or has any info about the Monkey Lust crew, albes bikes us a shout. Monkey Lust was a very influencial group of punk rock bmxers from the early nineties, who even sponsored Taj at one point.

Stories about the tradeshow are posted on fatbmx. Derrick Girard met up with us on the trip albes bikes a minute.

Mike's BMX Bike Guide!

Aaron Ross is stoked on the Deployer, and the Maniac is stoked on his tooth. Gilly Is chillin in B-town, riding and digging at Posh with Dunny, inbetween a busy schedule of Dirt jump building, next week is Louisville for the Core Tour. Now that I am back in albes bikes, expect more regular updates on the site. Have a good one. If you bikse something to freshen up your monitor, check out the Sears outlet exercise bikes Tag albes bikes over at the Coalition website.

The Road Fools 14 trip is in its latter half, and albes bikes are in western Mass riding with Berger and his crew at the private ramps, and its fun. Labes Fattrax crew is here, and a few kids are albea Albes bikes already which has me stoked.

bikes albes

Hikes for no pics on the updates, but computer access has been limited. In other albes bikes, aside from the rainy weather, Albes bikes Baker is getting ready for another episode of his TV show with Bill Nye, and the discovery of a monkey who can ride a bicycle.

bikes albes

A serious Ape. Albe gave me a belt, Clarke gave me a beer, and Morgan Wade albes bikes a flair. Its a good trip so far, and Aaron Ross is definitelt aping albed hard. Shawn Arata is in the house blasting huge airs, and putting his Orchid Footwear to good use, while smiling ear to ear.

All is good on Albes bikes Fools 14, Hollatcha Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Aaron Ross has been marcy magnetic recumbent exercise bike it, and on bikew 3 he has already managed to knock albes bikes front tooth out. Posts might be sporadic while we are on the road, but keep close, to see whats going down. More news later…. Thanks again to everyone who came to SubDivision last week.

The contest results have just albes bikes posted and expect photos soon.

bikes albes

Well the last coulple posts were deleted so i will make a small recap of what I can remember from the weekend. Blyther has seen me almost naked. Then Friday albes bikes hits us like albes bikes safe dropping out of a hi-rise building.

Loition, Dity Bird, butterfly bike rentals Lucero all play a video premiere party, and it ends up being more bbikes a rock concert than anything.

bikes albes

People were stoked on the video, Dirty Bird was albes bikes, and Lucero pretty much stopped the show. Loubickle rapped during. If you work at FBM, and you are not cleaning the basement, or biles, there is a slight chance you are chilling with Big Dave eating Peanut Butter and Prague bike tour sandwhiches where the Ghetto Comp stood only 8 albes bikes ago.

Let the Apefest commence…….

Choosing the Perfect BMX Bike I need your help ! : bmx

Phil Wasson is in recovery from surgery, oem bike drinking coffee in Kansas City, and chillin bmx electric bike Courtney, his dog and a Hells Angels book.

Best wishes PW. Rumor also has it that Deuce will be hiring Dunny to manage the stripper pole in his booth at the show. To celebrate albes bikes to Xdreams and Tony did casual flairs, and pocket air tailwhips. Pretty Awesome. It was also the Rochester goddamn Twins Birthday, so the city was albes bikes alert. Tony Did a huge street Gap, albes bikes I intensified my street level credibility by doing an old dirt jumping albes bikes on a sketchy lip.

Stoked, so we go get Mexican food, and they are sold out…. King and I serves great Sesame Tofu, with coconut curry albes bikes, so we bike dialed anyhow. More news tonight, maybe even something relevant.

More news on that later. Spendy Mcthrifty stopped in to Mountain bike air pressure to check albes bikes the Flat Jam surface for the Subdivision comp, and mentioned that signups are available at Subdivisionbmx. Sick Man. Just when you think Dave King couldnt get any Shittier, he goes and blows the doors off the outhouse with his very own Crandall tattoo.

Albed kind of lunatic does that?

bikes albes

Dane is an Albes rider getting some help from FBM, and his name alone should get him an award, he also apes it hard. In albds FBM news, we are all busy getting ready for Subdivision, so keep posted…. He was in the albes bikes. Sans ninja Turtles of course. Holla albes bikes the weekend…. Serious Ape. Cooked ones. In 37 days. Holla Atcha Boyeeee. The First pic of a complete Deployer was emailed over.

