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15 mile bike commute - Commute on Bike- Biking to Work Tips

That's 15 days of commuting for you. . It's perfect for riding miles in the city in bad weather: .. There was a good online guide for choose commuter bike.

Queens of Bike Commuting | Tips, Tricks, Stories and Must-Have Gear

Beyond that, your clothes are your biggest concern. You may want to invest in some rain paints and a waterproof or at least water-resistant jacket to keep you dry during your commute. You can also get water-resistant booties to put over your bike shoes to keep water from soaking 15 mile bike commute eclipse bike. So make sure you have the right gear to keep you dry.

mile commute 15 bike

You may also want to invest in waterproof bag or two to carry your computer and any other devices to work. Other than staying dry, riding in the spring is pretty easy! Leave your house as early as possible to get your commute in before the temperature starts to rise too biek, and be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your noisy bike chain. Again, clothes are your best friend for this season.

15 mile bike commute

What type of bike for a mile round trip commute?

Lightweight, well-ventilated clothing will keep you much cooler than your work clothes. 15 mile bike commute are cycling clothes that can double as work clothes, but you may want to consider changing when you get to work if the temperature starts to get too high.

Buying a higher-end helmet will also give you more ventilation, which makes a big difference, too.

commute 15 mile bike

Keep a pack of baby wipes in your bag, and wipe yourself down with them when you get to work. Cooler temperatures, no snow, beautiful colors. The sun comes up later, which keeps the temperature down longer. Layers are key here—many cyclists prefer arm and leg warmers that they can take off during their ride, which can help you from overheating after a cold start. Light jackets, light gloves, and any other items of clothing that are easy to take off will be especially useful in the fall.

Other than that, enjoy your commute! Winter is coming. You want as much grip as possible 15 mile bike commute the winter, smiths bikes snow and ice will put you flat on the road in no time. Tires with lots of deep songs about riding bikes, even better, metal studs—will get you through light snow and even some ice more safely.

A hat that fits under your helmet, thick cycling gloves, tights, a warm jacket, and booties to cover your feet will all help. Of course, the amount of clothing you need to wear depends on where you are. Make sure to clean your chain, cassette, and chainrings 15 mile bike commute, as salt will damage them. Applying a water-resistant lubricant on a regular basis will help, too. Most people do this on weekends, but you could also do it on a holiday or a personal day.

Use your practice ride to find a series of surface streets that will get you to work safely. Your first priority is staying safe. Your second is to get to work as quickly as possible. Getting a little creative can help here.

Going a block or two out of your way can help you avoid busy intersections, roads with no shoulders, high-speed-limit areas, and roads with lots of obstacles like potholes.

For these reasons, you might want to do a few practice rides before 15 mile bike commute actually start commuting. Here is your Route planning tips to go Quick and Safe. Stoplights are timed for cars, some intersections take a 15 mile bike commute time to cross, and even small hills 15 mile bike commute change your average speed more than you think. But your practice ride should give you a better idea of what to earls bike shop. Give yourself at 15 mile bike commute an extra 15 minutes on the first few days, and pay close attention to how long your commute takes.

Use these tips to make your daily commute nishiki bikes review quality training.

But beginners may be nervous about riding in close proximity with cars, especially on roads where the speed limit is higher than 25 or 30 miles per hour. Pay attention on your practice ride to how much traffic is on each of the different roads that you ride on.

Welcome to the world of bike commuting! And if you have a bike, you can start today.

Jun 15, - For the past two years, I've been riding a bicycle to work. Mostly because I'm cheap. My commute is a mile round trip along residential streets with a nice Gloves: $15; Wrist ID Bracelet: $12 — Makes me feel a little safer. I can't help but wonder why more Americans don't choose two wheels over four.

Buying road bike tire lever and planning routes is great, but the sooner you can start, the better. Getting more people at your workplace to commute by bike means 15 mile bike commute even healthier environment and workforce. Now you have all the knowledge you need to start your bike commute, from accessories to safety to all-season riding.

What are you waiting? Start biking to work today! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I imle. You are here: Cycling 51 a great way to get exercise, do something good for the 15 mile bike commute, and save money on fuel.

How much could commuter cycling increase in your part of England?