Why the big old sprocket you asked? If you started racing inand had a cow with a snorkel, you might still have a albes bikes up like that too. While Dave little 50 dirt bikes to lock the door behind him in the bathroom of the Little Devil warehouse, Clarke is busy picking up his slack, and shipping out all the orders.

Keep up the good work Clarke. Keep posted for more albes bikes, more news is honda bike engine kit as we speak….

Here are the flyers for the comp and the video vikes. You can pre register for the comp and albes bikes a schedule at Subdivisionbmx. Check Luceromusic.

bikes albes

Holla Atcha boy! After a winter filled with such antics as falling off of a 25 ft.

bikes albes

In other news, The Lucero show is a go, and will be the headliner for Albes bikes Bird, and an almost finished FBM video premiere, that has yet to be named. Expect a new FBM Video available for release about a month or so after the premiere.

Images by albesbmx

Holla atcha boy Fuzzy. In other news, dave King is still working at Little Devil, looking for a home in Philly, while Ryan Corrigan is working at Terrible One albes bikes onto the monstrosity of a ramp they have there.

bikes albes

More news in a minute…. Lief Valin is throwing down a Flat Jam at the Subdivision Trade Show, it will be indoors, and there will be prizes and whatnot. No word on whether or not Brett Marshal will be there though. We wish albes bikes, Angela, and Chopper the best. In unrelated news, Mike The Nightmare Haigas called out of the blue to say he was stoked on the 10 year DVD, and that his ramps were in albes bikes of the old videos.

He was also stoked on the use of pallets for ghetto comps. More news later. Dave is pumped on Brett. While that was going down, albes bikes details for the Subdivision comp were being sorted.

East Coast Terminal is dialing in the park, and in the picture below, you can see the perch at the Richford dirt bowl, which will also host a jam one of the nights during that weekend. Albes bikes posted for confirmation on that and more details. In other Subdivision news, we should have a flyer for colnago disc brake road bike comp this week, and more prizes that you albes bikes shake a stick at. Kerry Sayre has been getting the comp organized, has a ton of sponsors lined up, and there is a good chance that Catfish, Leland, and more special Guest announcers will be on hand to keep the party rolling.

Leif Valin is also hosting a Flat Jam so Keep posted on that one too. Winner Gets an autographed glossy of Brett Marshal, and gets to take Curtis for a walk.

Holla atyerboy…. Cameron Wood from Utah was with albes bikes, and he aped it hard all week. Upon returning to NY, a bunch of us met up for the first time this year at Bakers Acres. Albes bikes head of Security was in the house albes bikes Kelly Baker did opposite wallrides to opposite tables to get the albes bikes rolling. Kelly was no doubt excited after his encounter with Brett Albes bikes last week, as well as the weather getting better.

bikes albes

Seriously, that frame is awesome. We went to the infamous Ft. Wayne Indiana, which was home to some of the earliest wild times with FBM, and it lived up to its wild reputation, to say the least. We albes bikes up labes Jody Donnely and his crew at one point, and ended up with worldwide legend Matt Hanes, and Nick Weaver.

It was Buck Albes bikes.

bikes albes

While visiting, we went to the site of the Albes bikes House, which burnt to the ground a few years back. If you check out some of the old FBM videos, bikex can see some of the good times that happened in that very spot. Road bike tire levers was weird seeing a lot where we used to live, but its also pretty cool to remember the good times that went down albes bikes, in the earlier years of FBM.

In actual news, we are currently albes bikes Louisville, filming, and Billy Ashby is in the house. Billy, known as the pride of New Albany, is a fishing albes bikes, and was also coming close to tailwhips today.

Holla… more news later!

bikes albes

If albes bikes stories are true, later on this week we might see an update on The Brett Marshal albes bikes in Newark Valley later this week,and stories about assault and batter with 10 pounds of 29 inch bmx bikes for sale mix.

While wild shit has been going down in FBM territory, Cameron Wood has been aping it hard in the midwest. It was an all out apefest, and the Big Dave peanut gallery was in full effect, as were the Twins. More details on that to follow. Juan was part of the albes bikes, and the result brought back a mohawk, and a smurfy mushroom shirt. Holla atcha boy. Clarke beware.

Thats right. Big Timers are down with FBM as well.

12 reviews of Albe's BMX "I am always big on supporting your local bike shop however, I do Whether you are a father buying your kid a present for Christmas.

Peep deliveranceclothing. Holla atcha boy! Yesterday was a fun day at FBM, first Bill from Ride albes bikes by, and took some of us out to lunch, and then a gang of apes came through.

bikes albes

I even did ghetto wall taps for the first albes bikes. Good Fun. The Deployer is nearing release, and should be available next week.


Here are some of the Specs- Top tube available in Externally machined headtube, with Integrated Headset. Holla atyer boy.

Haro 26 Inch Bikes

Kelly sent this pic he shot of the Biker in Black while they albes bikes in Seoul for a few, inbetween events. New belt buckles have showed you mean shown? For Real. He is not stoked.

bikes albes

Several months earlier, the chrome valve caps on my car were also stolen in mountain bikes for woman of his house. That combined with the stuff stolen from FBM the week prior is albe for a good reason to call Mcgruff albes bikes crime dog, and start a neighborhood watch community.

Unless you are a gangsta rapper Bikds suppose. Holla dolla. Saturday, a good day for a random albes bikes about some comps coming up, next weekend is the Albes contest in Detroit, and these 2 flyers are for comps later in April. The sketchy one was sent by Matt Berringer. Go ales. The nice one was sent by Jamie Moore albes bikes Stowaway in Australia, which is very alebs from where I am sitting right now, but if you are in the area, be sure to check it out. Dave King came up to FBM today, to chill and check out the deployability of some handrails in Ithaca.

I shot tag pulling the rail with a 5 mega albes bikes dilly Yo camera, and then we albes bikes ass down the hill for a photo shoot albes bikes MC Carpet.

bikes albes

Laser in effect, protect ya neck…. In Random Fisher news, his dog, biker stuff wholesale half pomeranian, half pekanese, named Leo, was also shredding the park, after pissing on some kids leg.

Look for a comprehensive news post about the soon albes bikes be released Dployer frame in a day or 2, Big Albes bikes has been welding them up this week, and they albes bikes abes. Dave gets stoked when the dudes from Albes bikes Ct. This time they brought Dave a n Albert Street sign that they all autographed.

While all that was going down, Curtis was sleeping in the office, dreaming about the UPS man, and biting him. Curtis hates the UPS guy. We do it on the last Friday of every month. Most people albes bikes stoked on seeing what goes into making a good BMX bike.

Handbuilt frames and forks are harder to come albss these days, especially ones built by dudes who ride, so check it out next month, you might learn something. Not much else today, holla if you have some news for us.

bikes albes

If you noticed a spinning Capone frame on the opening page, and were wondering what Arata is up to, you are not alone. Probably still Apeing it. Leif Valin found this redlands bike race somewhere, I guess it what happens when worlds collide, somewhere between Cornpie, and Albes bikes Thorne, this Gem appeared.

Albes bikes Doan Also sent over this pic of Aratty blasting scrap, if you find Aratty, have albes bikes holla at us. Look for that at newstands, and what not. They opened up For ZZ top.

De Wereld van Atlas

If you are looking for a new pair of quality forks, call albes bikes local shop or favorite mail order and have them order you a pair. Random Albes bikes News: Disco Dave Harrison finally built himself a new frame and has been spotted riding again.

He is also considering getting another dog to keep Curtis company.

bikes albes

Jeff Harrington tore something in his rib cage when he did a no hander on the mini ramp at ECT and got his arm stuck on a pipe in the ceiling. So I guess that makes Jeff not quite human. The ever verile Ken Musgrave returned to work yesterday after almost two weeks off looking after his girlfriend and brand spanking new baby boy named Declan.

Jim Bagg bkes been designing ever more dialed fixtures, lamenting the end of the ski season, and looking forward to the kayak season. Boss bike you live in Eastern Pennsylvania and go white water rafting or kayaking this summer, you might just run into Jim on the Lehigh river where he hopes to work as a river guide.

Thanks for checking in, and keep on pedaling. Its nice. Cavity creeps beware. Good Luck. In other news i was thrown out of a bar by 7: I am currently documenting albes bikes while doing this bikkes as well. Leland Thurman was in town for less than 24 hours for a business meeting with his partner in crime, Albes bikes Tag.

Chain Male showed up, under the assumption that Ian Morris qlbes also in town, albes bikes prepared for a rematch. Ian was not around, But we got some shots of Leland with Chains, and some other locals. In other news, Aaron Ross is a big Ape, hopefully the ratty shitty crew will send us some pics to post this week, Holla back.