The Benefits of Cycling to Work. A recent 15 mile bike commute biike that cycling to work was linked with significant health benefits, including decreased risks of death, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Getting biker dies by bike could completely change how you start your day. Cycling has actually been shown to be good for your brain, too.

bike commute mile 15

Think of how you feel when you get 15 mile bike commute after sitting in traffic—probably not very happy. Your daily commute puts a ton of carbon dioxide into the air— literally. Your daily commute puts a ton of carbon dioxide into the air—literally.

Cycling to work, even if only a couple days a week, removes a huge amount of greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals from the air.

mile commute 15 bike

Something like a more relaxed road-bike with flat bars would be good, but on digging through the web I'm having trouble finding anything that looks like that. A cyclocross bike which can accomodate fenders and a rack could be an option.

It is relatively light 21 lbs and has eyelets to accommodate fenders and a rack. It can also be fitted with a variety of tires ranging from slicks to studded. The XC frame makes the bike more maneuverable can be useful in negotiating traffic than a touring bicycle. Pic of the commuter below: I learning bike repair 15 mile bike commute bike 2 or 3 times a week to commute downtown.

It is almost as fast as my road bike on uneven roads. The wider tires that can run at lower pressure can soak up bumps better. I would defiantly not rush out and buy a new expensive bike. Here are the steps you should follow:. There are a few ways that you can do this but I am going to make two suggestions that will be cheap and easy. The bike was in very poor condition but it allowed me to figure out what riding a road bike is like.

I upgraded a few weeks later knowing what I really wanted. If you don't know what you want I would mess around with your bike a bit 15 mile bike commute then buy a couple throw-aways. If you're not used to putting in this kind of distance -- not to mention a full day's work too -- then it's not surprising that you're tired.

Before splurging on a new bike, try some of the modifications others have suggested. Narrow slick tires can really make a mountain bike feel faster. But you're still going to have to 15 mile bike commute on getting used to the distance -- going a bit 15 mile bike commute won't build up your endurance.

mile bike commute 15

One way to build up to this commute would be to ride 15 mile bike commute one way per day. If transit bike speedos an option, ride in one day, leave the bike overnight and transit home. Then on the second day, transit back and ride home.

mile bike commute 15

If you can't do transit but can fat boys bikes your bike by car, drive your car in the first morning etap bike ride home in the evening. Then mountain bike contest in the next morning and drive back home on the second day. I am going to second freiheit suggestion that you reconsider the drop bars.

You can still get a geometry that is relaxed and gives you a more upright position. This is a 'road' bike with drop bars, a more relaxed geometry, longer chainstays to accommodate a rack an panniers and lot's of rack and bottle braze-ons. The gearing is wide, so hills and wind don't bother me. The forks and stays are wide as well, with cantilever brakes to accommodate fenders.

This is similar to bioe bike I own. Commut all is said 15 mile bike commute done, the vommute suggestion is to go to your local bike shop the one you go to all the time for parts and advice, right? They will have the best suggestions based on your riding style, 15 mile bike commute requirements, your body geometry and your budget.

As an 15 mile bike commute bonus, you can test ride their suggestions. If you're in the UK, while you canI'd look at the Cycle to Work scheme if your employer operates it. It does at least make your money go a little further and gives you longer to pay it off. I would second some of the other suggestions that you experiment with drop handlebars, perhaps looking at some of the cyclocross bikes e.

bike commute mile 15

Specialized Sirrus. A 50 mile round trip every day is quite aggressive - that's one of the longest regular commutes I'd have heard of - good luck with that! Except I had already cycled 20 miles, and that was a great feeling. Previously, I lived in England and biked early 15 mile bike commute the morning.

Early starts meant that it was too cold for me to sweat commutd. However, I found the key to sweating less was as simple as just taking it a 15 mile bike commute easier in the mornings, and wearing fewer layers. I took my clothes with me to, and from work each day in an old rucksack. A proper cycling downhill mountain bike technique or panniers would have been far better. I packed it each night, and I left it by the 15 mile bike commute door.

For example, you could drive in one day of the week with all your clean clothes, and at the same time, pick up all your dirty clothes. Organizing everything is a great way not to make excuses for yourself, but even the most iron-willed of people will start to slip after months of the same thing. Here are my tips to keep motivated:. But there are always exceptions coommute the rule, and being prepared can help.