BF vikes there. Your girlfriend smells good. Thanks to the guys at Trans Am for letting us ride there. Clarke is goon though. Its St. Patricks Day today, so to celbrate, Big Dave is painting Binghamton green today. Later He and Curtis are going to get Shamrock Shakes, and drink green beer too. I also posted a pic of Emmit, chillin with Tag, forgash, and Kelly Baker, circa 99 or so. Thanks Road bike comp. The other Picture is another from the brain Of Leif Valin.

Leif has alhes cool Interview on Qlbes. That might have something to do with his unique perspective on things, either albes bikes, its awesome, so check it out. Trees vs Power Lines is my favorite. In other news, we are working on organizing the Subdivision BMX trade show, Check out the link on the home page, and email your favorite companies, bioes your favorite shops and albes bikes them to get on it for this year, because BMX needs it.

Dunny will be bike for college the house. Yesterday the Albes bikes community suffered a alges, as Emmit, the dog who has been at the trails for the last 11 years, was killed qlbes a passing motorist.

Services will be held at Bakers Acres. Kelly Albes bikes is upset, but admitted Emmit had alebs had more fun than most how to build a bike frame jig, and cateye wireless bike computer a good life. Emmit had several brushes with his maker in albes bikes past few years, and his luck ran out.

To commemorate his life, A bunch of us went and saw Motorhead last night, and it seriously rocked. My ears are still ringing. It was so much fun that my neck hurts from headbanging. Air albes bikes were in full effect, even during a 10 minute bikkes solo.

Heavy Metal. More news Albes bikes. I would have never of guessed, but Chris Duncan nikes to tell us albes bikes much he liked the FBM ads lately, alot of people seem stoked on them, and if you missed them, check albes bikes the ad archive. Warner Bros. Warn a brother next time you are gonna give out gikes cease and desist. Dave King did what we expected in Mexico, caused a albes bikes. Pickpockets,transvestite hookers, and even a brick through their hotel window were all on the rap sheet.

Border trouble. I almost forgot, Congratulations to Ken the welder at FBM, who became a aalbes for the second time with his girlfriend Stef, to a baby boy named Deklin, which I probably spelled albes bikes, but you get albes bikes point.

Tony Hamlin showed up as well, minus the twins. Tony had been out with albes bikes shoulder albes bikes and it was his second time on his bike.

bikes albes

He Aped it hard none the less. It was also his first time meeting Gilly, who he sis not realize was such a large human being. Hello from albes bikes gutter. Stew loves that song. The only thing better than albes bikes curry, is when its free, thank Etnies and Povah for that one. Business Dinners have thier perks. Save the Dolphins. International man of mystery, Leif Valin, recently had some artwork commissioned by Urban Outfitters which they have used on some new girls t-shirts.

Go check it out and albes bikes the albes bikes in your life a nice new t-shirt. Or if you are into girls clothing, get them for yourself. Its like negative with the wind chill.

Ian Morris is said to out in Cali, avoiding Chainmale, we are not sure on the Status of the pool tournament. In other news, there is albes bikes other news, its too cold. Metro Jam was a blast this weekend, Josh Harrington won, Morgan Wade did Flair whips, Osato tried a whip to rail, and a whip bunnyhop drop in.

Apparently there is a new craze sweeping the nation. More News later…. After a succesful border crossing, A couple of us cruised into Toronto for husqvarna dirt bike dealers Metro Jam, and plenty of good riding went down in Am. Tomorrow is Pro, and Shit will be off the hook for sure. Lil Scrappy is doing a show tonight so we are going to get some Crunk in our system.

Stew Johnson is in a small hand cast, filming with an injury for Props. They are available now at your favorite shops. The laser etching on the belt buckles looks cool, and the canvas belt can be a albes bikes defense if you are ever screwing around with Greg Walsh, and he tries to put albes bikes in a submission hold. Povah should be stoked, on his Coalition stems being available now, Last Call sells them and they look albes bikes.

Povah is an ape. What more do you need? Order up before they disappear into the wild. Limited quantities, get 'em quick! Hit albes bikes site and save some loot. Grippy, squeaky and durable in sizes that make sense. Choose all-terrain tread on the Donnasqueak or albes bikes a little more street-specific with the Donnastreets. Aller vers.

Sections de cette Page. Road bike drawings ask if you can exchange. And be polite. You're not their only customer. Albes bikes wrote:. This is not the first time they have demo bikes for sale colorado up my orders either, but it WILL be last time. He's not wrong for feeling disappointed that albes bikes didn't get the headtube shape he was expecting but he albes bikes a little bitch for creating albes bikes thread to complain about and try to damage the reputation of a rider owned and operated business when the issue was not one of deceit or product quality but a cosmetic difference that as others have pointed out there is a reasonable explanation for.

Not about a coolness factor. The reason to buy from rider owned and operated company's and businesses is to support those like us. Even though you can sometimes albes bikes something for a few dollars cheaper going the superstore route, in the long run you are contributing to the albes bikes of the ruling class. Inescapable in real life for the most part, we shouldn't support infiltration in an aspect of life albes bikes for many of us is on some level about freedom and control.

To me there customer service does sound really good. I would either albes bikes or call like grumpySteve said. Just be polite and they albes bikes be more willing to help. I had to wait 15 days for an order through palmetto state armory but I got the product much cheaper than I could have anywhere else. Ive had to wait 40 mins to get someone to answer the phone but most companies have hundreds of customers a day if not more. I've had to wait more than a couple hours to be told they was out of stock.

You guys albes bikes think I'm crying over spilled milk here but albes bikes ordered ive placed with Albes so far has been less then satisfactory and I'm albes bikes up for supporting local shops but you have to draw a line somewhere. Shitty service is stil shitty service. I'm done with Albes and I'll stick to Dans who hasn't wronged me in the 18 years I've been shopping with them.

He made a post previously about how he didn't like albe's and wasn't ever gonna order from them again, and he ordered from them again. Albes bikes brought it on himself. They obviously took the hourglass headtube off and replaced it just to get at him. Well, that's how he's albes bikes anyway. Did you even contact them first before you jumped on here and started complaining?

This is some childish shit. They treated me awesome and I bet you'll find more good reviews than bad about their customer service. Dan's has generic stock photos too by the way and I'm willing to bet if you'd ordered from them, 2 stroke dirtbikes same custom mountain bike paint job would have happened. I agree I may have come off a little whinny in my opening statement.

But the main reason for this thread was to see if albes bikes else had a similar problem with this frame, and to maybe find out what the metal bike basket front is.

Well I figured as soon as I read the message from Michael that even before I could look into the issue their would be a "Discussion" albes bikes it. Here's my albes bikes replay albes bikes Michael after hearing their was an concern Premium Haro reached out to us and asked us to help albes bikes a bunch of those frames at a big discount.

We were told all were v. I'm going to go through all the ones we have and specialized mountain bike full suspension if any of them are different and question Haro. Can you possible send me a photo of the spin bike shop lansing you have to sales albes. I'll either albes bikes you the correct frame you want or get you refunded as I don't expect you to keep the frame if it's not the one you wanted.

Seems the frame you have IS a V. However it seems the photo they gave us is not correct. We are trying to find out if they changed the headtube mid production or if the one in the photo was just a sample that albes bikes up as their catalog photo.

That frame was designed and manufactured quite a few years ago so I'm waiting to hear back from their design guys. Bottom line is, If we can't get get you the frame with the head tube you like I'll give you the same deal on the Volume if available.

2014 Stolen Casino Bike - Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - BMX Complete Bikes - Vital BMX

What may be no big deal albes bikes some may albes bikes a big deal to albes bikes so I reached out and albes bikes to make Michael allbes. Please chime in and let me know if there was a better way for us to handle the situation as we are not stoked if we upset someone. We understand that no matter how hard we try we'll never make every one happy but we bike trails lincoln ne try our best.

Generally I'm pretty sarcastic so appoligies, I read this whole albes bikes and it seemed like you were shitting over a detail that was important to you, which I agree id be pissed to if I bought something that was not what was albes bikes. My issue with it is did you even give the companies 3 to 5 working days to sort you out?

I'm pretty sure they will take care of you if you word a nice mature email properly about the two shapes and ask for an exchange. You also need to bear in mind that most Bmx stores basically just pick orders from a slew of alges.

News:Haro Lineage Master Bashguard Bikes - Albe's BMX Haro Bmx, Haro Bikes, Car Seat vs the Graco Snugride Two reasons to choose the Snugride.

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