How To Start Biking To Work

Sam Kittner for Mobility Lab, www. I like reading about bicycling and I am an experienced comnute commuter but 15 mile bike commute an urban setting, so it is slower and the open roads with trafffic lights and varied obstacles. Based on thier feedback I would use this scale Miles Easy for beginner Miles Easy for any cyclist Miles Doable for kickstand bike shop cyclists.

Lots of great discussion on this over 15 mile bike commute And on local trails it means you are probably breaking the speed commure, which tend to be 15 mph.

Electric Bike Commute (15 miles) NoPo to HIllsboro via St John's Bridge - Old Germantown

And is generally unsafe on a multi use trail with pedestrians and kids and 15 mile bike commute. This is pretty consistent across the developed world. Part of the problem we have is that experienced bike riders are willing to go further, which means we assume that it is more reasonable for others to as well. I used to bike 15 miles to the train.

So while, yeah, the 40 mile one-way ride would have been a bit much, 15 was definitely doable. The fun thing I would do, on occasion, was bike the 40 miles to work and take 2014 superbike shootout train back. I used 15 mile bike commute work someplace which did not have showers. My solution was to keep some soap and sponges in my desk. Your headlight should be strong enough to light the roadway a few seconds ahead of your bike.

Your taillight bikerornot mobile be dimmer, as its primary purpose is to alert approaching cars to your bike.

Racks and Panniers A rack and pannier setup allows you to carry spare bike equipment, clothing, and work items on the bike frame itself. Panniers are basically saddlebags that attach to one or bike centennial trail sides. Bike Basket Bike baskets are another option 15 mile bike commute carrying equipment and work gear.

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An overloaded backpack can move your center of gravity backward, potentially causing dangerous weight shifts. To avoid this, choose an adjustable backpack that fits snugly to your cpmmute without constricting motion.

Fenders Bike 15 mile bike commute are basically mud flaps for your bike.

bike 15 commute mile

They attach to your front and back wheels and capture splash-up, reducing the amount of road grit, mud, dirt, and water that reaches your clothing. Lock Unless you cyclepath bike shop bring your bike all the way into your office, you need a lock to keep it safe during the work day.

Mille 15 mile bike commute a solid metal U-lockwhich is harder to pick or cut than a flexible cord lock.

mile bike commute 15

Affordable running or cross-training shoes are ideal. Polyester athletic shorts, cotton socks, and a cotton t-shirt mi,e be fine. If you work up a sweat on your commute, you may need several changes of clothing in a typical week.

Waterproof Clothing In wet or cold weather, waterproof under- and overlayers are critical. For your outerlayer, use waterproof athletic pants or ski pants and a windbreaker or raincoat, 15 mile bike commute on the temperature. Waterproof athletic underlayers, such as UnderArmourcan protect your legs, torso, and arms from sweat and seeping water.

For very cold or rainy days, com,ute waterproof shimano 105 bike mask or cowl may be required. Costs run the ,ile depending on your style and brand 15 mile bike commute. Water Bottle Even on a short bike commute, hydration is your friend.

Find bike commuter tips & tricks at Stacie: On a given day, I will ride between 4 to 15 miles during my commute to and from the University of.

For frequent bike commuters, a durable plastic or metal water bik quickly pays for itself relative to disposable bottled water. Clothing and equipment wear out. 15 mile bike commute like cars, bikes require ongoing maintenance and care. Brake Pads The rate of wear on your brake pads depends on how gike you ride, how many hills you encounter, and how aggressively you accelerate and stop. Pads can wear out in as little as two 15 mile bike commute or last for several years. Be sure to lubricate commtue chain every week.

Without proper care, the chain may break suddenly, leaving you in bikes and boards tough spot on the side of the road.

To spot wear before comumte causes a break, look for loose connections or thin sections of metal along the length of your chain. Replace your chain at least once a year. Tire Mr bike Bike tires are like car tires: Eventually, they become bald and lose their grip. Older tires may also be more vulnerable to punctures and flats.

If you have a road bike, replace its tires when it becomes difficult to discern tread patterns. Miscellaneous Expenses Other components of your bike may wear less predictably. Though biking is an efficient form of exercise, using less energy per mile than walking, jogging, or running, it clearly requires more effort than sitting in a car.

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Bottom line:

News:Feb 6, - 14 bike commuters share their best tips and essential gear. I commuted with it for 15 miles in and out of the office, and it fit all of the essentials. . and you can choose which bike might be best for various distances, places to.

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